How to Become a Podcast Producer
by Eguaogie Eghosa Nov 06, 2021 Views (206)
On a podcast, a podcast producer is one of the key members of the production crew. They're in charge of coordinating all parts of a podcast episode's production, from direction to scriptwriting and guest booking to tracking podcast analytics like downloads. Throughout the production process, they also assist the podcast host and other team members.

While a bachelor's degree in journalism or a similar subject is not required for independent podcasting, larger news-related businesses may.

What Is the Role of a Podcast Producer?
Many of the most important tasks in podcast production are performed by a podcast producer, including:

1. Audio production:
Many podcast producers handle all parts of podcast creation, including audio production. From director to audio engineer, a podcast producer wears a variety of hats. They also assist with post-production tasks such as audio editing, delivery of finished episodes, and analytics tracking for other team members and podcast sponsors.

2. Research, book, and schedule guests for podcast episodes:
A podcast producer is in charge of finding, booking, and scheduling guests for podcast episodes. They may also help the guest prepare for the broadcast by creating pre-interview questions and coaching them through the interview's talking topics.

3. Production Management:
One of the more varied and all-encompassing tasks of a podcast producer is production management. They are in charge of all parts of podcast production, including creating a production schedule, discussing podcast content with the presenter and other producers, and advertising the show across several platforms.

5. Overseeing the Production Team:
If the podcast producer isn't handling all of the production and post-production needs, they must supervise the production team. An executive producer, associate producer, audio engineer, video producer, and content producer may all be part of this team, depending on the size and breadth of the podcast. The podcast producer serves as the podcast's project manager, ensuring that each team member completes their job for the series or episode promptly.

What Does it Take to Become a Podcast Producer?
To become a podcast producer, you'll need to have the following abilities and experience:

1. Make your material
Job opportunities as a podcast producer are plentiful. You should obtain first-hand experience in all of a podcast producer's obligations while you browse job postings for new positions in the podcasting field. Start your podcast or volunteer your services to other new podcasters. While establishing a great portfolio, you'll get significant experience.

2. Learn the basics of audio editing software
To record, mix, and edit a podcast, a podcast producer needs be familiar with numerous types of audio and video production tools. Working with audio interfaces, microphones, and soundboards for a few years and developing your audio editing skills on a digital audio workstation (DAW) will offer you an edge when applying for new podcast gigs.

3. Develop your ability to communicate.
A podcast producer's job description does not include the technical aspects of podcasting. To produce high-quality content, they must also successfully communicate and coordinate with the show's host and production staff. For any podcast producer position, improving your communication skills is a must.

4. Learn how to work with people who have a lot of potentials
When working with talent who may appear on your podcast, your communication skills will come in helpful. Booking visitors, on the other hand, necessitates great research skills to locate persons with relevant knowledge and formulate pre-interview questions. Production management experience, such as scheduling, is also a plus.

(e) Make a portfolio to showcase your work. When applying for a job as a podcast producer, having a great audio production reel is essential. It's critical, though, that your portfolio or reel also demonstrates your ability to create fascinating content—stories that keep listeners coming back week after week. As important as the technical components of podcast production are the skills of developing and crafting episodes.

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