Creative 2D, 3D Animation & Explainer Video Production Services

Do you want to create an impact on your target audience through a professionally produced effective animated video?

A well-made animated explainer video has more power to convince your target audience than mere words. Animated videos are considered an amazingly effective marketing communication tool. Today’s consumer does not have the time to read pages after pages on your website, A short and crisp animated video will engage your potential customers and let them know about your product or service in an interesting manner within minutes.

Film District Dubai is an innovative animation video production house that creates memorable animated videos for effectively conveying the communication of the brand’s products and services. We specialize in creating high-impact animated explainer videos in budgets that will bring a smile to your face.

Along with developing a short product or service animated videos we also create long-duration story-based videos that earn revenue for brands on popular video streaming sites like YouTube.

We specialize in creating the following types of animated videos:

Explainer Videos Animation
Explainer Videos

For visually explaining your product or service in an engaging format, we match your communication purpose with your user requirement to create distinctive and goal oriented animated explainer videos.

Product Demo Videos Animation
Products Demo Animation

Giving a visual demo of how to use your product correctly for maximum performance, increases the viewer’s desire to buy your product. We make your product stand out in the market by creating an engaging animated video which shows the product demo step-by-step.

Service Demo Videos Animation
Services Demo Animations

We specialize in creating well-made animated videos which explain your services to the potential customer in minimum time and has the power to generate more business leads and increase sales.

Whiteboard Animation Videos
Whiteboard Animation Videos

We are experts in using whiteboard animation technique for uniquely explaining your brand story, which ensures that the viewer watches the video till the last second and consumes the full communication.

Short Film Animation
Short Films Animation

We creatively integrate your brand or service premise in a short film format and present the benefits offered in an interesting collage of characters and situations.

Custom Animation Videos
Custom Animation Videos Production

If you have a communication idea other than the ones mentioned above, do share it with us. Our communication and execution experts love to experiment by thinking out of the box. We will present your idea in a unique animated format for creating brand salience with your customers.

Step by Step Process of Animated Video Production

1 Understanding Concept of Animations
Understanding Concept

We create a detailed brief questionnaire about the objective and desired response of the animated video, which also includes the detailed profile of the viewers.

2 Planning & Script Writing for Animation
Planning & Script Writing

Once the brief is clear, our planners and scriptwriters get to work for creating a unique treatment note.

3 Storyboarding for Animation

Our team of artist's design the storyboard of the entire video shot by shot, sticking to the script reference and plan.

4 Voice Over for Animation
Voice Over

We have a resource bank of hundreds of expert voice-over artists. From this vast choice, we carefully select the voice or voices that perfectly suit the characters and background voiceover to ensure that the audio is as engaging as the video.

5 Animated Video Production
Animated Video Production

By integrating an expert team of animators, modern machines, and latest animation software, we create your product or service video. Animated video production is the core skill of our talented team.

6 Animated Video Delivery
Video Delivery

Before delivering the final animated video, we ensure that all your valuable feedback has been incorporated into the video, and it is ready to give a boost to your communication objectives and sales.

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