Traveling with Children on Flights
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Flying with your child is likely in your future if you were a frequent flyer before having children and intend to continue doing so after beginning a family.

Friends and family have most likely told you terrible stories about flying with children. However, just as every activity changes when children are included, so can the stress level when traveling with your children with proper planning (and snacks).

The truth is that flying with or without children may be challenging.

Things to Consider Before Traveling with Children on Flights

1. Choosing the Best Flight

Good planning begins before you even purchase your flight. Most parents will advise you to arrange a flight around your child's sleep time if possible. Keep in mind that airline delays could entirely derail this plan.

However, thanks to the white noise produced by the plane's engines, even a tired child is likely to fall asleep on a flight. The only exception is red-eye flights.

The first scheduled flight is the least likely to be canceled or delayed due to weather or technical problems.

If you have a stopover, it's especially crucial not to miss connecting flights, as this will simply extend your travel day and affect other plans, such as vehicle rental pick-up time.

2. Selecting Your Plane Seats

Unless you're flying business or first class, sitting on an aircraft with children can either help or hinder your peace of mind.

Passengers under the age of 15 are not allowed to sit on the exit row, which offers the largest legroom.

The bulkhead is an alternate seat in the economy that provides considerable legroom and has no one sitting in front of you. Consider where the plane's restrooms are located.

Choose a window seat so your children can see what's going on outside. They may also open and close the shade at any time without disturbing your row or seatmate.

3. Extending Your Checked Luggage

We frequently wrack our brains, ensuring that we remember everything we need to pack. But we often overlook what should be in our carry-on bags, backpacks, or personal goods.

Keep whatever you can't live without or wish to have close at hand in your carry-on or personal item.

If your checked luggage is lost or delayed, you will still have medication, medical devices, or chargers for your electronics.

Passports and other forms of identification, credit cards, cash, and travel documents such as hotel and vehicle rental confirmations (in case your phone lacks Wi-Fi) should all be carried in your carry-on or backpack.


What are the airline rules for traveling with kids?

  • Making preparations for your vacation

  • Infants on the lap. Children under the age of two can sit on their parent's laps on any aircraft to any destination.

  • Baby seats. If you bring an approved car seat, newborns can have their seat.

  • Every other child. Children over the age of two will require their ticket and seat on the plane.

What are the flight regulations for children?

Children under the age of two (24 months) do not need to have their seats and may sit on an adult's lap. Per adult, just one lap kid is permitted. If one adult is traveling with more than one newborn under the age of two, a seat for the second infant must be purchased.

Is identification required for a child to fly?

Children do not often require a passport or picture identification for domestic flights; nonetheless, having photo identification for your children when traveling together is not a terrible idea. On international flights, all airlines demand the same documents for children as they do for adults.


Traveling with children on flights requires carefulness and the best approach. Each step, from choosing the best air flight to packing carefully and checking the best flight search engines, is analytical to ensure a smooth and convenient journey.

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