The Challenges of Video Production from Start to Finish
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Video Production Explained

This is not just a process but an art that requires some certain skills, creativity, and technicality. The aim is to knowing how to create a unique high quality video that can attract, engage an audience and also meet with the competition out there. Over the coming years there has been some challenges that has been faced with video production and in this article we will be taking the challenges step by step to help you understand them in order to be able to identify them anytime they surface during the process.


The Challenges Faced in Video Production

These challenges have been divided and sub-divided into 6 groups which are:

1. Budget Constraints: Under this we will be looking at the things that make up this budget constraint like equipment Costs, talent Fees, location expenses and post-production Costs.

2. Time Management: Under this we will be looking at the things that can make time management a problem if not handled properly like pre-production planning, shooting schedules and post-production editing.

3. Technical Issues: Under this we will be looking at the things that can give audio problems if not managed properly like audio problems, lighting issues and camera malfunctions.

4. Creative Blockages: Under this we will be discussing what the different creative blockages are like lack of inspiration, writer's block and director's block.

5. Human Factors: Under this we will be discussing the human factors you will face as challenges during the process like coordination challenges, communication issues and personal conflicts.

6. Marketing and Distribution: Under this we will be discussing the challenges you will face after production like finding the right channels, promoting and Measuring Success.


1. Budget Constraints

This is mostly the first challenge faced by most video producers. In order for the whole process to be successful it requires lots of talents, equipment and location expenses. It has been seen that the cost of post-production can be very high for small production houses to handle. To that extent producers are advised to work within a tight budget that the can easily afford to be able to deliver a high-quality video at their level.

i. Equipment Costs

There are a lot of expenses to cover to be able to get the perfect camera equipment needed, it is not advisable to cut this expenses short because there is a minimum requirement when it comes to cameras in movie making and some cameras can cost over $10,000 depending on how high if a quality you want. There are also some equipment costs that need to be covered before the project can commence like microphones, tripods and lighting kits. All these equipment costs are important and can add up and consume a concrete part of the budget.

ii. Talent Fees

The talent required to handle from the equipment to the acting to the editing to the actors, directors, scriptwriters, production assistants, lighting technicians, sound engineers and all the things needed to get a perfect piece is an expense that must be taken into serious consideration because the main reason behind people working for your project is the remuneration which they will get in return. The cost of talent will surely cover a significant part of the budget.

iii. Location Expenses

For the project to commence, there must have been a secured location that fits all the script's requirements. The distance from the production house to the location must not be much to cut down additional expenses of transportation costs. There are also some location expenses which cannot be avoided like rental fees, permits, and insurance which will need to also be taken into consideration because of their importance in the success of the project.

iv. Post-Production Costs

These are the costs that will be faced after production making it an important part because it requires special software like final cut pro, adobe premiere pro and davinci resolve. For this stage of expenses there are also things like sound design, color grading and visual effects which covers an important part of the budget. All the things needed in this stage need specialists to handle them a crucial part of the budget.


2. Time Management

Time management is a very important challenge to tackle to be able to match your fellow competitors and meet your consumer’s needs. This aspect is very important because there are some parts of production that cannot be rushed to get a high-quality video. Every part of the process must be scheduled before the project starts to ensure smooth and steady execution.

i. Pre-Production Planning

This is the first step in movie making it the most important part because a mistake in the foundation stage can lead to the collapse of the entire project at the ending stage. This requires a lot of time and effort to get the perfect casting, scriptwriting, location scouting, storyboarding and equipment preparation to be able to get the best during the pre-production stage.

ii. Shooting Schedules

Adequately planned shooting schedules determines the general time that will be spent on the project, it must be planned properly to ensure that everything is done effectively and efficiently. It is important to know that in creating your shooting schedules you must consider the availability of talent, equipment and location.

iii. Post-Production Editing

This is the stages of where the concluded project is being edited finally. In this stage you put the footage gotten together adjust the color grading, sound production, and visual effects where needed. It is important to get everything right at this stage because it determines the quality the consumer is going to get.


3.  Technical Problems

In video production, technical difficulties are a prevalent problem that can degrade the final product's quality.

i. Audio Problem

Poor microphone positioning, background noise, or technical faults with the recording equipment can all result in audio problems. The finished overall quality can be impacted by poor audio.

ii. Lighting Issues

Lighting is an essential component. Bad lighting can reduce the quality of the final result. Wrong camera settings, poor lighting tools, or inadequate lighting placement are some of the causes of lighting issues.

iii. Camera Malfunctions

During creation, camera issues might happen and degrade the final product's quality. Poor battery life, memory card performance, or technical difficulties with the camera can all lead to problems.


4. Creative Roadblocks

In video creation, creative blockages are a typical problem that can impact the final quality and timeliness.

i. Lack of Inspiration

Not being inspired might result from a dearth of original ideas, a weak script, or inadequate teamwork among the creatives. A lack of creativity may compromise the final overall quality.

ii. Writer's Block

This is majorly caused by a lack of ineffective time management, original ideas or strained relationships within the team can contribute to writer's block. The process can be delayed and the scriptwriting process can be affected by writer's block.

iii. Director’s Block

This is caused by inadequate time management, a lack of original ideas or inadequate teamwork. The final video's quality may suffer if the director experiences writer's block.

5. Human Factor

The effectiveness and promptness of the final project delivery might be impacted by human variables like coordination difficulties, communication problems, and interpersonal disputes.

i. Coordinating challenges

Poor communication within the creative team, incompatible schedules, or incompatible priorities can all lead to coordination problems.

ii. Communication isssues

Language obstacles, poor communication skills, and incompatible communication styles can all contribute to communication problems. Communication breakdowns can interfere with the creative team's ability to work together and the total quality of the finished product.

iii. Personal conflicts

Personal differences, clashing personalities, or competing priorities can all lead to interpersonal disputes. Personal disputes can slow down the process and lower the overall quality of the finished product.


6. Distribution and marketing

The success of the finished film can be impacted by the marketing and distribution of the project, which are essential components of creation.

i. Finding the Right Channels

It can be difficult to find the appropriate channels for distributing. Target audiences and criteria vary between networks. Additionally, certain networks demand a particular format or aspect ratio, which might have an impact on the final quality.

ii. Promoting the Video

It takes a lot of work and money to promote. Different channels call for various promotional approaches, and the latter must be customized for the intended audience.

iii. Measuring Success

It can be difficult to assess the effectiveness of the finished project. The number of views, interactions, or conversion rates can be used to gauge success. Success can also be impacted by outside variables like rivalries or market trends.



These challenges discussed in this article are there to be faced and taken care of not run away from. It is important to know what might hinder or delay you from success and tackle them immediately, remember to always take the challenges one at a time.

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