How to Stream Videos Live Without Using Software
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 26, 2021 Views (163)
If you want to do anything other than send out a feed from your webcam, live streaming becomes quite complicated very quickly. Multiple cameras, graphics, or even basic control over the look and quality of the steam will necessitate the use of additional technologies. Some form of software will be required in such tools.

Restream Studio is a browser-based program with many choices to assist you to give your next stream a boost if you don't want to install any software to get started. GreenBox has created a fantastic movie that goes through all of the software's features.

The Restream software is available in a free version, but you won't get everything until you pay for it. It's easy to get started: go to and create an account. To get into the software, simply select "Stream with Studio" from the menu.

You should see a lovely, clear UI here where you can set up your stream. You'll discover graphics and branding options on the right, which are a terrific way to give your stream a more professional feel. Colors, text, and a logo or overlay can all be customized here. You can also keep a few video clips on your hard drive. All of the information is available during your stream, which is the actual secret.

The source panel is on the left. You should be able to see the feed from your camera as well as various video settings here. Basic controls for muting the mic, turning off your camera, sharing your screen, and more may be found beneath the main video.

You may use the layout menu to customize how it looks once you start bringing in various sources. In addition, you may add a background to make it look a little more professional. A few typical choices are available in the layout menu. Fill the screen and crop, use picture-in-picture, use filmstrip views, and a few other choices are available.

If you want to hold a group chat, you have the option of inviting other visitors to your broadcast. Simply email your guests a link, and you can have up to ten at once. To get started, they don't even require an account.

Other sources can easily be added using the settings. You can add background music, use another RTMP source, or import another movie from your computer. In the source panel, you may control all of this.

Restream can collect all of the chat messages from all of the platforms you're streaming to and display them in a single chat area, which is one of the most useful features. You may even add comments to your video while it's being made. You can also respond to the discussion and choose your preferred account.

There is a caption feature, which regrettably isn't the same as live captioning, but it is a means to have some pre-made statements appear on the screen. It makes it logical to include anything like subscribe or a link at the end of your video.

You're almost ready to start streaming at this point. You can name and describe your stream before adding all of your accounts and destinations. If you want to be more specialized for certain streams, it's not necessary to go live on everyone.

It's a great piece of software, and it doesn't require any installation. If you're working on a new machine or one that isn't quite up to the task of running complicated streaming software, this could be handy.

So, there you have it; some of the most effective ways to achieve lifestreaming without necessarily having to install the software you perhaps don't have a long-term interest in.

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