10 Ways You Can Edit Faster in Premiere Pro CC
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 25, 2021 Views (267)
One of the most time-consuming components of any production is the editing process. Anything a filmmaker can do to make the editing process go more quickly is beneficial. Even experienced editors might consider several things to improve their productivity with Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or any other NLE.

If you need some assistance speeding up your edit, Full Time Filmmaker's Parker Walbeck and Landon Bytheway recently released a video detailing ten strategies for editing faster. As working professionals, these guys understand the value of every second saved when it comes to operating a business, and they want to assist you out by talking you through their top tips for working faster in Premiere Pro, though many of these tips will apply to any NLE.

1. Use the Proper Hardware
Premiere Pro is a demanding program in general, and the most important thing you can do to speed up your editing is to ensure that your computer is up to the task. Every piece of software has a minimum set of requirements, but for optimal performance, you should go way above those.

Many components work together for this, and if one of them is much slower than the others, performance can be harmed. Fast storage (SSD), processors, RAM, and GPUs are all highlighted in the video.

2. Shoot, Then Edit
Your post-production will benefit greatly from pre-production work. If you want to edit quickly, make a decent plan with storyboards and an outline or script so you know what shots you want to put where when you sit down in front of your computer to edit. It's more about getting things on the timeline than sifting through hundreds of images to figure out a plan.

3. Make use of a codec that's easy to work with
Many cameras, particularly mirrorless and drones, use highly compressed codecs like H.264 or HEVC to record internally. This is excellent for your memory cards, but it is terrible for editing.

Because the film is extremely compressed, your computer will have to work harder to analyze and render each frame, and it will struggle even more as you add more to it. If you make proxies in an edit-ready format like ProRes or DNx before you start editing, you'll notice that everything moves faster.

4. Speed of the Drives is Crucial
This is a follow-up to the first suggestion. You can only work as fast as your hard drive, even if your machine is fast. You won't be limiting yourself if you use fast SSDs with speedier connectivity, such as Thunderbolt 3. Before you buy, check the advertised speeds and then double-check with testing software once you have them.

5. Right Data Management
Having adequate backups and a logical organizational structure can also assist you in working more efficiently. A proper backup can get you back up and running quickly if you lose files or have a drive crash during an edit.

They suggest using a program like Carbon Copy Cloner to take care of the work. When it comes to folder organization, there are almost too many options, so find one that works for you.

6. Maintain an Asset Library
This will take some time to accumulate, but you should maintain a well-organized library of music, sound effects, titles, LUTs, and other assets that you can quickly access if necessary.

Even if you aren't a full-time editor, I think this is a useful tool to have. You won't have to go searching for effects every time you want to add a minor sound effect or need to grade some footage if you have a set of them ready to go.

7. Learn Shortcuts for the Keyboard
It is impossible to overstate this. Time is saved when you use shortcuts. Period. Take the time to become acquainted with them. The letters "I" and "O" for marking in and out points, respectively, are seen in this video. There are far too many to list here, so take a look at this movie and go locate some more.

8. Preset Creation/Purchase
Presets are designed to save time, whether you like them or not. If you have the time, you can make them yourself. It will assist you in batch processing a large amount of footage that requires the same modifications. To save even more time, you can purchase presets.

9. Production Line Method
Rather than rewatching everything after every addition, you should focus on a select section of your timeline. Having a system in place, such as the one explained in the video, will help you streamline your workflow and reduce the amount of time you spend rewatching your edit.
10. Remove all potential sources of distraction

Regardless of what they do, anyone who needs to work should limit distractions. Turning off the internet, if necessary, distancing yourself from your phone, or any other method that may be beneficial. They stress the importance of getting into the zone to edit well, which makes sense.
In one video, you get a lot of useful information. I advise you to go check it out because they go far deeper into each piece of advice than I could.

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