The RED Komodo 10 Best Features Series 2
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 30, 2021 Views (290)
The RED Komodo gives you a lot of reasons to fall in love with it. From its lightweight cube shape and compact size to its hot-swappable batteries; a camera is a dynamic tool for film and video production. 

In the first part of this series, we considered the first five of the ten RED Komodo’s best features that make it a darling of filmmakers. In this second series, we look at a further five that should help convince you if you are still an unbeliever in the RED that the Komodo is the answer to your camera needs in 2021 and into the foreseeable future.

Here are the remaining 5 of Komodo’s best features.  

Looking at the camera, the Komodo is actually just a regular RED camera in a small box. However, where other manufacturers would mortgage on the quality, RED purposely designed this camera to be a complement to their entire line with the ability to fit into such places that the big-bodied cameras just couldn’t fit.

Its color technology is literally the same as the previously designed, and matching it to the highest of the high-end RED cameras is effortless. Every grading and effecting done to your RED footage will harmoniously apply to Komodo footage.

ProRes is the first choice for post-production and every footage should be transcoded before editing for a seamless editing experience. With the ability to shoot ProRes internally, projects with quick completion times will benefit since the codec isn’t as demanding on the editing system’s resources.

Apple’s ProRes Codec contains a massive amount of specifics and color information. If you are pressed for time or have the need to shoot in RED Raw, this is a great and speedy option to have in your pocket.

The menu organization of the Komodo is no flounce. The menu gallery is designed in such a way that everything you require to access is upfront on the top touch screen and particularly simple to alter. Deeper-level menus are plainly laid out, and you can see that a lot of attention and planning was given to how everything works.

Even better is that all camera settings can be accessed remotely using the RED Control App for iOS and Android.

You can use the RED Control App over Wi-Fi or with the non-mandatory Komodo Link Adaptor which allows you to monitor your camera’s video feed and access every single setting possible. It can even enable you to pull focus when using an AF stills lens. 

Much older systems used to be infamously unreliable, and as a result, professionals tend to shy away from their use; but autofocus has come a long way in the last few years, and this is the first application of autofocus on a RED. It’s still officially in beta, but it works incredibly well compared to Canon’s It is a great capability to possess when shooting on a gimbal.

Autofocus is definitely the future of filmmaking and it is great news to see that RED is moving in the right direction.

It is almost cliché to say that everyone is different, and the things one person loves about our camera might not create any of that interest with someone else and that is ok.  For some of us, this miniature wonder that is the RED Komodo actually offers absolutely nothing to improve our business, but in terms of a RED camera, this is a huge product that places some very high-tech imaging ability in the hands of a large number of people. For me, that is and should be the main thing you should love about this fantastic, tiny shooting machine.

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