What does a Music Video Need?
by Eguaogie Eghosa Sep 27, 2021 Views (207)
Music is probably the most powerful means of expression globally. Irrespective of the genre or language in which they are made, the purpose of music remains the same: to entertain, educate or liberate. Music has the power to both unify or divide. Thus, it has become a veritable tool for social-cultural, economic, and political commentary, giving voice to the desires and expectations of millions and billions of people across the world.

What does a music video need?
It's safe to assume that music video production isn't all that far from cinematic travel vlogs, short films, and other sorts of video material created by amateurs. The only difference is that, aside from the fundamental camera equipment used in cinematography, a music video will require more sound-related equipment, especially if the singer will be singing live.
A music video production will require the following equipment:
  1. Camera
  2. Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer
  3. Video Lighting Kit
  4. Interchangeable Lenses
  5. Headphones
  6. Music Player
  7. Speakers
  8. Microphones
  9. External Camera Monitor
  10. Digital Audio Recorder
  11. Extra Batteries and Memory Cards
  12. Video Editing Software
However, if the perspective is in terms of the qualities that a good music video need; here are 5 of the most important qualities that a music video should have.
1. A good music video should reflect its genre characteristics. For instance, expensive cars and luxury jewelry, as well as wild parties with many girls are characteristics of Rap music; whereas, Rock music usually involves bands playing live with long hair, leather jackets, and the use of electric guitars.

2. There is usually a clear relationship between the lyrics of the song and the visuals. This simply means that the lyrics match what is been shown in the video.

3. There is also a clear relationship between the music and the visuals. The beats must be in tandem with the actions of the video that would allow the audience to "feel" what the song and the video are expressing.

4. A good music video focuses on the artists mainly on the video as music videos provide the audience with the opportunity to "meet" their stars. It is mainly through music videos that music stars are born.

5. There is usually a reference to other music videos, films, TV shows, etc. This helps to create curiosity in the mind of the audience.

What Makes a Good Music Video Director?
What qualities make a music video director right for your video needs? Here are 5 qualities you should put into consideration.

1. Has Creativity
Of course, this has to be the tip of the list. It all starts with imagination. You shouldn't be a director if you're not creative, and this is something that can't be taught to just anyone. A person's creativity allows them to interpret a music video. Someone who hears the lyrics and creates a video that is essentially a visual description of the song hasn't properly interpreted it. Creativity helping the audience to see what ordinarily doesn't appear to be there.

2. Has Sound Knowledge of the Medium
The most talented music video directors are well-versed in the medium. This does not imply copying; rather, it implies being aware of what's hip, wacky, and retro. A good Director will want to go in a new way if an artist has a concept for a music video that has already been done. If the Director is familiar with the medium, color schemes, visual themes, lighting techniques, shot kinds, and editing may all be simply referenced.

3. Has Passion
What gets a Director's blood pumping? What lights a fire in their hearts? The more answers to these questions a Creative Director has, the better. A director of cinema must adore the visual medium of film. The Director's desire to visualize the music stems from his love of movies.

4. Cineliteracy
Cineliteracy is a word that describes how movies are utilized to communicate. We all understand cineliteracy, even if you don't realize it. What a gifted Director can do is transmit their message, their story, using the language of cinema. A Director can build suspense, excitement, and affection with elements like camera movement, shot type, lighting style, and editing pace.

5. Shows Leadership
Whether it's rehearsing for a take, coordinating with the video production crew, or preparing the next shoot, everything must be in motion at all times. The Director must take the initiative. The driving force of the shoot should be getting the correct information to the appropriate people so everyone knows what they need to do, staying at least one step ahead of the shoot, and interacting with the talent, and if the Creative Director can lead, the day will run even easier.

These days, good music can be made great by producing a music video that helps to bring to life, the visual expression to the message of the song. For this reason, a lot of artists and their managements spare no expense to make "great music videos" for their new releases which often help the songs to receive a wider range of acceptability, consequently guaranteeing the success of such songs or albums. Here's hoping this article helps you to be able to make your next music video, a great one.

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