Events Video Production

Are you disappointed that your live event filming didn’t go as planned?

Storytelling is the core of Film District. We help you tell your story to your target audience. We focus on helping corporates effectively capture the essence and message of their events by producing effective event videos. Our expert production team specializes in effectively capturing the highlights of your events, especially multi-cam event coverage, social media events, record reactions, keynote performances, and repurpose your event on the spot to maximize its marketing potential.

We are extremely particular about meeting deadlines and pride ourselves on delivering the final event video within the finalised timeline. If you’re planning a live event coverage and streaming it, you can trust us to capture the essence of the event and broadcast in real-time to your target audience irrespective of their location. Our broadcast professionals have years of experience that ensure exceptional quality event videos. Our live streaming specialists ensure that your video reaches your target audience in any part of the world from where your event is happening. When needed, we can set up live streaming in minimum time and our trained team comes with state of the art live coverage equipment.

A high-quality video captures the message and communication of your event for posterity. While shooting the video, our videographers focus on maximizing the impact of the event’s purpose.

Event Videos Covered and Produced

The expert team at Film District has produced videos for corporate events, conferences, seminars, music concerts, live entertainment events, services launch, large-scale corporate meetings, festival moments, promo events, award ceremonies, hybrid events, live streaming, web broadcasting and more. Irrespective of the scale of your event and where it is being held, Film District will create a masterpiece event video that you will be proud to highlight to your existing and potential customers, as well as to your management, suppliers, dealers, and business partners.

If you are planning for Event Videography & Photography or are searching for Professional Videographers & Photographers for your event, Film District Dubai is the only entity you should consider for high-quality video production at a competitive cost. Our experience in event coverage and live streaming makes us an ideal choice for anyone looking for exemplary event video services in Dubai as well as the UAE. Please contact us anytime 24/7 and we would love to discuss your project in detail

Step by Step Process of Event Video Production

1  Event Venue Survey for Shoot
Venue Survey

We work closely with your marketing team for a detailed understanding of the event purpose, speakers, location, focus point and the direction of the event.

2 Equipment Inatsllation for Event Video Covarage
Equipment Installation

Choosing the right equipment for covering the live event is the biggest challenge, and our expert team meets this challenge every day. We have our own multi-camera setup, audio recording equipment, light focus, sound recording equipment, kits installation etc.

3 Trial & Testing of installed Events Equipment
Trial & Testing

For ensuring the success of your event video, we ensure that our audio and video equipment is working perfectly to cover the entire event in all its glory. We do a thorough study of all the vantage points of the event for fixing camera positions. We cover the audience with compelling soundtrack, graphics, captions, and other visual elements.

4 Multi-camera Streaming for Events
Multi-Cam Switching

We provide multi-cam coverage as an optional service for the event’s videography. Depending upon your requirement, we mix multiple videos with audio through our ultra-modern equipment.

5 Live Event Broadcasting
Live Event Streaming

If your target audience cannot attend your event, no problem. Our expert live event streaming team will broadcast your event live to your desired audience anywhere in the world, and make your event stand out from your competitor.

Our Successful Event Videography Projects

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