The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Video Production
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In Dubai, and other environs, the impact of digital marketing has become visible and video marketing has constantly been gaining strides, even than before. And as such, many people have considered the professional assistance of a Corporate Video Production Company, while others have built an inside video production team to better share their video marketing stories and increase their market penetration.

At the end of this read, you will know everything there is to know about corporate video and Corporate Video Production Company. Also, you will be equipped with the greatest advice and tools to effectively launch a corporate video production right or start your Corporate Video Production Company.


What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is the creation of a film by an organization or a Corporate Video Production Company to convey a certain message or accomplish a particular objective, be it internally or externally.

Corporate video production by an in-house or Corporate Video Production Company goes beyond company branding, training, and internal communications, as many things could be done with corporate video production.


Who is a corporate videographer?

A corporate videographer is a professional who specializes in producing video material for Corporate Video Production Company or organizations. If they are independent of the corporate video production company, they oversee the technical and artistic elements of making high-quality videos that successfully convey a company's message to its target audience. They are in the field of video production, just like the corporate video production company.

Depending on the requirements of the client, they may generate promotional films, with the help of a corporate video production company to create training videos, event videos, internal communication videos, and other sorts of movies.


Why is corporate video production important?

Beyond just the Corporate Video Production Company, every individual in the space of a Corporate Video Production Company in Dubai and the outskirts understands that corporate video production is very important in every industry. Below are some examples of why corporate video production company understanding that corporate video production is important.

1. It’s an effective marketing tool

Corporate videos are powerful marketing tools that can be used by Corporate Video Production Company or firms to advertise their goods or services, attract new clients, and strengthen brand recognition.

2. Increased engagement

Corporate Video Production Company knows better to use videos to boost interaction on social networking sites and other online platforms, which can ultimately increase website traffic, boost search engine rankings, and boost conversion rates for the clients.

3. Professional image

High-quality corporate videos may assist any Corporate Video Production Company or firm in projecting a trustworthy and professional image, which will eventually boost consumer and stakeholder trust and loyalty.

4. Competitive advantage

Corporate videos are becoming a common technique beyond Corporate Video Production Companies alone, as private firms have invested in subjects to engage their target market in this digital age. As a result, businesses that spend money on professional corporate videos from corporate video production companies have a competitive edge over those that don't.

5. Memorable

Compared to text or images alone, remembering video content is more interesting and easily remembered. A Corporate Video Production Company would attest that it helps successfully convey complicated information in less time, arouse the audience's emotions, and catch their attention.


How much does a corporate video cost?

When asked questions like this, the first response any Corporate Video Production Company would answer would be that it varies, since it could range from a meager sum of 1,000 AED to 50,000 AED, depending on the factors put in place.

Below are some varying factors involved in shooting a corporate video in Dubai.

1. Cameraman/Videographer

A Corporate Video Production Company would always mention that making corporate videos is simple since the only thing the cameraperson needs to do is record a talking head.

One could need to engage a larger team, which would include a lighting specialist, a camera assistant, and a director of photography for elaborate, expensive corporate videos, depending on the Corporate Video Production Company and the scope of work.

2. Equipment

The choice of equipment needed might change depending on the specifications. This could range from a drone to recording aerial imagery. A motion rig or a track trolly? a boom or lavaliere microphone for audio equipment; the list is endless.

All of this will be provided by a Corporate Video Production Company, such that one doesn't have to worry about specifics. 

While the list of actors, scriptwriters, animators, graphics, and crew are also some of the factors involved in costing a corporate video in Dubai.


What are the types of corporate videos?

1. Product launch

A promotional video by a Corporate Video Production Company introducing a new good or service is known as a product launch video. These videos may drive leads or sales for the new product.

2. Product demo

Another highly considered corporate video that is usually done by a Corporate Video Production Company is the Product demo. This shows a video showcasing the features and capabilities of a new product or service. They usually come in demonstrations and extra detail sharing to convince the audience to purchase them.

3. Testimonial videos

A Corporate Video Production Company can attest to the effect of a testimonial video. It is a video recording of a satisfied customer who gives an unscripted review of his/her experience with a brand. 

4. Video ads

Just as we are in the digital marketing age, one would need more than an amateur video to convince or tell a sale story. Therefore, the services of a Corporate Video Production Company would be required for a professional.


What is the goal of a corporate video production company?

A corporate video production company's goal is to assist companies in producing high-definition video materials that successfully convey their message to a target audience. A corporate video production company collaborates with clients to create their unique requirements, objectives, and target audience before creating a video strategy and plan that considers these elements.

The objectives of every corporate video production company are diverse, however, the choice of delivering a high-quality final output, providing excellent customer service through product demo testimonials, and the like. 



A corporate video production company aims at producing video content that is engaging, memorable, and effective in achieving the client's intent. A Corporate Video Production Company is laden with the requirement of understanding the client's brand, target audience, and the message the corporate video production company wants to convey.

Seeking a guide to corporate video production would require the efforts of a corporate video production company or an in-house videographer. Whichever type of video you seek to make with the services of a corporate video production company, ensure that your call to action [CTA] is strong and effective. 

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