Mastering the Art: Articulation Exercises for Actors
by Eguaogie Eghosa Nov 05, 2021 Views (204)
An actor's voice is the most essential tool of their craft, and he or she must speak words effectively to be understood. Actors need to be able to communicate well. And one of the skills an actor must master is articulation.

What Is Articulation?
The physical act of clear vocal delivery is referred to as articulation. You utilize your mouth to modify the tone, loudness, pitch, and quality of sounds you make with your lips, teeth, tongue, jaw, and palate.

What Is the Difference Between Articulation and Enunciation?
Between articulation and enunciation, there is a significant difference:
The ability to articulate is defined as the ability to talk clearly and expressively.
When you talk, the physical sounds you make to convey clarity and expressiveness are referred to as enunciation.

What Are the Benefits of Articulation Practices?
Vocal cords must be trained for good articulation. Vocal warm-ups and voice training will benefit you in the following ways:

1. Articulate
Clear articulation necessitates purposeful activities such as slightly stopping before uttering harsh consonants like "t" or "b." Exercises in enunciation help you distinguish between vowel sounds and make the starting and ending of each word distinct and crisp.

2. Your mouth must be trained
Making sure your mouth is open wide enough for the sound to come out is the most basic way to increase the clarity of your speech. It may seem odd at first, but practising exercises can help you extend your lips wider when speaking.

3. Let your voice be heard
Increased voice volume not only ensures that your audience hears you, but also naturally slows your speech and enhances your articulation. Vocal workouts enable you to speak louder for longer periods.

4. Use a variety of tones in your words
Speaking in a monotone can be avoided by exercising your vocal cords. Allow the natural rising and falling pitch of sentences to pervade your words: A question's ending is up, whereas a statement's ending is down.

5. Using your diaphragm, take a deep breath
Your breathing capacity and control can be increased through appropriate exercises, as well as support your voice and allow you to speak more clearly throughout a wider vocal range.

What Should You Do Before Practicing Articulation?
Give yourself a five-minute facial massage before starting your diction exercises to relax up the new muscles you'll be working with.
1. Massage the hinge of your jaw in particular, as this is a particularly stiff spot.
2. Massage your lips, as well as the inside and outside of your mouth, and do some tongue circles.

2 Articulation Breathing Exercises
Proper respiratory control is the foundation of articulate speech. Before beginning the warm-up exercises, keep your posture in mind. Standing tall can help you sustain longer voice emotions.

Warm-up for articulation by doing these two exercises:
a. "Hum," it says. Inhale. Begin humming while slowly exhaling your entire lungs. 5 times
b. "Ha," to be precise. Place your hands on your stomach and stand up. Inhale by pushing your stomach outward; you are now breathing via your diaphragm. With each breath, repeat "ha," pressing your abdomen in. Repeat.

Tongue Twisters for Articulation Practice
Tongue twisters are a great way to enhance articulation clarity. Begin gently and gradually increase your running speed. Recite them out loud to yourself. Use well-known tongue twisters such as She sells seashells near the seaside, and the shells she sells are seashells, and Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where is the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

This should help you grasp appropriate articulation rapidly.

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