Is video production all about lights, cameras, and action?
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Lights! Camera! Action! Three action words you hear and then you smile like a movie lover. This could come from the place of being a thespian girded into a character of yet another video production, and all that was remaining was to get set to launch. This could also come in from the place of a frenzied lover of theatre, especially when it is more than a good script, or the lighting sets your thoughts awake, or maybe it's just the list of casts and you can't just wait for an avalanche of creativity to be televised. Yeah, movie lovers can better relate. I'll leave you to that imagination.

I know, right? Video production Dubai is many things for many people, and I'm not even going to be quick to put you in a box, as there is a whole lot of effort churned out to make it into a name. While the producer and scriptwriter may get many the accolades, the efforts of the make-up artist, the person in charge of lighting, choreographer, wardrobe assistant, stunts man [where necessary], graphic designer, and more are just some other salient areas in Video ProductionCompany Dubai that make up the entire meal.

In today’s one out of the regular articles, I will be sharing some thoughts on video production as a whole, however, this time I will be focusing on some possible errors or things that could be avoided during a video shoot. There are many angles to this, and I am not blaming anyone, however, kindly read through, and I think you share some of my views based on your experiences as well.

Oh my, how could I have come this far without mentioning that this whole article was made possible by The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, and Film district Dubai. Film District Dubai is that one guy army you need when considering film production in Dubai, and just like you can’t fully explain how sweet an ice cream sundae is until you experience a taste, an experience in the use of their service is all you need. 

What makes a quality video production?

Curious me, what comes to your mind when you hear people talk about video production? For many, it is just the quality of video output in storytelling or a process of televising. It is a common metric for a rating usually dependent on how clear the video output is, how audible the voice is, how synchronized or matched the video and the voice is, and perhaps the ability to exterminate noise [basically an unwanted noise]. While all these are valid, however, other things compose the quality of video production for our leisure to determine if it is an excellent delivery or just a fair enough job, or otherwise. 

Is video production all about lights, cameras, and action?

If you pay attention to the choice of words used after the video, you will understand that the word production is not just termed as a finished good, but comes from the fusion of diverse phases of activities and efforts, hence why it is not called video product, but production. Video production requires a dedicated effort in understanding the script for storytelling and the right props to make this product come alive, the process of this is the actual sense of video production.

While a good lighting system, some set of choice camera, and a well-skilled director can tell the difference in the video production dubai, below are some other essential ingredients that makeup video production but receives little or no cognizance. They are:

1.       Makeup.

This part is often referred to as or happens to work under the cosmetology team. Asides from ensuring that the faces of the cast are well powdered or eyebrows nicely drawn [if being a woman]. The make-up team ensures that the storytelling [video production] is easier, we don’t need to rack our heads too much to understand a scene. Take, for instance, a cast is portrayed as being sick, without even showing the person in a hospital bed, or taking medics, we should be able to tell by the face alone even without saying a word but just by seeing the person [depending on the story though].

2.       Audio.

Ok, guys! We have paid to watch your movie by streaming online, or a visit to the cinema, and my my, you do have a catchy video cover and trailer to stir me to come this far as watching the movie, but your audio is crap. Would I score you well for overall video production? No way! The microphone angles, the volume, and the choice of microphone for each scene must be intentional such that the audio output is uniform all the way. It is not low in some scenes and then high in others unless when this was intended based on the act/scene played at the point.

3.       Music/Sound.

When seeing a movie, you could feel the connection to the storytelling just by the background music/sound played. This could come as suspense, thriller, comics, sorrowful, and what have you, all just from the sound or background music played. It is therefore pertinent to ensure the sound is told aright, and you could help stir our wondering minds whenever a scene is shown. It is very important.

4.       Typography.

Yeah, you are right. Typography comes from the place of texts and how they should look when they are been considered at any point. Typography finds great use in video production in areas where subtitles are included, or when texts are randomly displayed on the screen to highlight perhaps a location, a brief inserted to help the audience follow the journey of the story. The fonts must be legible for an easy read, it is important that the background color contrast well enough or where the texts would be placed to help the viewers save time catching the information fast enough to move on to the next scene.

5.       Costume.

When depicting a role, one must look the part always. You cannot claim to be playing the role of a rich individual and you are wearing an imitation of a label. Or you are trying to depict a film from the orient but some of the props are of modern style. That is colossal on every angle! The clothes have to tell the story as a whole, and more importantly, there should be no loose ends. It speaks not just for the director, and producer, but for the entire piece of video production.

6.       Extras.

This part is more important than maybe all others, as they are the little foxes that could ruin the whole harvest. You know when you have a scene and you need people to be seen around, perhaps a market or a classroom, there is an absolute need to give strict roles to each of these extra casts, if not, they end up all clumsy and looking at the camera when that was never their roles. People like myself would be looking away from the main act while shooting a scene, and I see people not properly dressed or just staring at the camera. I just hope they get their balance. [lol]

Another part is those who support by holding the long pole microphones and the tip of it suddenly shows on top of a scene... Nah! Another is a scene that shows the acts by a mirror, glass, or anything with reflection and all you can see is the man with the camera, perhaps the one with the long pole microphones, and on some other days, if you are so lucky, you get to see the cast... all from the reflection of the cast’s Ray-Ban glasses [Shout out to Ray-Ban glasses for keeping it 100 for us all the time by the way].

At the end of it all, all these are what make up the rating of a quality video production. The script, acting skills, choice of camera, position of the camera, and all work together to make video production a great output or otherwise. It is usually said that Together Everyone Achieves More. [TEAM] this is true in all colors, and I can attest that if the team shares the same goal to deliver quality output, you will have a remarkable headliner as a project just completed. Cameras are a good definition of video production, and you may not necessarily need to purchase the tools and gadgets when you can simply hire from Film District Dubai or even seek professional advice when it comes to film production or just a random video shoot consideration.

After reading such a great piece, you can be sure that Film District Dubai will take you to the next level for your next video production, likewise if by chance you require the service for the rental of a Camera, Film equipment rental, Film Production Company Dubai, Photo booth rental in Dubai, Photobooth sessions in Dubai, and Audio-visual rental Dubai. 

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