Tips on How to Record a Podcast Remotely
by Eguaogie Eghosa Nov 23, 2021 Views (196)
The history of podcasting began with the release of the iPod. "Podcast" is a combination of "iPod" and "broadcast."

You and your podcast guests can record at any time and from any location using remote podcast recording. Recording podcasts remotely, on the other hand, poses a unique set of obstacles, ranging from recording distinct audio tracks to ensuring a stable Internet connection to obtaining high-quality audio.

What Is a Podcast and Why Should You Listen to One?
A podcast is a collection or series of digital audio recordings that may be downloaded or listened to through the Internet. The term "podcast episode" refers to a single audio recording. Podcasts are usually presented by one or more people who lead a discussion, tell anecdotes, or provide news updates. A podcaster is a person who creates the show. Streaming apps including Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts host podcasts (the podcast app that comes with iOS).

How to Record a Podcast Remotely
Consider these podcasting tips to assist you to overcome the challenges of distant recording while maintaining good sound quality.

1. Use the necessary tools.
To get the best audio quality, you'll need studio-grade equipment. Inquire if your visitors have a USB microphone, earbuds, or headphones, as well as a pop filter (a piece of foam or cloth that acts as a buffer for a USB mic). If they don't have it, consider sending it to them.

2. Select a location that is calm and devoid of distractions
The bane of audio recording is background noise, which is tough to edit away in post-production. While finding a location with minimal to no background noise can be difficult, planning can help you reduce noise and improve the quality of your podcast's production. For the length of the recording session, tell your guest or partner podcast presenter to turn off any fans in the room and turn off their phone.

3. Use recording techniques that have two ends
The method of having everyone participate in the remote podcast interview record each end of the audio locally on their device is referred to as double-ender recording. Local recording guarantees that different tracks are preserved in different places. When the interview is over, have your guests submit their audio files so you may edit them together. Your guests will need to use podcasting software like Audacity to record audio.

4. Use recording software that allows you to record remotely
Remote recording software is made to operate with video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype. Depending on whatever software program you use, you'll be able to see the strength of your guest's Wi-Fi connection, share time-zone information, and use cloud-based backup systems to store audio and video files.

5. Edit your audio
Splice the discussion together using audio editing software, eliminating any parts of the recording you don't want and adding music if necessary. Use video editing software to tidy up your video call recording if you wish to publish it. Most video call recorders will provide you with a raw.wav file to modify afterwards. Trimming segments, adding captions, and altering the picture quality to your liking are all possible options for video podcast editing.

It is obvious that podcasting is a broadcast system that is here to stand the test of time. Like today's social media avenues, podcasting provides an alternative medium to have access to trending and interesting pieces of information and news.

As more and more people tune in to listen to podcasts, it is fast becoming a channel through which people make their voices heard as well as achieve some measure of fame and followership in the information world.

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