Netflix Top Ten: What Everyone Is Watching
by Eguaogie Eghosa Apr 21, 2021 Views (252)

The world has been greatly impacted by the devastating effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Never before has there been a pandemic that brought the life of the world to a literal halt than the Coronavirus. For some, more than others, life, and living has been turned upside down in so many ways that no one is quite sure what ‘normal life’ is like anymore or if there will ever be a return to normalcy as we once know it to be.

As a result, many people, especially the younger generation, have had to device means and ways of coping with the necessary government intervention regulations to help curb the spread and impact of the pandemic. One of such regulations has been the stay-at-home order by various governments of the world popularly referred to as ‘lockdown’.

Some of the ways people have managed to cope with the lockdown order have included making Tiktok video skits, starting or joining Instagram viral video challenges, or simply binging on Netflix movies.

Netflix undoubtedly provides the most interesting avenue for entertainment with an array of movies so diverse and so far-reaching in time that it is impossible not to find something that appeals to one’s peculiar movie tastes or interests.

In fact, statistics show that since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, movies watched or downloaded on Netflix has soared astronomically making it one of the most valuable companies in the world with a stock price value of $554.44 as of April 19, 2021.

Here are 10 of the most watched movies on Netflix right now.

The Little Rascals

Based on the classic 1950s “Our Gang” theatrical comedy skits, this 1994 movie is best remembered as one of the best-known entries in the Donald Trump Cinematic Universe. Starring Travis Tedford as “Spanky” McFarland, the 8-year-old president of his neighborhood’s “He-Man Woman Haters Club” with Bug Hall as Alfalfa Switzer, his best friend.

As they prepare for the Go-cart tournament, their plans seem to hit a snag as Alfalfa falls in love with a girl named Darla Hood. It is up to Spanky and his friends to intervene in Alfalfa’s love mishap and sabotage his budding love life in order to get their heads back in the game and win the big ‘ole go-cart race!

Thunder Force

Set in a world where super-villains are commonplace, ‘Thunder Force’ sounds much like the female superhero buddy comedy equivalent of 2019’s ‘The Hustle’. Its storyline revolves around two estranged childhood friends Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) and Emily (Octavia Spencer) who reunites after the latter devises an experimental treatment that gives them superpowers.

Endowed with these newfound abilities, the two set out to take on the responsibility of protecting their city by fighting crime without doing too much damages. Thunder Force occasionally nails the funny aspects of a super-powered world, mostly through sheer absurdity.

Saving Private Ryan

This movie is one of Tom Hanks’ emotional rollercoasters in which he stars as Captain John Muiller who takes his men behind enemy lines to find Private James Ryan. Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning movie chronicles the travails of a group of soldiers who, just after the invasion of Normandy, are tasked with tracking down a Private and bringing him home safely after his three brothers die in combat. Surrounded by the brutal realities of war, while searching for Ryan, each soldier embarks on a personal journey of reality and discovers their true identities in the face of a war that questions the cost of a war that leaves all concerned with a lot to lose. The movie is one of the most spellbinding war movies and the drama is bound to have you praying for the soldiers’ safeties.

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