The Most Entertaining Video Production Influencers You Need to Follow
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One of the simplest methods to equip yourself with the correct advice and tactics to advance your campaign is to keep up with video marketing experts.

You'll like today's selection of video marketing professionals if you're seeking for some inspiration, advice, and winning tactics.

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6 of the top video marketing influencers in the world have been hand-selected by us. The professionals on the list are all masters of video marketing who have earned their stripes through blood, sweat, and tears.

1. Neil Patel (

He is a well-known digital marketing guru who has worked with some of the world's most recognisable brands. His work has appeared on Forbes and other well-known websites.

His extensive knowledge of search engine optimization can assist you in building your video SEO strategy (and digital marketing campaign in general).

2. Gary Vaynerchuk (

Gary is a born businessman who is not afraid to take risks. He is in charge of the enormous VarnerMedia company, which has over 800 employees.

A lifelong entrepreneur, who uses slick sales techniques and cutting-edge marketing plans to take over the corporate world.

For regular updates on issues such as business and entrepreneurship, follow him. On all social media sites, he is quite active.

3. Nas Daily (

Nuseir, the founder of Nas Daily, set out to make a one-minute film every day for 1,000 days.

Nas quickly accumulated millions of social media fans, and his 1-minute videos from across the world became an immediate smash. He usually talks about travel life hacks.

They now have Nas Studios, where they provide professional video production services, and Nas Academy, where video makers may become instructors.

4. Brian Dean (

Brian is a pro in SEO, link building, and traffic generation. Additionally, he develops some of the most unique video SEO techniques that few people are aware of.

You will never run out of effective video marketing ideas for your company if you subscribe to Brian's YouTube channel. His videos are very well-liked among digital marketers because he provides practical, real-world advice.

5.  Video Influencers (

Brought to you by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis, is jam-packed with top-influencer interviews, recommendations, and the finest guidance from video marketers who know what works and what doesn't. These are the people to learn how to raise your views like a pro.

If you're seeking for a new viewpoint and new ideas on video marketing, this is the pair to follow on social media. They're a fun bunch that wants to educate the rest of the world how to succeed at video marketing

6. Supercar Blondie (

If you enjoy supercars, Supercar Blondie has definitely already crossed your path. Her videos have received millions of views and have amassed over 36 million followers.

She is obviously a skilled video marketer, as seen by the enormous traffic and interaction she generates. Alternatively, perhaps she is hiding a secret recipe.

She is the gal with the vehicles who also happens to produce highly lucrative automotive entertainment. She is the highest paid and most influential motoring Instagrammer, earning almost $1.4 million annually.

On those dull days when inspiration simply won't strike, follow Supercar Blondie for bursts of inspiration. Additionally, while she takes the films, you will learn a lot about vehicles and enjoy the high-quality ones.


Video marketing is not going away. In fact, the business is expected to boom in the next years.

The expansion of technology such as 5G networks, as well as the natural necessity for video advertisers to compete for viewers, will drive growth.

This is the ideal opportunity to use video marketing to raise brand recognition, attract relevant visitors, build your community, and, ultimately, enhance your sales.

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