Tips for Shooting Fashion Photography
by Eguaogie Eghosa May 31, 2021 Views (259)
The fashion industry is a global multi-billion dollar industry. It is an industry that has spawned a whole lot of other ancillary industries in terms of accessories, fabric, designers, models, etc. Year after year, the fashion industry holds the world spellbound with various designer products for the different seasons.

The fashion industry is a very visible industry with products needing to be showcased to the public for them to reach the end-users. Visibility comes in the forms of fashion runways, fashion galas, fashion magazines, tours, advert placements, and so forth.

Fashion photography is a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. Everywhere you look, you are likely to come across hundreds of images of men and women dressed up (or down) showcasing clothing, footwear, and other accessories, for one occasion or another. 

The fashion industry depends heavily on fashion photography for visibility. Fashion photography is one of the most profitable areas of photography. Whether it is New York, Paris, or London; the major fashion houses rely on fashion photographers to help them publicize their new designs.

But first, ‘What is Fashion Photography?’
The world of fashion photography is consciously focused on portraiture, posing, extensive lighting, beautiful locations, and of course, lots and lots of amazing clothing designs and accessories. But the genre is more than just cameras lights and shooting; it an area of photography that requires a lot of time and patience to learn about in terms of the right equipment, props, models, posing, location, and so on.

Of course, the purpose of the fashion shoot goes a long way in influencing what is required for the production and how the process is carried out. The question of whether the final images of the shoot is going to be blown up and displayed on the inside of a building or its is going to be shown on social media for the online world, will have a way of influencing the choice of equipment and location for the shoot amongst other considerations.

In this article, we take a look at a few tips to consider when shooting Fashion Photography.
1. Choose the Right Camera for your Shoot 
The truth is, there is no perfect camera. At the end of the day, a camera is a camera and it only comes down to what works for you best especially given your creative ability. In fact, in this very diversely creative genre, lighting, make-up, hairstyles, accessories may well be more important than the camera you decide to use. Just remember to use a camera that is perfect for you.

2. Use Different Lenses 
Each lens will give your images a different and unique look. So, it may pay a good dividend for you to experiment with different lenses in your shoot.

3. Choose the Right Camera Setting
Unfortunately, there are no magic camera settings that that will produce that perfect picture for you. However, every camera allows you to set it up to help you meet your purpose. One good piece of advice though is to ensure that you always shoot in RAW. This store’s your photographic data in the image and leaves you to manipulate the data to give you the outcome you desire.

4. Have a Good Lighting Set-up
Lighting is one of the important aspects of any photography and especially so in fashion photography. Whether you are using a studio space or photographing using natural light, master the lighting conditions. While there are big, powerful lighting units light strobes, you may want to use the simplest set-up that will help you achieve your photographic objectives.

5. Don’t Obsess About Equipment
Having the basic equipment to start within fashion photography will afford you the independence you need to take photo sessions to find a style of your own and to practice. In addition, it also allows you to be able to stay within budget. Remember, it is often not possible to have all the equipment you need unless you very rich, but you can rent gear according to the needs of your next project.

6. Respect your Model 
Fashion Photography is not a one-man show. You need to have good people skills to have your project done successfully. For fashion photography, models are very important parts of the project, and learning to treat them respectfully when communicating your expectations will go a long way in helping you achieve your objectives. If contact needs to be made, for instance, showing your model how to position herself for a shot; it is wise to always ask for their permission. Nothing should be taken for granted.

7. Stay Updated 
Having learned the basics of fashion photography, you should not assume that what you already know will always be enough for you to achieve the same level of success the next time. The fashion industry is in a constant state of flux and as a photographer, you need to stay updated with what the new trends are and how to constantly achieve success with your next project.

8. Practice 
As you may have learned, there are many ways to approach fashion photography, so you don’t have to wait for the next big client to make a fashion shoot. In between jobs you can keep practicing and experimenting even with a low budget. You might not be able to do a high fashion production every day, but you can do look books, or attend fashion shows.

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