Is Medium Format Better Than Full Frame in 2021?
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 21, 2021 Views (244)
Some of us may have contemplated purchasing a medium format camera on numerous occasions. I've mostly looked at Fujifilm's GFX camera line. The vintage Leica S cameras with a CCD sensor, on the other hand, have always appealed to me. The world of medium format cameras, on the other hand, is quite quiet in 2021. We haven't heard anything regarding Phase One's super high megapixel DSLRs. Hasselblad offers DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, however, the latter falls short of expectations. Leica makes a medium format camera system, but it hasn't gotten much attention. 

Fujifilm is, therefore, the only practical option. Furthermore, the firm frequently asserts that it is their long-term strategy.

Medium Format's Traditional Advantages Over Full Frame 35mm
Let's face it: film and analog photography have existed for far longer than digital photography. There isn't a single photographer alive today who has dedicated their entire career to digital photography. It hasn't had enough time to develop. Why did photographers choose medium format film over 35mm film in the past?

1. Quality of image:
The formats available on 120 films were diverse. At 645, there wasn't much of a change, but at 67, it was significant. At least with Fujifilm, these distinctions aren't readily apparent in modern-day possibilities. For commercial shoots, full 645 sensors are the maximum we can go. Fujifilm's GF format isn't even 64 megapixels.

2. Depth of field and distortion:
In the past, medium format was the way to go if you needed a smaller depth of field at a particular focal length. You could shoot quite wide with a 67 format and get very little in focus. That has, however, altered over time. With that stated, the medium format has also proven to be extremely correctable in terms of distortion. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what current software can do.

3. Larger printing:
Back in the day, we printed a lot. We don't these days. The majority of photographs are viewed on our phones or computer monitors. Even yet, today's full frame-digital is more than adequate for digital displays.

Medium Format's Modern Advantages Over Full Frame 35mm

So, what makes current medium format cameras superior to full-frame 35mm cameras?
1. In terms of distortion, medium format cameras still outperform full-frame cameras on average.
2. Fujifilm has some of the most vibrant hues. However, instead of employing an XTrans sensor, they placed everything into the processor. It just cannot be matched by contemporary full-frame cameras.
3. Modern GF features more megapixels and details than full-frame. Full-frame can equal GF format with a lot of work in post-production.
i. ISO 6400 on GF format is substantially cleaner than ISO 6400 on full-frame. This is something that can be fixed in post-production.

Is It Really Worth It?
To be honest, it appears that the GF format is best for anyone who plans to do a lot of post-production. I'm not always that man because I already spend too much time in front of a computer. Some, however, believe that the enchantment of a photograph must be created in post-production. The simple reason is that current cameras give you a lot of power, and medium format magnifies that capability by a factor of ten.

I believe that the current Medium Format must not only catch up to but also surpass the full-frame. The Fujifilm GFX100S is a wonderful camera with excellent image quality and autofocus (check out our review). It is, however, quite enormous.

Finally, I believe that the modern-day medium format is superior to the full-frame. However, I'm not sure how long that edge will last. In addition, I believe Fujifilm's GF format has a need.

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