The Canon Rs Best and Worst Features
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I am aware of your thoughts. You don't want to go through countless pages of EOS R Reviews to learn what the benefits and drawbacks of using this camera are; instead, you want to know about the Canon EOS R's pros and cons. You can find the solutions to your full frame Canon R-related queries in this post.

The most significant advantages and disadvantages of the Canon R camera that you should be aware of have been distilled from all the technical reviews and opinions. Despite the fact that this camera is far from ideal, I'm happy I bought one. Unlike most reviews, this one will begin with seven cons and end with ten advantages of using a mirrorless camera.

The Canon Eos R Camera's Cons

The Canon EOS R camera has drawbacks.
It's important to first understand the drawbacks of shooting with the Canon EOS R because every camera has them. The problems listed below are not prioritized in any specific order. They are simply the list that I came up with after writing down my personal experiences and adding research from additional sources.

1. Single Memory Card Slot
Only one memory card slot is available in the Canon EOS R camera. For many professionals who cover weddings and other live events where losing a picture would be expensive, this is a deal breaker. These professionals prefer to use a camera that simultaneously writes files to two different memory cards.

I've been using digital cameras for commercial photography for 20 years, and (pray for me) I've never experienced a memory card failure. By selecting the appropriate memory card at the outset, you can reduce your likelihood of experiencing problems with your memory card. You can read my post on the best memory cards for your EOS R camera for more information on this.

2. No Joy Stick
Many Canon shooters were dissatisfied by the Canon R camera's unusual omission of the flexible joystick. Even though I've grown accustomed to using the joystick on my 90D and 5D Mark III, I personally don't have any trouble using the touch screen or the 4-way controller to navigate the EOS R.

3. Battery Life
The majority of mirrorless cameras devour battery life far too quickly, especially in early versions.

The battery life with the R is not as good as it is with DSLR cameras due to the frequent usage of the LCD screen and EVF, but it's simple enough to carry an extra battery.

With the newest battery, the LP-E6NH, the Canon EOS R's battery life has significantly increased. The battery capacity of the Canon R is over 50% greater than the RP's. Here is the full explanation of the EOS R's battery capacity.

4. Multi-Function Touch Bar
Canon's attempt to do away with the joystick was the multi-function touch bar. Some photographers have regarded the employment of it to be a little odd. Since I have never found the need to utilize it in any of the ways it may be configured, this is not a concern for me.

When designing the EOS R, Canon undoubtedly gave the touch bar a lot of innovative thinking. It's one of those things that people (including me) didn't feel the need to utilize, hence it never really took off.

5. No Ibis
High-end cameras with In-Body Image Stabilization, including the Canon R3, R5, and R6, have this new feature. IBIS, also known as sensor shift technology, significantly increases your steadiness so you may use ever-slower shutter speeds and produce smoother video.

It corrects for unintentional camera movement by physically moving the sensors' positions as the picture or video is being taken. If an IS lens is coupled with an IBIS camera, you can still use image stabilization lenses on your EOS R to gain the same advantage, but not to the same degree.

6. The Disadvantages of Filming Video on the Eos R
The Canon EOS R crops your video when you shoot it in 4K quality, which is probably its biggest drawback. For professional videographers, this is a deal-breaker, but I can get by using just my EF-S 10–18mm lens and the EOS R Adapter and have a view that is broad enough.

The greatest quality you can film at 120 frames per second with the ESO R is only 720, not 1080.

Canon EOS R’s Advantages

1. The Price of Canon EOS R 
The major advantage the Canon R has over practically all other full frame mirrorless cameras is its price. Even though the less expensive, full frame Canon RP debuted only a few months after the R, many Canon devotees prefer a powerful, full frame mirrorless camera that comes in at a reasonable price.

2. Sensor
A full frame 30MP sensor found in the Canon EOS R camera enables it to capture images and films that have won awards. Full-frame sensor cameras are superior due to:

i. The pixels themselves can be improved and made larger.
ii. Large sensors enable you to take pictures with little "noise" even in dimly illuminated areas.
iii. You can print larger images.
iv. Even when you crop, the image quality is still excellent. View the image below.
v. easier to take shots from a broader angle.
vi. Improved depth of field control.

3. The EOS R Handgrip.
Canon did not scrimp on the design of the handgrip despite the fact that it is more compact and lightweight than a standard DSLR. That makes it simple to safely handle your R in one hand while wearing a bigger lens.

Numerous important dials, buttons, and a little LCD display can also fit on the top of the camera due to the design of the grip.

4. A Completely Rotate Touch LCD Screen
An LCD touch screen with full articulation is included with the Canon R camera. For many photographers, including myself, what was once considered a luxury is now a necessity.

Most people desire the ability to view themselves when using their camera to take selfies and create vlogging films for YouTube, in addition to making it simpler to shoot from unusual angles.

I've grown accustomed to how quickly the LCD screen will focus when touched at the desired location on the camera's back. Just that feature is making it simpler for me to transition from my non-touch, non-rotating 5D Mark III to the R for portrait photography.

5. The Best LCD Display.
It's usually helpful to have quick, simple access to your camera's settings in a number of different places. The shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings are displayed on the top LCD screen. It's a practical approach to rapidly see and switch the photography mode.

The little LCD display on top of the EOS R also displays the exposure compensation scale and the amount of battery life left.

6. The EVF Viewfinder
Compared to lesser cameras, the EOS R offers a bigger 0.76x magnification and a large 0.5-inch OLED EVF with 3.69 million dots and 100% coverage.

You can get WYSIWYG exposure with the Canon R EVF viewfinder. In other words, when using the viewfinder, you get exactly what you see. Knowing whether you have perfected your exposure EVEN BEFORE taking the picture is a huge advantage.

While gazing through the viewfinder, you can change the exposure setting and instantly see how it might affect your picture.

7. Personalization
The dials and buttons of the Canon EOs R camera can be specially customized. Basically, you may customize the controls to reflect your preferences rather than Canon's. Although there is a learning curve, you have the choice to leave the customization at the factory default settings.

Most of the dials and buttons on my EF EOS R adapter are left in their default positions, however I greatly value the exposure compensation adjustment for the adaptor ring.

8. Self-Focusing
Fast and precise dual pixel auto-focusing has 5,655 AF points. No matter where in your frame it is, the on-sensor autofocusing technology provides you fine control over which element of your composition you want to be crisp. In dim lighting, the EOS R's focusing is both precise and quick. Here is further information about the EOS R's low-light capabilities.

You're interested in finding out if the Canon EOS R has eye-tracking autofocus and how effective it is. Focus tracking is one of the EOS R's most useful auto-focus functions. This features focus modes with facial detection and eye tracking.

The best news is that since the camera was first released, the autofocus system for the EOS R has received numerous important firmware updates. Now, it's even more effective at taking photographs, both posed and candid, even of moving targets.

9. Continuous Shooting
You may use your Canon R camera to capture sports and action photographs at 8 frames per second. Before the camera's memory buffer is full and it starts to lag, you can take more than 100 standard jpg shots or more than 50 RAW images in a burst.

Canon's C-RAW format allows you to greatly increase those figures by roughly 40%.

10. Weather Sealing Advantage
The Canon R has outstanding weather resistance. If you enjoy taking pictures outside, you are aware that bad weather makes for some of the prettiest scenery. Your opportunities for nature and landscape photography are increased by weather sealing, which eliminates the risk of harming your camera gear. The Canon EOS R actually ranked among the top 7 landscape cameras.

A Recap of the Canon EOS R Camera's Pros and Cons

A very capable and reasonably priced full frame mirrorless camera is the Canon EOS R. Although it isn't flawless, no camera is. It's a reliable option for a variety of photography styles. If you are a serious videographer, there might be better options. If you want a full frame camera with quick focusing, sophistication, and the ability to capture beautiful shots at a low cost, this is a wonderful option.

One other benefit is that the EOS R is compatible with all of the new RF lenses as well as the complete lineup of EF and EF-S lenses when using the adapter.
Enjoy yourself. Take a Canon!

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