The 15 Best Pieces of Amateur Film-making Gear Pt.2
by Eguaogie Eghosa Sep 02, 2021 Views (265)
In this second installment, we continue our look at some of the "must-have" filmmaking gear that every amateur videographer should have when starting. While this equipment is an absolute necessity in achieving the best video and photography possible; they are however not over the top in terms of budget.

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Here we look at Audio, Drones, and other Accessories for filmmaking.

You'll need competent onboard audio equipment if you're going to specialize in run and gun filmmaking, documentary work, or interview-style commercial videography. Audio quality is a vital component of every filmmaker's process, whether it's a simple Rode Videomic or a full-fledged boom, shotgun, or lavalier setup. We've included a few of the industry's favorites below.

Audio is one of the most underrated/undervalued parts of beginning videography, and it can catch a novice filmmaker off guard. That's where the Videomic Pro from Rode comes in. This low-cost, high-performance camera is ideal for on-the-go shooting, mobile journalism, and vlogging, as well as classic shooting styles such as interviews, music videos, and venue-based events. Unlike several high-end models, the Videomic Pro attaches directly to your camera or portable recorder, providing customers with up to 70 hours of battery life, exceptional sound sensitivity, and configurable levels to optimize overall capture.

Sennheiser's AVX MKE2 Wireless Microphone might be your go-to accessory if you're seeking the best of the best when it comes to high-end audio. The MKE2 is a vital item of any filmmaker's gear, even if it differs in use from the shotgun-style microphones mentioned earlier in this list. The AVX, in particular, excels in interviews, documentaries, and realistic capture, providing professional-sounding audio to journalists, vloggers, and indie filmmakers looking to elevate their material to new heights. While the kit's MKE 2 Professional Omni Lav Mic, lightweight bodypack transmitter, and compact plug-in allow for quick setup while on set, the kit's MKE 2 Professional Omni Lav Mic, lightweight bodypack transmitter, and compact plug-in allow for quick setup while on set.

Viewing things from a fresh perspective is always intriguing, and nothing communicates professionalism and wonder to those looking to enjoy your work as an aerial shot. Drones have been a fixture of many videographers' work for over a decade, and now that they're as accessible and inexpensive as ever, it makes sense to include them in your projects as well.

DJI has been a stalwart in the drone market for almost a decade, and few can compete with the monolithic brand when it comes to cinematic footage. The company has spent the last five years creating and innovating its way to the top, with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro being the most recent contender. This tiny platform captures 4K photos and videos with a strong 20-megapixel CMOS sensor and offers customers an adjustable-aperture lens for precision capture. If you're into aerial filming and photography, you'll understand how crucial it is to be able to change settings like F-Stop, ISO, and Shutter Speed on the fly.

The Inspire 2 is the pinnacle of mid/professional drones. This all-encompassing platform is used by a variety of directors, operators, and creatives to record the greatest footage possible due to its 50-mile-per-hour flight speed, exact movement, tracking, and weather resistance. While the Inspire 2 boasts a number of professional features, it also has a high-definition, 5.2K camera as standard, giving it an advantage over almost every other platform in its price range. The Inspire 2 is a flexible camera since it can be removed and replaced with a variety of other mounting solutions to handle movie cameras up to a certain weight.

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A few useful accessories are a must-have for any kit. External monitors, viewfinders, memory cards, hard drives, and tripods can all make a big difference in the field, so be sure you're properly equipped for the job. We've highlighted a few "must-have" items for any amateur filmmaker's gear bag below.

Another consideration for filmmakers is in-camera storage, which is where SanDisk shines. For years, industry veterans, proponents, and newcomers have trusted and used the company's micro and standard SD cards, and with the PRO 256GB SDXC UHS-I, you'll never have to worry about burdensome codecs, rapid data writing/transfer, or unimpressive performance while in the field. Instead, you'll be greeted with reading speeds of up to 95MB/sec, which are ideal for optimizing data transmission and recovering mistakenly deleted files. Even more, the SDXC UHS-I is water, shock, X-Ray, and temperature resistant, making it the king of in-camera storage.

There's nothing more valuable than a safe, high-functioning external hard drive to preserve all of your irreplaceable footage when you're on the go and want to create. That's where the Rugged Mini 4TB HDD from LaCie comes in. This rugged companion, with its trademark LaCie crush, drop, and water-resistant shell, is the ideal confidant when it comes to the safety of your images, utilizing USB 3.0 ports and transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s to ensure a sufficient workflow while on the road

A high-end fluid head tripod may assist any filmmaker, and Manfrotto is dedicated to supporting the world's creatives as one of the most trusted names in the business. Despite the fact that there are many excellent tripods on the market today, the 535BK 2 Stage 535B Carbon Fibre Tripod and 504HD Fluid Head are perhaps the best value for money, combining smooth, seamless panning, lightweight character, and versatile design to create the ideal affordable foundation for your camera. Enjoy precise control with the tripod's two-stage, three-section architecture, and rely on its dependable ergonomics to keep your images steady and jitter-free wherever you go.

There you have it. What do you think of our list of the best Amateur Filmmaking Gears choices? Let us know.

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