Instructions for Making YouTube Thumbnails for Android
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On an Android phone or tablet, making unique YouTube thumbnails is simple with the appropriate apps. You may use certain apps to release whole YouTube videos without ever leaving your Android, including the ability to capture, edit, and submit them.

Making an awesome thumbnail is, of course, an essential step in the process.

We'll examine the top Android thumbnail app now offered in the Google Play Store in this tutorial. Additionally, we'll walk you through a step-by-step instruction on how to create an Android YouTube video thumbnail. No need for a desktop!

How to Create an Android YouTube Thumbnail

Numerous Android apps for thumbnail design have been tried and tested by Primal Video. After much trial and error, we've determined that Pixellab deserves to win the prize for the best Android thumbnail app.

There are a tonne of capabilities in Pixellab that give you total flexibility over making your thumbnail. Even for complete beginners, it's not too difficult, yet it's complex enough to give you a fantastic thumbnail. And best of all, the app's free edition can still provide excellent results.

Throughout this guide, we'll make use of Pixellab to walk you through each of the following processes for creating YouTube thumbnails on an Android device:

How to Take a Photo of a YouTube Thumbnail

A photo is the first thing you'll need to make a customized YouTube thumbnail. Your video's thumbnail image must enable visitors to quickly decide whether or not they want to watch it.

Using pictures of yourself is a terrific place to start if you are the star of your videos. For product reviews, the image can show you pointing at or holding the item that will be the subject of your review.

Pose for a few fast pictures; it's better to snap many with various gestures and facial expressions. Taking screenshots of your video footage is a wonderful alternative as well. You'll then be prepared to access the Pixellab app and begin creating unique thumbnails.

How to Use Pixellab to Create a YouTube Thumbnail

Once you have your photo selected, open the Pixellab app on your Android device.

You can choose from a few predefined thumbnail templates as soon as you launch the program. Consider using one of these templates as your starting point if you're searching for a really quick and simple procedure.

But for now, let's concentrate on how to create original YouTube thumbnails. On Pixellab, start by selecting the default template, which may then be tailored to your precise preferences.

How to Size Your Thumbnail Image

Click on the settings icon (the button with three vertical dots) in the top-right corner of the app to adjust the thumbnail size. Choose the image size option from the drop-down menu.

Although there is a predefined size called "YouTube thumbnail" that can be used, entering a custom size is preferable. The resolution can be raised to 1920 x 1080p for a cleaner, more defined thumbnail. The resolution will be set to a subpar 1280 x 720 if you choose the preset.

After entering the pixel count, tap the blue checkmark in the bottom right corner of the app to be directed to your empty thumbnail canvas.

Instructions for Adding Text to a YouTube Thumbnail

It's time to add the text for your thumbnail so that visitors will know what the film is about. Simply click on the text box that should already be there on the Pixellab canvas and enter your content there.

You may edit this text using a variety of tools if you click the "A" button in the toolbar at the bottom. Using these straightforward capabilities in the program, you may alter the text's font, positioning, color, size, rotation, and background color.

Pixellab makes it simple to add certain branding elements to your thumbnail, such as a particular typeface or color scheme. If the program doesn't have the typeface for your company, you can even upload one.

Text Duplication in Pixellab

A text box's ability to be duplicated can save a lot of time. Using the duplicate function will prevent you from having to create a new text box, as your ideal text has already been generated with all the additional features and adjustments.

Simply click the text box and select Copy from the bottom toolbar to duplicate the content you've already written. If you want to use several lines of text without having to individually customize each one, this tool is fantastic.

Save Your Customized Text for Future Thumbnails with This Pro Tip

You can save specific font styles in Pixellab, which is a really cool feature if you want to use the program in the future to create YouTube thumbnail visuals.

Pick the text, click the Styles button, and then select Save to save your personalized text styles. Simply click Browse under the same button to view your saved texts, then select the desired style.

How to Include a Picture in a YouTube Thumbnail

Keeping in mind the picture you took in the first step of making custom thumbnails for YouTube on Android, So go ahead and include that picture in your thumbnail image.

Select the "+" symbol in the app's upper left corner to add a photo. You'll select from the gallery in the dropdown menu and choose the photo you want to use, assuming your photos are kept in the photo library on your Android device.

The program allows you to crop a photo before it is added to the thumbnail canvas. Before checking the box to upload it, try to clip off as much of the useless backdrop as you can.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail Background-Free

It's likely that you'll need to remove some portions of the original photo even after cropping your thumbnail image. This is fairly simple with Pixellab's selection of a few distinct editing features:

1. Make use of the Color Erase Tool
The Erase Color tool, which is a perfect choice for green or blue screens or if the picture has a solid backdrop color, is the first method for getting rid of the background.

If your shot was taken against a green screen, the Erase Color tool is the best backdrop removal tool for you.

Simply choose the color you wish to replace the backdrop with and click the Erase Color icon in the bottom toolbar. That’s all!

2. Make use of the manual erasing tool.
Unfortunately, most individuals won't be using images with a solid backdrop color, so it's time to employ Pixellab's eraser tool in this situation.

You can manually remove the image's background by clicking the Eraser tool on the toolbar. The eraser's size is adjustable, so make it larger to carve out expansive regions and smaller to remove those nooks and crannies.

The best way to get a high-quality outcome when erasing around an image's edges is to zoom in on the shot.

3. Utilize the Lasso Tool.
Drawing a border around the image with the Lasso makes it simple to remove extra background. The best course of action is to finish up the image cleanup by using the eraser tool.

  • Any tool will work just fine for removing the background.
  • Use the lasso tool, then the eraser, for the cleanest background removal possible.

How to Create a Photo Outline for a YouTube Thumbnail

Even though it's not absolutely necessary, adding a border around your thumbnail photo will make it stand out. If the crop work isn't flawless, an outline might really help the image stand out.

Simply click the Stroke icon in the toolbar to achieve this, and the selected image will be surrounded by an outline. The border's color and width are both easily customizable. By selecting the Shadow icon on the toolbar, you may also apply a shadow to the image.

How to Add Color Filters In Pixellab.

Adding color filters to brighten the image will also help your thumbnail stand out. Again, Pixellab makes this simple; all you have to do is select the Color Filters button from the toolbar and change the image's color brightness.

How to Insert Logos into YouTube Thumbnail

In order to provide your audience with a better understanding of what the film will cover, graphics and logos are terrific additions. Simple logos and graphics can be found using a Google image search, but make sure you have the right to use any images you choose.

Return to the app, hit the "+" symbol, and choose from the gallery after downloading new thumbnail photos to your Android's library. Select the design or logo you wish to use next. The image will be dropped onto the canvas, where you can fiddle with its dimensions.

If you believe they will accurately convey the subject matter of the content, you can also insert screenshots from your current videos into your thumbnail.

How to Add Coloured Backgrounds on Pixellab

It's time to experiment with your backdrop color because we haven't yet changed the default Pixellab background.

Select the shape choice by clicking that "+" button once more. White will be the default color for the form, but you may simply alter it to a color and gradient that better fits your branding. Make sure to resize the background shape as well so that it completely fits the thumbnail.

This shape, which you just inserted, will be shown on top of the remaining text and thumbnail photos. Click on the layers icon in the top menu to place this shape so that it is in the bottom layer and lies behind the other components of the thumbnail.

How do you save your thumbnail on Pixellab?

Your thumbnail actually resembles a thumbnail now! It is advised that you save your work at every stage of the process, but it is now time to save your work.

How to Upload a Thumbnail on an Android Device to YouTube

Uploading the image to YouTube completes the process of creating a YouTube thumbnail on an Android device. Open your current videos in the YouTube Studio app by going there.

Click the edit icon after selecting the video for which this thumbnail was made. After uploading your thumbnail, select Custom Thumbnail and click Save. I'm done now! A thumbnail has been successfully made and submitted entirely from an Android phone or tablet.

You are now prepared to create unique thumbnails for Android!

That concludes the comprehensive tutorial on creating Android thumbnails.

This guide addresses all the procedures for utilizing the app we recommend for making thumbnails (Pixellab). Everything from taking your thumbnail photo to posting the thumbnail to YouTube is now ready for you to do.

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