James Bond 007:  7 Possible Plots No Time to Die Created  for the future of the Franchise
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 23, 2021 Views (223)
With the release of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond comes to an explosive, emotionally charged, and hugely satisfying close. Cary Joji Fukunaga, who directed Spectre, ran with the unexpected leap into serialized storytelling. No Time to Die provided a magnificent finale for Craig's Bond, much as Casino Royale did for him in his origin tale.

If Eon continues to follow the serialized narrative created in Spectre and carried over into No Time to Die, the story has a lot of potentials. Although No Time to Die was intended to be Craig's 007's final chapter, it has several setups that could lead to the franchise's next chapter.

7. The Replacement for Daniel Craig As Agent 007
Despite No Time to Die's finality and Craig's definitive portrayal of Bond, the film's end titles contain the standard guarantee that "James Bond will return." The next edition of 007 might take on a gloomy tone akin to Craig's, or they could go for a lighter tone akin to Roger Moore's zany comedic style.

According to Deadline, producer Barbara Broccoli has stated that she would not consider who will replace Craig until next year, but that another actor will eventually play James Bond. Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and Regé-Jean Page (Bridgerton) are among the most popular fan casts.

6. Paloma's Offshoot
Bond fans expected Ana de Armas to play a greater role in No Time to Die because she is one of the top movie stars in the world right now and she co-starred with Craig in Rian Johnson's murder mystery gem Knives Out. Her CIA character Paloma barely appears in one moment, when Bond flies to Cuba to infiltrate Blofeld's birthday celebration, but de Armas leaves an indelible impact.

Paloma is wonderfully rash and quick-witted, coming up with schemes like driving a car into scaffolding to catch a scientist attempting to scale it. This character is deserving of her spin-off film, if not a series.

5. MI6's Shadowy Side
The darker side of MI6 has been the subject of a handful of Bond stories. Bond's comrade and fellow operative 006 is assumed killed in GoldenEye, only to be exposed as the mastermind behind the nefarious conspiracy later. M is revealed to be the Heracles virus's perpetrator in No Time to Die. He was trying to protect MI6 agents from collateral damage, but instead ended up handing over a bioweapon to a megalomaniacal genius with a "god complex."

With the revelation that Ralph Fiennes' M invented the device that the villain uses to harm the entire world in No Time to Die, it begs the question: what other dark secrets does M have hidden?

4. Mathilde Grows Up to Become a Spy
When Bond reconnects with Madeleine and meets her five-year-old daughter Mathilde, she quickly informs him that she is not his child. However, she is his daughter, as it turns out. Madeleine may have sought to protect Mathilde after Bond rejected her when he felt she had betrayed him when she hadn't. Madeleine is confident in admitting that Mathilde is Bond's child when Bond opens up emotionally.

Madeleine is seen driving Bond's automobile with Mathilde in the passenger seat, ready to tell her about her father, James Bond, in the last scene of No Time to Die. Mathilde may grow up to be a teacher as a result.

3. Spectre's Aftermath
With the world rescued from certain calamity and Spectre in ruins, No Time to Die brought Craig's Bond career to a stop. Safin took down Spectre by spreading the Heracles virus at Blofeld's birthday party, and Bond then saved the world from Safin.

One of the few remaining Spectre agents, or one of their families infected with Heracles, may rise and form a competing criminal organization to the previous one. If the Bond franchise continues after No Time to Die, MI6 will be operating in a post-Spectre world, waiting for a new sinister organization to emerge.

2. James Bond mourned
No Time to Die did something no other Bond film had done before: it killed Bond. Infected with a fatal illness and stranded on an island with a nuclear strike headed its way, the character who has famously averted certain death dozens of times found himself in a scenario he couldn't get out of. Bond's inner circle toasts him with a drink at the end of No Time to Die, after he has been devastated by nukes.

If the next Bond film picks up where No Time to Die left off, mourning Bond's death will be a major theme. A toast to him was a wonderful start, but a legend of his stature isn't easily forgotten.

1. Nomi Continues Her Adventures as the New 007
In No Time to Die, Lashana Lynch is the clear standout. Her character Nomi is given Bond's 007 designations after he retires from MI6. Lynch doesn't try to imitate Bond; instead, she portrays Nomi as her brand of witty, cool-as-ice action hero who handles danger with grace.

In No Time to Die, Nomi played a mismatched sidekick to Craig's Bond, but Lynch's performance is strong enough to carry the film on its own. Although the search for a new 007 may not begin until next year, the producers have already cast an incredible new 007 in the film.

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