Top 10 Films Netflix Has Added to Its January 2023 Watchlist
by eguaogie-eghosa Jan 09, 2023 Views (336)
Netflix is unquestionably the most active of all the streaming services. The most popular streaming service in the world adds numerous new films to its digital library almost every day. And last week wasn't any different.

Which makes picking a film, well. Difficult. I can perhaps be of assistance. I went through every new movie that has been added to Netflix so far in January (updated with movies that have been added this week) and chose the top ten. I'll go over each one of them in this write-up.

1. The Raid 2: Berandal.

Rama, a rookie Jakarta police officer, believes he can continue a normal life after surviving a brutal confrontation with strong gangsters. But even more dangerous villains than before had been interested in his exploits during that tragic occasion. Rama is forced to hide since his family is in danger. He ends up in jail, where he makes friends with the young son of a well-known mafia boss. To finally bring down the criminal organization, Rama must risk his own life.

2. This is 40.

Pete has been married for many years, and now he lives with his wife Debbie and their two young girls alone. Pete and Debbie navigate a three-week course of sex and romance, professional successes and financial challenges, aging parents and maturing children, as Pete battles to keep his record company afloat. Before they kill each other, they will need to learn to forgive, forget, and enjoy the rest of their lives.

3. Life.

One of the most significant discoveries in human history is currently being made by astronauts on board the International Space Station: the first indication of extraterrestrial life on Mars. The fast evolving life-form turns out to be considerably more clever and frightening than anyone could have expected when members of the crew do their investigation.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Scott Pilgrim, the bassist for a garage-rock band, has never had a problem finding a girlfriend; more often than not, the issue is getting rid of them. However, when Ramona Flowers skates into his heart, he discovers that she carries the most problematic baggage of all: a legion of ex-boyfriends who will do whatever it takes to remove him from her list of suitors.

5. Reservoir Dogs.

A heist is to be carried out by six crooks using aliases who are all strangers to one another. Police surprise the heist, and the gang is forced to shoot their way out. Realizing they were staged, the survivors search for the traitor among them at their rendezvous at the warehouse.

6. Closer.

Dan runs across Alice, a former American stripper who has relocated to London. She is struck by a cab as she stares at him. Dan begins dating Alice after bringing her to the hospital. After a year, Dan, who has written a book about Alice, is uninterested. He makes love to photographer Anna. He leads dermatologist Larry to a chance encounter with Anna by posing as her in a chat room. Both partnerships go down as time goes on.

7. Forrest Gump.

Slow-witted Forrest Gump has never perceived himself as being in a disadvantage, and he enjoys a life that is anything but constrained thanks to his loving mother. With his innocent optimism, Forrest inspires others no matter what he is doing, whether it is leading a shrimp boat, fighting in Vietnam, or dominating the field as a collegiate football hero. Forrest's childhood sweetheart, the kind but troubled Jenny, may be the one person who is hardest to save.

8. The Conjuring.

Lorraine and Ed Warren, demonologists and paranormal investigators, are called to Carolyn and Roger Perron's house in 1970. Armed with their ghost hunting equipment, they step into a daunting investigation. Recently, the Perrons and their five kids moved into a remote farmhouse where a paranormal presence has manifested itself. Even while the manifestations start out mild, they quickly turn frightening, especially as the Warrens learn about the house's spooky past.

9. Jerry Maguire. 

When slick sports agent Jerry Maguire experiences a moral crisis, he writes a touching message for the entire firm that immediately gets him fired. Only single mother Dorothy Boyd joins Jerry as he launches his own management company in an effort to retain the players he represents. Jerry and Dorothy, who depend on football player Rod Tidwell as their only customer, start to fall in love as they try to run a successful business.

10. Grease.

In this legendary ensemble movie-musical, teenage lovers-turned-classmates Sandy and Danny struggle to balance unrequited feelings, new friendships, and other factors.

These very interesting list of movies, some of which have come to be considered cult classics, are sure to ease you from your holiday season mood into the new year with excitement.

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