Which Evokes More Emotion: Photography NFTs or Prints?
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 23, 2021 Views (233)
Experimenting with art and technology is enjoyable, and no company should try to restrict it. However, because photographers are typically consumers, I have some reservations about people who are interested in NFTs, particularly those who seem to prefer them to a traditional printed photograph.

Photographic Prints vs. Photographic Non-Fiction Textures
When a new type of photographic consumption emerges, it's only logical to compare it to similar items. A digital image is the same as a printed photograph, but they are given in various ways.

It's also worth noting that delivery is vital. Because how a photographer displays an image influences how it is received. At The Phoblographer, we're big on feelings. Photography NFTs can, of course, make you feel something. However, the experience will never be the same as with a printed photograph. This is why.

Photography NFTs In the Digital Age
The digital age has taken away our ability to connect with our emotions in various ways. Take a look at how we talk to one another. When it comes to how we behave online, we've dehumanized our experience. Everything that happens on the internet takes place on a 13-15-inch screen.

Through a screen, there are no odors, feelings, or expert judgment. That is an extremely efficient way of life.

In my opinion, photography NFTs continue a similar trend: an internet product devoid of feeling. That doesn't mean they aren't outstanding. Many outstanding photographers working in the industry, producing stunning NFTs. Cath Simard, a podcast guest on Inside the Photographer's Mind, creates some amazing NFTs.

However, if you asked me whether I preferred the physical or digital version of her images, I would say the former 10 times out of ten. Her art has already wowed me. It would be wild to see her images in a giant 2030 print.

However, photographic NFTs, in my perspective, are not about consumption; they are about the blockchain and money game.

I'm not going to pretend to be an NFT specialist. I'm aware that while minting NFTs using third-party systems, photographers must invest money.

I'm also aware that the majority of them do not make a profit. NFTs, on the other hand, are a trend in our ever-expanding digital world, and that's fine with me. Photographers can profit, and customers can have their egos stroked by claiming ownership of an original. Prints and photography NFTs have something in common in that department, but it is, in my opinion, the only one.

Art is wonderful because it can be consumed in a variety of ways. It shouldn't matter how you create it; what matters is that you do it. Having the ability to experience something and be whisked away, whether it's a large picture like the one you see here or an NFT on your computer, is crucial to our pleasure, especially in our current climate, where every day seems to be the end of the world."

Do I like a photograph, a painting, or printed art? Sure, why not? Print photography, on the other hand, is a distinct experience from digital photography. People come to look at prints on a wall because it is a pleasant day out and a social activity.

What I have discovered is that comparing prints and photography NFTs is like comparing apples to oranges because they're in the same photographic fruit bowl. In the photo industry, both can exist side by side, and both can be significant and valuable.

I believe there is no comparison in terms of the feeling and experience of real physical art and printed art, although this may not be the case for others. However, no one needs to fight about photography NFTs vs. prints. Instead, acknowledge that both are present and that they may remain so for some time. I am convinced that the print will never die. Time will tell us how long NFTs will last.

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