What Is Video Post-Production?
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Post-production is the third phase of a video or film's creation. Everything that happens after shooting is typically referred to as post-production.

Like a lot of other production firms or video agencies; Film District Dubai provides post-production services that includes but not limited to editing, special effects, and/or animation. These and many others are what falls under the umbrella of post-production. But, it could also involve distribution, like delivering your video to television networks or posting it online.

Few people comprehend the amount of information and expertise that goes into a quality post-production service. An overview of the services that could be provided by Video Production Company in Dubai as part of post-production is listed below. We'll talk about:

- Editing

- Colour-Correction

- Distribution

- Visual Effects

- Animation

- Post-Production Editing Styles


1. Different Post-Production Editing Styles

People frequently think of editing when they hear the term "post-production." It is the process of choosing the clips from your shot to use and placing them in a particular order to convey the desired narrative. Picture and sound modification are both a part of editing. Credits, foley sound, sound effects, soundtrack, and any lower thirds (such as a speaker's or episode's title) would also be included.


2. Colour-Correction

A component of editing that is frequently overlooked yet has a significant impact on your video is color correction. There's a good probability that you'll be filming a video with several cameras in various locations.

While it is the responsibility of production crew at Video Production Company in Dubai to ensure that lighting and camera settings are as uniform as possible during filming, there are certain to be variations in lighting and color depth after the fact. The use of color correction helps to establish the mood of your video and preserve the flow of your narrative.


3. Visual Effects

Another category that might encompass a variety of items is visual effects. Visual effects are images that are added after the fact, like green-screen composites or muzzle flashes.

A form of visual effect known as CGI, or computer generated imagery, uses a computer to produce characters, models, or designs. In commercial filmmaking, it is the most typical type of visual effects employed by Film District Dubai in video production and it requires skill and effort.

Remember that special effects, which are ones employed in production like prosthetic makeup or on-set explosions, should not be confused with visual effects.


4. Animation

An agency may also provide animation as a post-production service. Animation, by definition, is the technique of creating the appearance of motion utilizing a quick series of sequential images with little to no differences between them. Nowadays, the majority of animation is created using a computer, making it technically CGI, but there remains an unwritten divide between the two. Animation does not pretend to be "real life," although CGI typically refers to graphics that are intended to look lifelike.


5. Distribution

Another category that covers a variety of topics is video distribution. Platforms can be anything from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to television networks like Comedy Central or MTV to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

Each social media network has unique restrictions for videos, like maximum length and aspect ratio. This could affect how many different versions of a video need to be exported after editing and color grading.

Time-shifted viewing and on-demand viewing are both options for streaming services' non-linear or unicast distribution model such as YouTube.

Then there is the distribution of television. The content for TV is distributed centrally from the broadcaster at a predetermined time using the linear broadcast approach. Not to mention that prior to airing, your video would need to pass inspection by Clearcast and Adstream.

Your film must adhere to particular technical requirements for each of these broadcasting types (much like social media). Post-production distribution providers might take care of these conditions and inspections on your behalf.


Video Post-Production at Film District Dubai

It can take a while and be challenging to produce a video. Fortunately, Film District - a Top Video Production Company in Dubai will make the process simple, our post-production procedure will largely remain the same regardless of the kind of video you are having created.

Ever ponder how we carry out our post-production workflow? In order to help the process go as smoothly as possible, this post will specifically outline what you, the client, can supply for us. Five actions are required:

- Assets

- Rushes

- Edit

- Feedback

- Completion


Let me provide a little more details on each of these.

1. Get the Client's Assets

The best part about this initial stage is that it may happen before any actual production has started. If you want any materials from your company to be shown in your video, we will require the original files.

This may encompass a variety of things. say, the logo for you. While it's possible that we can download this from the internet, it would be better if you could email us a high-resolution JPG or PNG instead. the post-production phase

We may also require the font that represents your business. At Film District Dubai, we are quite particular that any text that appears in your video must adhere to the branding of your business. This makes your video stand out from others and establishes a connection between the video and any other content you create.

You may also send us any already recorded video that you would like to be featured in the production. There are various methods to achieve this, but Google Drive is what our professionals at video production company in Dubai advise. Hightail and DropBox are two additional excellent choices. This will enable you to send us big files without sending a hard drive in person.


2. We get Rushes

At Film District Dubai, we refer to the unedited video we record during production as "rushes." Most likely, you won't be involved much in this part of the process as the client. After shooting is finished, one of our staff members or our cameraperson will bring the memory cards to our office and upload them to our server.

Our editors can begin the following stage once the rushes are on our system.

If you are hiring Film District Dubai just for post-production work, this is the only circumstance in which the client might be required to submit us rushes. You can send us your footage in this situation by using the same strategies described above.


3. Editing

Our editors will start examining and organizing the rushes once they are in place. Depending on the amount and length of rushes they must endure, this could take a few hours to several days.

The editors will start the editing and post-production process after the organization is finished, using the client brief and/or storyboard as a guide.

Again, depending on the length of the finished video and the complexity of the edit, this step can take a variety of times.

In addition to picture and sound design, editing might also involve adding animations, incorporating corporate materials, and designing text and titles. The editor must perform color grading and correction after picture lock in order to maintain consistency throughout the video.

We will proceed to the next step once we have edited the film to be as near to your vision as feasible.


4. Feedback / Amendments

Your film will be exported by our editors and posted to Vimeo. You can give us any feedback you have by visiting the Vimeo Review URL that we will provide you.

The best feature of Vimeo Review is that you may remark directly on the video. This will enable you to identify the precise part of a shot about which you have a question. We can determine exactly when in the video you would like the update to be made because the comment has a timecode.

Our editors at Film District Dubai will export another video for you to watch once we have received your completed input.

This stage can take a variety of times, just like the editing stage. The amount and scope of the intended modifications will determine this.


5. Completion

After all changes have been made, we will export the video to the required tech specifications and email you a Hightail link for the finished product.

It can take two to three weeks to complete the post-production phase at Film District Dubai. The amount of time needed for post-production depends on the length and quantity of rushes our editors must upload, the quantity and length of videos being edited, the complexity of the edit, and the number of edit changes we make to satisfy the client's requirements.



To sum up, video post-production services can range from editing, which is the basic arrangement of visual and audio content, color correction to add the final touches, visual effects to satisfy any creative desires, animation, and distribution, to help your final video production to be seen.

Your company's post-production needs could be greatly facilitated by working with an experienced Video Production Company Dubai like Film District. It can not only save you time, but it will also guarantee that the right measures are done to generate the greatest edit and ensure that your film is seen by as many people as possible.

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