Important SEO Tips to Scale up your YouTube Video Ranking - Part 2
by Adekunle Oludele Apr 19, 2021 Views (239)

Now that you know how YouTube SEO works, let's go through some YouTube SEO tips to help you get the most out of your YouTube presence.

  • Choose a stunning thumbnail

Consider your favorite YouTube channels. Why do you think they're your favorite? They almost certainly do not have thumbnails with a single-color backdrop and some text. Thumbnails are more critical than ever today. To catch a user's attention in a sea of other videos, it's critical that your thumbnail stand out.

Find the following to make your thumbnail unforgettable and engaging:

  1. Take a fun photograph of the subject
  2. Make certain that the picture you choose is of high quality
  3. Make use of brand colors and text
  • Use video tags

Tagging the videos are a perfect way to make it easier for people to find what they're looking for. You should tag your keyword, as well as any other relevant keywords, such as:

  1. Industry
  2. Location
  3. Product or service
  4. Company name

Since users don't have to be subscribed to your channel to see your videos, these tags work similarly to Instagram hashtags and can help skyrocket video views.

  • Perform keyword research on YouTube

Keyword research is just as critical for YouTube videos as it is for written material. YouTube also rates videos based on their relevance, and they search for certain main words in places like your video title, meta summary, and video transcription. You'll want to do some keyword analysis so you know what terms to use in your video to make it as important to your target audience as possible.

  • Make a video with your target keyword optimized

Make a video that explains a subject using the keywords you think are the most important. Most of the time, doing keyword analysis, typing the keyword into YouTube, and seeing what kinds of video content come up is helpful. Remember that interaction is a factor in YouTube's algorithm, and the quality of your video goes a long way toward keeping viewers interested. Be sure to include both high-quality graphics and audio in your video. You'll want to use your keywords in the video so that when you write your transcript, your keyword will be front and center.

  • Create a title that will entice people to click on it

Users are less likely to click on your video if the title does not engage them, just as they are less likely to click on a title tag in a search that does not catch their attention.  Make your video title interesting and engaging by using your keyword. This will entice viewers to watch your footage. Remember that while clicks are necessary, it is engagement that counts.

An effective YouTube channel involves a plan for getting the videos noticed which includes YouTube SEO. Before you begin, as with any other aspect of online marketing, you must have a vision of where you want to go. Know what you want your channel to rank for and what kinds of videos your target audience is most likely to enjoy. Remember that YouTube's popularity isn't based on one-hit wonders. The video channels that have a wide audience and translate to sales for brands are the ones that keep producing high-quality videos.

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