How to Crowdfund a Film: 7 Crowdfunding Best Practices
by Eguaogie Eghosa Dec 08, 2021 Views (257)
Crowdfunding efforts are popular among independent filmmakers. Here are seven suggestions for putting together a successful fundraising campaign.

Any short or feature-length film made without the financial support of a large studio or production firm is considered an independent film. Independent filmmakers frequently support their projects through unconventional methods, such as public fundraising. Here are some suggestions for launching a successful fundraising campaign if you wish to develop your independent film.

How to Raise Money for a Movie Through Crowdfunding
Many independent filmmakers use crowdsourcing sites to raise funds for their short and feature film projects. Here are some helpful best practices if you're thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign for your next movie:

1. Select a platform for yourself. Crowdfunding platforms are used for a variety of things.
To get financing, some platforms require you to meet a predetermined financial goal within a certain timeframe, while others enable you to keep whatever donations you receive even if you don't make the goal. To choose which platform is appropriate for you and your project, look into the requirements of each crowdfunding site.

2. Make an achievable goal. You need to know your film's budget before starting a crowdfunding campaign.
The actors, crew, location, and equipment must all be paid for in your budget. Consider how much money you'll need to finish your movie on a tight budget. Then consider how much money your movie will need in total. Make a budget that covers your basic production costs based on the information you've gathered. Create a basic expense outline that you can put on your project page when you've established your budget.

3. Establish the campaign's length.
Creating a short-term campaign is an excellent approach to get potential donors' attention and get them to donate. However, if the duration of your campaign is too short, you may not have enough time to reach out to a large number of individuals about your project.

Your fundraising efforts may lose steam if the campaign lasts too long. Consider your aim, your network, and the needs of your project before deciding on an acceptable timeline for reaching your financing target. After you've established the timeline, come up with some creative ways to pique potential contributors' interest and excitement.

4. Make sure your pitch is strong.
Making a short pitch video outlining why people should donate money to your project is one of the best methods to encourage a successful crowdfunding campaign. The elements to developing a pitch video that resonates with funders are passion, clear explanation, and brevity.

Write a brief script that describes who you are, your film, why you're making it, and why you need funding. Maintain a five-minute pitch time limit. To explain the relevance of your fundraiser and make an emotional connection with your target audience, try to engage with them on an emotional level.

5. Make exceptional offers to customers.
Create specific incentives that will appeal to potential donors if you're running a campaign on a rewards-based crowdfunding platform. A digital or physical copy of the film, tickets to the premiere, a special mention in the credits, or merchandising, such as props and apparel, are all frequent incentives for indie film campaigns. These incentives can help to raise awareness about your project and persuade potential funders to join your campaign.

6. Investors should be informed.
While your pitch video may persuade funders to support your project, it's also critical to keep donors updated on your progress. Donors are putting their money into your project, and it is your job to be open and honest about how you plan to utilize it. Donors frequently make comments or send private messages through the site; set up a weekly check-in to answer their inquiries and thank them for their support. It would reassure your contributors that you cherish their money if you keep them informed of any new advancements.

7. Promote. You must publicize your campaign in any way possible.
For your campaign and project, create accounts on all of the major social networking platforms. Sending out a bi-weekly or monthly email to your network is an excellent method to keep them up to date on your campaign. Avoid spamming your network with daily links to your fundraising by finding creative ways to publicize the link to your campaign and develop an interest in your initiative.

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