The New iPhone 12 Pro Camera Pack By Film Convert
by Eguaogie Eghosa May 01, 2021 Views (257)
The Apple iPhone series 12 pro
Has been a rave since the first in its series was developed. The evolution from iPhone to the present iPhone 12 Pro Max has seen Apple do what they have always done right from time: make the impossible possible with Smartphone technology. 

Almost every time Apple reveals a new iPhone, it sells as if it was made of candy. And the release of their latest addition, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max hasn’t turned out any differently either. The iPhone 12 Pro is like an A14 Bionic rocket that flashes past every other smartphone chip. The Pro camera system takes low-light photography to a whole new level; with an even bigger leap with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The A14 Bionic is the first 5-nanometer chip in the industry, with advanced components literally atoms wide with forty percent more transistors (actually 11.8 billion) to rev up speeds while increasing efficiency for great battery life. It also comes with a new ISP that powers Dolby Vision recording – something no pro movie camera, let alone any other smartphone, can do.

With its forty percent increase in transistors, the iPhone 12 Pro has up to 50% faster CPU and GPU than any other smartphone chip. This edition maxes out the Pro camera system with a 47 percent larger sensor and larger pixels that dramatically increase the amount of light gathered on the Wide camera. 

In addition, this phone boasts of a new OIS that stabilizes the sensor instead of the lens giving you the freedom to take steady shots even if you are not steady yourself. And the new 65mm Telephoto lets you zoom in tighter on portraits. 

Now, alongside speed and storage enhancements, the new iPhone 12 Pro adds a significant boost to its camera with 10-bit Dolby Vision. The extra data recorded allows much more flexibility in when color grading with FilmConvert, and really unlocks the potential of achieving truly cinematic images from a smartphone.

To test out the capabilities of the new sensor, the team behind FilmConvert has strapped the iPhone 12 to an ARRI Alexa and took it out on a real-world shoot to see how the mobile footage could be matched to a Hollywood cinema camera. The results might surprise even the most skeptical professionals out there.

Beyond any doubt, the 10-bit video available on the iPhone 12 is a great addition, making adjustments much easier. With the right tweaking and by using the just-released FilmConvert camera pack, you can get pretty decent results. Sure, you’ll still get the noise artifacts, clipped whites along with noticeable artificial sharpness.

While most smartphones do not have the capacity to match some of the Cine cameras in use in Hollywood at the moment; nevertheless, pulling your iPhone 12 Pro smartphone out of your pocket on set could certainly be a viable option, even if you want to match the captured footage with the mighty ARRI ALEXA. 

So get to know your iPhone’s video capabilities. Other than taking quick videos of your friends or family, you have lots of options for different types of videos, and for different resolutions. And if you’re a budding filmmaker, try out an app like Filmic Pro. 

Filmic Pro supports a number of gimbals, handheld stabilizers that turn a smartphone into a Steadicam. While you may not want to reproduce the scenes in the maze from The Shining, using a gimbal can make home videos of kids’ parties, for example, a lot more enjoyable. But with FilmConvert’s newly announced ARRI Alexa you may be surprised at the quality of the iPhone’s video.

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