Two Shot Camera Angle: How to Frame a Two Shot
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In filmmaking, the two-shot is typical camera framing, and knowing how to properly frame this picture is a vital skill.

The Two Shots' Origins
The two-shot was initially seen on television as a cheap technique to capture both subjects in the frame without having to shoot multiple setups. The film industry began to employ it as its popularity expanded. Filmmakers began to experiment with the two shots as their sorts of shots became more imaginative. Any shot with only two subjects in it is now termed a two-shot, so you can see it in a variety of ways.

What is a Two-Shot?
A shot with two actors is known as a two-shot. A two-shot has two people, a three-shot has three people, a four-shot has four individuals, and so on. The word "one-shot" is an anomaly, as it normally refers to a single long shot with no edits.

A two-shot is often a mid-range shot, but it can also be a close-up or a broad shot. In a two-shot, the subjects might be close together or far apart, and they can even be shot at different focal lengths.

A director could utilize a wide two-shot from a distance to show two characters against a landscape, or a close-up two-shot to emphasize the protagonists' features.

Four Reasons for Using a Two-Shooter
A two-shot can be a useful storytelling technique, just like any other camera shot. Consider how you can employ a two-shot angle in the following situations:

1. Intimacy
A two-shot sequence can show character intimacy. Strong usage of the two-shot is to frame two actors gazing earnestly into each other's eyes.

2. Conflict
Can also be depicted using a two-shot method. Discord can be conveyed to the spectator if the characters are facing away from each other and appear angry or disappointed.

3. Distance
Despite being physically close to one another, the two shots might generate an ironic effect by depicting characters who are very much in their emotional realm. A variation of the two-shot is a two-shot west in which one of the characters is turned away from the subject who is looking at them 180 degrees.

4. Efficiency
The filmmakers, including the director, cinematographer, and editor, can allow certain actions of a scene to unfold without cutting by framing two subjects in a single shot. It can become an over the shoulder shot (OTS) with a moving camera or by having the performers move about in the frame.

Four Two-Shoots Examples
A popular and effective filming technique is the two-shot. Here are a few prominent film examples of its use:

1. Persona (1967): Ingmar Bergman used the two-shots to tremendous emotional and symbolic effect in his bizarre and unnerving psychodrama Persona. The protagonists' faces appear to melt into a single, shattered form of shadow and light throughout the movie.

2. Goodfellas (1990): In Goodfellas, director Martin Scorsese used along two-shot to emphasize Ray Liotta's character Henry Hill's developing sense of discomfort and paranoia in New York.

3. Lost in Translation (2003): In Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation, two characters (Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) display a level of mutual trust and familiarity. Nonetheless, their affection appears fleeting and subdued; they stare in opposite directions and exchange a bemused or disappointed expression.

4. Moonlight: Juan (Mahershala Ali) cradles Chiron (Alex Hibbert) while teaching him to swim in Barry Jenkins' Moonlight. Two shot framing establishes a caring and trusting relationship between the characters.

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