Techniques of Using a Pan Shot When Shooting a Film
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A pan shot is one that is taken horizontally in which the camera pivots left or right while the base remains stationary in cinematography. One of the most fundamental camera movements is the pan shot. A pan shot is one of the most varied shots in a director's arsenal, despite its ease of execution. Knowing how and when to use a pan shot is a crucial skill to acquire whether you're a rookie director shooting on your smartphone or a seasoned expert.

The word "pan" comes from the word "panorama," which refers to a view that is so large and expansive that you must tilt your head to take it in. A camera pan, on the other hand, enlarges the audience's field of view by swivelling on a fixed point and takes in a larger perspective as it rotates.

When filming, there are three ways to use a pan shot.

Traditional pan shots are used in three ways by filmmakers:
1. To establish a location: Because camera panning provides a greater field of view, it's a wonderful technique to show the audience a wider perspective that wouldn't fit into a single static shot otherwise. You may, for example, pan over the entire horizon in a scene where a character is trapped on a raft in the ocean to show that no land is visible.

2. To track actors movements across the screen. The camera pans with the movement of a subject in this picture, such as panning with a car as it speeds down a street or panning back and forth as a character nervously walks while on the phone.

3. To reveal something: Camera pans can be used to draw attention to key plot points or characters. Because the camera movement is not reliant on another moving subject, this style of image is known as a "panto." For example, in a scene when a detective is investigating a crime scene, you may show the investigator exiting the room before panning to a specific location of the crime scene.

What Is a Whip Pan, and What Is It Used For?
A whip pan (also known as a "swish pan") is a faster sort of pan shot in which the camera pans so quickly that the image is blurred. Whip pans are used by directors to go back and forth between different portions of the same location, to boost the energy in a scene, to transition between scenes, and to show the passage of time.

3 Types of Camera Moves: Panning, Tilting, and Trucking
Although tilting and trucking images have some similarities to panning shots, it's crucial to understand the differences.

1. A pan shot is a camera action in which the camera pivots horizontally on one point while remaining stationary at its base.
2. A tilt shot is a vertical camera movement in which the camera pivots vertically while the camera base remains fixed.
3. A truck shot, like a dolly shot, is a horizontal camera movement in which the entire camera slides right or left on a track.

Using Pan Shots in Still Photography:
Panning is commonly used in film and video cameras, but it can also be used in still photography. Pan the camera to follow the subject throughout the duration of the exposure to capture an image of a moving object. The blurred background created by this method gives the photo a sense of movement.

Photographing fast-moving subjects like cyclists, running animals, and moving automobiles with pan shots is a great way to go.

Use a tripod or monopod with a swivelling head if you're shooting a pan shot to avoid a camera shake. Still, pan images of moving subjects necessitate a slower shutter speed than other types of action photography, and the exact speed is determined by the focal length of the lens, the speed of the moving subject, and the distance between the camera and both the moving subject and the background.

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