Video Production Company Hacks: 6 Types of Content That You Can Easily Repurpose as Video
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Content marketing for video production companies is becoming more complex. The number of platforms on which a Video Production Company must be active has grown, from blogs to new social networks that are gaining traction. The types of content we need to create have also increased as image-based content has grown in popularity and video has skyrocketed. To round out this trifecta of pressure, we must constantly tweak and optimize the frequency with which we publish each type of content on each platform.


What exactly is content repurposing?

As a video production company, consider content repurposing to be similar to recycling previous work. Instead of reinventing the wheel with new ideas, you're expanding on or reworking existing content to present it in a new way.

You can also modify your existing content to fit a different format. You can, for example, turn a blog post into a quick video production to make the information more suitable for social media. This allows you to experiment with new video production marketing channels and reach a new audience.

You can convert written content to video or use footage from video content to create more video production content. The only thing you should avoid is presenting the information, in the same way, every time.

It stays fresh by presenting it in a different way each time.


As a video producer or a video production company, repurposing existing content can be an efficient way to create new videos without starting from scratch. Here are six types of content that you can easily repurpose as video:

1. Blog posts: If you have a blog, you likely have a wealth of written content that can be turned into video production. You can use the same information from your blog post and create a video production that visually illustrates the content.

If you've been writing blog posts for a while, you probably have a lot of useful content stashed away in your blog archives. But are they actually seen? Repurposing them as trendy, modern video productions can help you re-communicate your message to your audience.

You may believe that converting blog posts to videos will take too much time, but there are now automating tools such as Lumen5 that can facilitate the process for you. All you have to do is select a blog post, and the web app will use AI to extract the most important sentences from the post and create a storyboard for your video production.

The AI-generated storyboard can then be adjusted, and relevant stock photos and music from the source media library can be added to your video production.

2. Social media posts: Whether it's a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram caption, social media posts can be a great starting point for a video production company looking to create videos. You can use the text as a script and create visuals to go along with it.

3. Webinars: If you've hosted webinars in the past, you can repurpose the content into shorter video productions. Break the webinar down into sections and create separate videos for each topic.

Webinars are effective lead-generation tools, and many video production companies use them to showcase their best content.

The issue with making webinars your best type of content is that such content lifespan is limited. Even if you make the recording available after the live stream, unless you consistently promote it, no one will watch it.

Break up your webinars into smaller video productions to make better use of them after they're finished. Most webinar hosting software allows you to save webinar recordings to your computer as video files, and ClickMeeting's built-in clip editor allows you to cut up your webinar recordings.

4. Podcasts: If you have a podcast, you can easily repurpose the audio into a video by adding visuals that support the content.

Making a simple video production from an audio track from one of your podcast episodes is an easy way to repurpose content for video production by a video production company. But an audio-only video does not command the same attention as a visually appealing video production.

Furthermore, some video production companies have discovered that up to 85% of Facebook video views occur without sound, so adding simple text transcriptions to those videos will pique your audience's interest. Anchor Videos, for example, can assist you in visually engagingly transcribing your podcast's audio clips, which are ideal for social media videos.

5. Product demos: If you have product demos or tutorials, you can create a video production that walks you through the process step-by-step. You can use screenshots, animations, or other visuals to illustrate the process.

6. FAQs: Frequently asked questions are a great source of content for video productions. As a video production company; you can create a video that answers the most common questions you receive, and use visuals to help illustrate your answers.

Answering frequently asked questions is extremely beneficial to you as a video production company, your sales team, and your customers. Furthermore, your customers have already done the majority of the work for you. All you have to do is compile your most frequently asked questions and turn them into quick video productions.

Because no one knows your video production company better than you, you're bound to have a few questions. You can also look through your written correspondence-comments, messages, and emails to identify the most pressing questions.

Providing a FAQ video will allow your potential customers to answer their own questions rather than contacting your sales or service team.


The Advantages of Repurposing Content

A video production company can save a lot of time by repurposing content. Essentially, you're looking for new ideas within your own content library rather than starting from scratch. Repurposing entails reusing previously created written work, images, and other media.

Repurposing previous content into video production format enhances your chances of being seen by a potential customer on a new channel. You might also attract the attention of someone who prefers a video production format over another.



As content marketing evolves, video production content will become increasingly important, but too many brands are being held back by their perception of the amount of work involved.

Avoid falling into this trap. Instead, make a commitment to producing simple, streamlined video production content. Use existing content types as building blocks, leverage video production as much as possible, and avoid starting from scratch every time you create video production content. As a Video Production Company Dubai reusing and repurposing old content will help you integrate video production more effectively into your overall marketing strategy.

By repurposing existing content, you can save time and effort while still producing high-quality videos that engage your audience.

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