What Are the Types of Videography? Pt. 2
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 12, 2021 Views (491)
As we already know from the first part of this article, Videography is the art of making video films. It is quite a crucial and rewarding aspect of the digital marketing strategy. Videography helps to give a face or voice to businesses and provides a remarkably high SEO value to a business. Videos help in the conversions of brands from abstract ideas into tangible and realistic products and services. 

In this second part on the topic of types of videography; we consider a few more areas where videos are vital to achieving individual and organizational objectives.

8. Drone captured videos 
Drones have become increasingly popular in use in video production; many of the best professional teams of video production in the industry are now making use of drones to capture a bird’s eye view and to record shots of the locations smoothly without interferences or depending on heavy equipment.

9. Product Demo videos
Most Product Demo videos are quite similar to those used for product advertising but are usually more detailed. This type of video demonstrates to the client how a particular product works by documenting such demonstrations on video for the client to learn.

10. Real Estate videos
Real estate videos are used to show real estate as well as its features and appeal to draw potential clients into buying them. Such videos are usually made with the purpose of appealing to the aesthetic sense of the potential buyer and are therefore usually very scenic in nature.  

11. Testimonial Videos 
It is said that the best form of advertisement is ‘word of mouth’, especially one from the mouth of a satisfied customer or client. Testimonials tend to sell products and services and are consequently very important to business organizations and corporate bodies. This is the reason why companies and businesses choose to make testimonial videos in which a pleased client testifies about a product. Video testimonials are usually more effective than written testimonials because people tend to believe what they see more than what they read.

12. Educational videos
educational videography is extremely popular especially with young children and is also very useful as instructional materials as seen on channels like YouTube. They are produced primarily to provide educational instructions or guidance in any subject matter.

13. Walkthrough videos 
These particular types of videos are typically common in gaming where players make a walkthrough video in order to assist other gamers who may be having difficulties when playing a game. Such videos show the way to navigate a game stage or level or even share a few tips or cheats when available.

14. Interview videos 
These types of videos are usually made for TV programmes or documentaries regarding some subjects. Some of the characteristics of Interview videos are that they are usually all-inclusive and thorough. Interview videos are usually well scripted with often predetermined questions as well as the use of frames and varying elements. Interview videos can be very informative and revealing depending on the type of subject matter in discourse.

15. Webinar videos
Webinars refer to web-based seminars and are usually conducted live as a virtual event that is executed online. It is usually an instructive video that combines audiovisual communication between a speaker, presenter, or panelist and an attendee.

16. Review videos 
A Review video is used to provide a formal assessment or critical evaluation of any product or service. Such videos are considered very helpfully in enabling the audience to decide on the products or services being offered through firsthand information.

The use of the videos to tell the story of a process or an idea is incredibly powerful. Making a decision to integrate high-quality, professional videos into your marketing efforts can be a boost for your business. However, one of the crucial points in videography services is to have access to video experts who can help you to professionally articulate your ideas and effectively translate them into visuals. 

A good videographer has the right equipment and expertise required to complete the video production process from the scripting stage through the shooting, editing, producing, and distribution processes effectively; and in such a way that it not only aligns with but also supports your marketing goals. 

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