Why ARRI Cameras have Become the Industry Standards
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 08, 2021 Views (249)
If you look at a list of the top cameras used in professional film productions, you'll notice that ARRI is always present - and a significant presence at that. The ARRI ALEXA is one of today's most popular cameras, and ARRI cameras were once among the most popular choices for film photography.

Has it ever crossed your mind as to how ARRI became the industry standard for camera selection in professional productions? Check out this video from Camera Zone, which explains why, despite increased competition from companies like RED and even Blackmagic, ARRI is still regarded as the best.

ARRI was founded in 1917 and is situated in Germany. The Arriflex 35 was the first model to make an effect in 1936, and its follow-up model, the Arriflex II, was even more influential. It was well-liked and featured in several well-known films. In the following decades, ARRI was employed in a slew of films, including Easy Rider, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, The Shining, and others.

Around 80% of all large productions were employing ARRI cameras by 2017, long into the digital era. In the film industry, they have been and continue to be trusted. ARRI made and continues to make incredible cameras. Also, because they are so well-known and respected, many cinematographers prefer to continue with the brand they are familiar with rather than switching to one of the newer competitors.

ARRI has developed a very effective design that is optimized for professional filmmaking. For operators and large sets, the controls are all laid out on the side. The current designs are the result of decades of close collaboration with filmmakers and their production needs.
Users can easily and quickly explore menus and settings to complete tasks correctly and efficiently. Every minute of a product costs a lot of money, thus any strategy to save time is beneficial.

The video quality of ARRI's digital cameras is something you usually hear about. Much of this is due to the sensor they picked, as well as the fact that they used the same sensor for the ALEXA LF variants. The picture quality is excellent.

In addition, ARRI's image processing is lovely and natural. When 4K became increasingly popular, many ARRI cameras didn't even support it, demonstrating that image quality is far more important than resolution.

Dynamic range is crucial, and the ARRI system performs consistently over a wide variety of sensitivities. Skin tones are also regarded as the greatest in the industry.

ARRI created their ARRIRAW format for digital processes. This codec captures as much data from the sensor as possible, giving for amazing post-production versatility. Even when pushed heavily in the post, it retains ARRI's characteristic processing and the data remains quite clean. It's crucial to be able to handle virtually any grade that a professional workflow may require.

Cameras are always going to play a huge role in filmmaking and video productions. The truth is; despite the huge talents of some directors and their crews, having a camera that affords you the capacity to translate your film vision onto the large screen is a big boost in movie production. This is why ARRI cameras are often sought after as they help filmmakers make light work of the Production process.

The company has shown that they understand the needs of filmmakers and can deliver cameras that are not only up to the task but are also built for the challenges of the filmmaking process. Simply stated; the short explanation as to why ARRI cameras are the industry standard is that ARRI appearance and production qualities are difficult to ignore.

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