Hidden Instagrammable Places to Visit in Dubai
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Dubai is known for its multiple picturesque spots, whether stunning skyscrapers or unique photography spots. The city is undoubtedly the most spectacular one with its golden dunes, glorious sky-high buildings, lapis lazuli waters, and one of the most perfect modern architecture in the world. Therefore, if you plan to visit the city, you must explore all the hidden instagrammable places to visit in Dubai. 

Multiple locations in Dubai serve your Instagram feed like no other spot could. Moreover, Dubai is full of iconic photography spots that you can explore and take photos there to take your Instagram game to the next level. 

The city has numerous unseen and unique places worth photographing and posting for your followers and friends. So, you must now start looking for flights to Dubai from London and visit this spectacular city. 

Hidden Instagrammable Places in Dubai

Here are some of the hidden instagrammable places to visit in Dubai that you must not miss out on;

1. Imam Hussein Mosque

Not many people know about this mosque in Dubai, but tourists love to visit it because of its stunning Persian architecture. With its azure blue tiles featuring intricate flower motifs, this mosque is undoubtedly a picture-perfect place. 

Although non-Muslims aren’t allowed in the mosque, they can observe this Iranian mosque outside. 

2. Dubai Skyline from Sheikh Zayed Road Passageway 

If you want an urban street-style picture in Dubai, this location might be one of the best places for such a photo. It is a symmetrical passageway with Dubai's skylines popping from both sides, giving it a magnificent view. 

Therefore, you might get a unique picture here that will capture the essence of Dubai without being in the famous Dubai places. 

3. Aya Universe

Aya Universe is a relatively newer spot in Dubai featuring a 3D experience of exceptional LED light installations. This experience is undoubtedly out of the world and will get you the most stunning Instagram photos possible. With its futuristic setup, this place has approximately 12 different rooms with different experiences. 

So, you can choose what space intrigues you the most and will go well with your Instagram feed so that you can take unique photos while being on the theme of your social media. 

4. Dubai Glow Garden

The Dubai Glow Garden is the largest glow-in-the-dark museum in the world. In this garden, you will see the most splendid LED lights formation of various items, including castles, flowers, animals, birds, giant mushrooms, and various other psychedelic geometric forms. 

This garden will glow up your Instagram feed with its illuminating interior as no other spot could. There are multiple spots in the Dubai Glow Garden where you can get good shots. 

5. Palace Downtown Hotel 

The Palace Downtown Hotel courtyard has become a pretty popular place for both the native and the tourist Instagrammers. The courtyard features a spectacular pool with a view of Burj Khalifa in the background. Anyone can visit this place. 

So, even if you are not a guest in this hotel, you can see this courtyard and take some beautiful shots to show off your Dubai visit to your friends and followers on Instagram

6. Satwa Neighbourhood Streets 

Dubai is not only about the glorious skyscrapers. There is also a gritty side to it, and Satwa perfectly represents it. It is the oldest neighbourhood in the region, home to the working-class ex-pats of developing countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. 

With its colourful houses and metal gates, this neighbourhood serves as one of the best hidden instagrammable places to visit in Dubai that captures the hidden side of this glamorous city. 

7. Al Seef 

Al Seef district is located at the waterfront of Dubai Creek. It perfectly combines the new era’s comfort and traditional old-world architecture. This place is a perfect spot for some beautiful photos. 

In addition, it is full of coffee places, restaurants, souvenir shops, and many other entertainment facilities. Therefore, you will be okay with planning a visit to this place during your Dubai visit. 

8. Meydan Bridge

Meydan Bridge is a spectacular wavy bridge that is illuminated with LED lights. With its unique architecture, this bridge many tourists and Instagrammers, especially sports car owners. 

The themes and architecture of the bridge fit perfectly with the sports car making it the ideal spot to photograph them or your pictures with them. But even if you don't have a sports car, this bridge can be the perfect picture spot for a solo shot of yourself too. 


If you have an Instagram influencer or you are simply obsessed with maintaining a feed on your Instagram, you might have to look up unique places to shoot at wherever you go. If you are visiting Dubai, you will be satisfied with its numerous unique sites, helping you take the perfect shots. 

Once you are in Dubai, you must explore all the hidden instagrammable places to visit in Dubai and post pictures to tell your holiday story to your friends, family, and followers.

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