What you should know about Filming Pt. 1
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 17, 2021 Views (322)
For those who really want to learn the art of filmmaking; the best way to learn to make films is simply by making films. Although running with this simplistic advice would mean that for the most part, such films we make would likely be terrible, terrible films replete with horrible mistakes and regrets. But, today, the internet is full of resourceful videos about how to make better movies, providing aspiring filmmakers with the opportunity to learn from the mistakes other people have made instead of their own. 

But the fact is, you are certain to still make many other mistakes along the way and hopefully learn from them to help you become a good videographer or filmmaker. In this article, we review some of the things that every aspiring videographer or filmmaker should know and mistakes that every budding filmmaker should avoid as they set out on their first project.

Just remember that every filmmaker is different, which means the mistakes they are likely to make would be different too. So, here are ten things you need to know as an aspiring or start-out filmmaker.

1. Be Prepared
It is very important to prepare adequately before embarking on a video or film shoot. Adequate preparation will save you so much heartache that results from a disorganized process. Ensure that you make all the necessary plans for all aspects of the filming process. Make out a long list of the number of shots, gear, supplies, and cast and crew info, create schedules and be certain you know what your project needs ahead of time so you never find yourself behind the eight ball.

2. Let the Focus Be on the Stories
It should go without saying that the essence of any filmmaking is the story behind it. But often, so many beginners get carried away by the appeal of filmmaking that they soon forget that their objective is to tell a story. Don't make the same mistake; focus squarely on the story you're telling and find out which tools you're going to need in order to tell it.

3. Sound is Crucial
A lot of newcomers into the filmmaking process make this classic mistake of thinking that the camera is all you need to make a good film. So many beginners fuss over cameras without giving equal attention to the sound system. They should equally obsess over microphones and how to get the best sound for the film itself. Trust me; having good quality sound is more important than having good visuals. 

4. Collaboration Is Important
As we stated earlier in this article, one can learn from the experiences and mistakes of other people who have since taken the road we now walk. It is however safer to learn to work with others as it benefits us more, especially if we are new to the terrain.

It might be frightening to step out and work with other people at first, but don't miss out on any opportunity to collaborate with other people as they can bring a lot more to your project, so learn to be a good and willing collaborator who pays attention to advise and ideas that aren't your own.

5. Don't Be Selfish with Edit
Another area of mistake that most beginners make in filmmaking is that they are often so pleased with their first film shoot that they do not want to edit their own ‘masterpiece’. Yes, the shot may have been amazing and might even be the best you've captured yet; but if it doesn't enhance the story or drive it along towards its climax, then you cut that part out and save yourself and the audience the embarrassment of making them sit through what a may just be a bland movie. Sometimes, your best work ends up being edited out.

Look out for the concluding part of this topic on Filming.
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