The Key Trends for Corporate Video in 2023
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With the start of a new year and the beginning of 2023, the trends in video creation are significantly shifting. Changes across the board have primarily provided insights into the altered trends in video production for the year, where we anticipate seeing a significant surge in live streaming, increased usage of drones for aerial filming, and the employment of AI technology for editing. This is what the film and video industries are predicting for the future year.

It's critical to follow developments in corporate video as the use of video marketing grows. Given the advantages that video has for businesses, many companies have chosen to incorporate video into their marketing plans.

Corporate videos, a potent tool for showcasing the brand or the good or service provided, are among the most widely utilized corporate videos. Many people are inspired to act by the mix of images and noises.

We'll examine the advantages of corporate films in this blog post, along with the trends for corporate videos in 2020. Read on to discover more.

Advantages of Corporate Videos

Videos are strongly regarded to be advantageous to a business. But how might corporate videos help a company?
1. Corporate videos help people remember brands.
2. Key messages are clarified and simplified.
3. They assist businesses in rising up the SERPs.
4. Corporate videos increase website traffic.
5. They increase conversion rates. In fact, conversion rates can rise by up to 300% when a business embeds a high-quality video on its landing page.
6. Corporate movies are a helpful tool for showcasing contented clients, which could persuade new clients to act.

Trends in corporate video for 2023

Video has long been a tool used by businesses. However, new patterns emerge every year. The following trends can be found in the 2023 trends.

1. Utilizing Live Videos

Live videos can be used to announce events, promote new goods or services, or even conduct interviews. Because prospective customers value engaging with live people, its use is expanding. It is also a straightforward and affordable instrument because no editing is necessary.

2. Making 360-degree videos

Although expensive to make, 360-degree videos have an excellent return on investment. In addition to making firms stand out from the competition, they boost revenue by 7%.

3. Incorporating lengthier videos

Since the average person's attention span is getting shorter, several businesses have decided to make their movies shorter. However, a recent study found that consumers watch lengthier films for longer periods of time. Their desire for narratives may inspire companies to create longer videos.

4. Adding subtitles

Some social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram, automatically play soundless videos. As a result, several businesses have chosen to add subtitles to their videos so that viewers can watch them without sound.

5. User-generated content (UGC) 

Remember that users are more likely to trust other users than the brand itself when developing your marketing approach. As a result, several businesses have chosen to invite their fans to produce content that will be featured on their platforms in the future.

6. The growth of instructional and training videos

You used to search for a tutorial on YouTube whenever you were unsure how to utilise a product. Many businesses are currently creating their own tutorials since it helps them establish their brands as trustworthy.

7. Increased Use of Live Streaming

The most popular video production trends for 2023 seem to be the increase in live streaming as it adjusts to fit everything from retail shopping experiences to news delivery, business conferences, and virtual engagements. More customers than ever are watching live streamed video from the companies and brands that most interest them.

Previously, only the most prestigious news outlets and sports broadcasters could afford to broadcast live, but thanks to recent technological advancements and the increased accessibility of the internet, brands now have more opportunities to integrate live streaming into their regular marketing campaigns.

For a number of reasons, including the following, live streaming material appears to be popular among many organisations and brands.

  •  Live broadcasting gives a brand a more human personality.
  • Customers can communicate with brands in real time by live streaming.
  • The brand is humanised by live streaming.
  • Brands can connect with a highly specific target audience with live streaming.
  • One of the industries with the fastest growth is live streaming.
The use of live video on social media sites has increased dramatically in recent months. In fact, the live feed has grown by as much as 113% year over year.

8. Drones to Be Used More Often For Aerial Footage

Over the past few years, video production has made extensive use of drones. As drone technology advances, this trend will likely continue. The use of drones by video production companies is largely anticipated to continue as a safe, alternative method of capturing aerial footage that would not otherwise be as accessible for filming.

Early drone use revealed some difficulties, particularly with regard to the security of these flying objects. But rules have largely been improved, drone operators are now commercially registered, and almost all major video production companies have at least one drone operator who can help with the capture of aerial footage.

What has changed in 2023 regarding the use of drone footage in videos? We primarily anticipate that drone footage will continue, but due to the legal and commercial licencing constraints involved, it might not be offered by every production company you contact. As a result, we anticipate that drone footage will continue to gain popularity while also being much improved, and the most prestigious production teams will continue to use this constantly evolving technology to produce jaw-dropping shots that are impossible to get any other way.

9. Editing With AI Technology

Over the past ten years, the word "artificial intelligence" has come to mean a wide range of things. We're interested to see where AI takes us in terms of video and film editing in 2023. Although the use of artificial technology in video production is still relatively new, we are already observing a shift in trends toward the usage of AI technology at the editing stage.

The greater the demand for content from clients, the more we anticipate the emergence of new AI trends in the development and post-production phases as a means of more quickly distributing video material. We anticipate that AI will be used quite frequently because editing is one of the most difficult and labor-intensive stages of the production of films and videos.

According to current developments in the usage of AI editing software, it may be possible to reduce the time required for editing videos by up to 50% or more. However, it appears that there is room for this technology to close some of the gaps in the post-production timeline to distribution. Of course, more knowledge is needed before we will know just how far things will go with the use of artificial intelligence as a means of improving film and video editing processes.

As you can see, there will be significant changes in video production trends in 2023, most notably the employment of artificial intelligence, drone technology, and other distinctive components that will facilitate smoother, more effective, or more efficient operations. As a filmmaker, it's clear that the industry has advanced significantly in the more than 100 years since the creation of the first videos, and it's interesting to watch how far things will advance.

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