How to Make a Green Screen Look Real
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 12, 2021 Views (334)
Over the years, filmmaking has been taken to incredibly unbelievable depths in terms of what is possible to create in scenes and settings. From a whole new world in Avatar to teeming zombie-like crowds in World War Z; movie realism is today easily believable thanks to great advances in filmmaking technologies and methods.

The special effects that allow moviemakers to be able to create astounding scenes such as the last stand of the Avengers against the marauding hordes of Thanos is a feat that was made possible by Visual Effects (VFX). And one of the methods used to achieve that was the "Green Screen" method.

What is Green Screen Method?
The green screen is an important part of the "chroma keying" film and television production process, which combines foreground action with separately filmed or created background imagery. The method involves photographing actors in front of enormous, brilliant green backdrops, then isolating and deleting the green color spectrum and replacing it with a new one.

It has been used in filmmaking for a variety of purposes, including giving characters and scenes the appearance of taking place in far-off or dangerous areas when the material was taken on a sound stage in front of a green screen.

The green screen is an important aspect of the chroma key process because it allows filmmakers to remove the actor from their brilliant green background in postproduction and then add a different background. In essence, filmmakers digitally key in on the green value, remove it with editing tools, isolate the actor(s), and replace it with distinct background footage or still art.

What Colors Work for Green Screen?
While blue screens have been used in the film business since the 1930s, green screens are the current de facto standard since green is both remote from human skin tones and less frequent in costuming and props than blue. This is significant because nothing in the shot can be the same color as the background when employing chroma key—if, for example, a character's shirt is also green, the shirt will be eliminated and replaced with the background image.

What Is the Purpose of Green Screen in Filmmaking?
A green screen allows filmmakers to stay inside the confines of a sound stage while depicting multiple locales and scenarios. This approach has a plethora of applications in Hollywood filmmaking, many of which have to do with special effects. Here are some examples of what a green screen can be used for:

1. Make it appear as if two actors are sharing the screen when their actions were actually shot separately and then blended with chroma key.
2. Resize or shrink a character about their surroundings.
3. Change the backgrounds of your characters to animated or computer-generated ones.
4. In a superhero film, make the actors appear to be flying.
5. Characters can be sent back in time or into difficult-to-film situations such as outer space.
6. Place performers in seemingly life-threatening scenarios, such as a pit of snakes or a skyscraper's lightning rod.

How to Make Chroma Green Screen Look Real
Green screen effects can either look stunningly real or laughably fake. It all depends on how well you know how to work it. 

5 tips to help you achieve the former

1. Add Camera Movement
There are two techniques to make the scene look more realistic by adding camera movement. Fixing the camera and adding movement in a post is one option. The more effective method is to move the camera as though you were in the real world. Put some markers on the green screen in this scenario to make it easier to trace later.

2. Light Up the Character to Match the Scene
Consider the lighting of the scene you're compositing, and light your actor to match the scene's lighting. You could require weather-related practical effects in addition to light to mix the scenes if it's raining, winding, or snowing.

3. Light Wrap
The margins of your topic will blend in better with the background if you use a light wrap. It looks best with brilliantly lit backgrounds; it's a subtle but effective effect that adds realism to the image.

4. Shoot with a Wide Aperture
It can be beneficial in two ways to photograph with a wider aperture to achieve a narrower depth of focus. For starters, it allows you to better merge the topic with the background. Second, because you won't need to raise the ISO, there will be less noise and compositing will be easier. If you photograph with a wide aperture, remember to blur the background in post-production; otherwise, the image will appear artificial.

5. Use a Higher Shutter Speed
Once there is a lot of movement in the film, it will result in a lot of motion blur and untidy edges, making composition difficult. To overcome this problem, use a quicker shutter speed. You'll have crisper edges, making compositing easier.

The film and entertainment industry has continued to find revolutionary ways to use science and technology to bring to our screens world-class movies and entertainment. The impact of methods like Green Screen effects is so realistic that sometimes watching movies that have such effects take us on such rollercoaster rides that we forget that what we are watching is make-believe. And it looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more magic coming from a green screen in the foreseeable future.

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