Game of Thrones Prequel, The Debt that HBO owes us!
by Eguaogie Eghosa May 02, 2021 Views (285)
For those who either followed the HBO phenomenon, Game of Thrones (GOT) development from beginning in 2011 through 2019 or simply sat through the complete saga in a TV series binge; one thing was indisputable: GOT not only changed our perspectives and expectations of what a good TV series should be like; it certainly defined it and went on to raise the bar so high, that only a prequel of the GOT may be good enough to better what HBO achieved with the series. 

The show left many unsatisfied at the end as the conclusion seemed to have been rushed; especially since the book author George RR Martin was still writing the novel. The tragic end to Daenerys Targaryen's fall and Jon Snow's banishment to the Wall (because that is how it looked), certainly didn't go down well with many millions of fans who saw the show. 

So, you can imagine the air of excitement on which millions of fans of the series floated on when the rumour of a prequel first flirted around their ears. That excitement was quickly accompanied with a sense of entitlement: HBO owed us all an explanation to that botched ending by assuaging us with a prequel that tells us how the Targaryens became the heir apparent to the Iron Throne. 

And it seems that finally, it isn't just going to be a rumour, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic threatened to throw spanners into the works. The prequel, it seems, is finally going to take off as the series House of the Dragon is believed to have started filming in Cornwall.

Meet the Cast of Game of Thrones prequel - House of the Dragon

Producer HBO confirmed this week production was underway with tweets of members of the cast reading scripts. Photos have emerged of film crews and costumed actors thought to star Matt Smith and Emma D'Arcy, at Holywell Bay near Newquay.

The new series is set 300 years before the events of Game Of Thrones and will tell the story of the Targaryen family. The latest series is based on author George RR Martin's 2018 novel Fire & Blood. It will chronicle the acts of the House of Dragons and provide viewers with insight that made the Targaryens the target of all who sought the Iron throne. 

It is scheduled for release in 2022 on the HBO Max streaming service in the US. The network marked the start of production by sharing photos from the socially distanced table read. They featured the cast, including Paddy Considine, going over the script while seated at separate tables to ensure coronavirus social distancing. Steve Toussaint and Olivia Cooke were also at the table read.

Smith, previously known for his lead role in Doctor Who and his portrayal of the late Duke of Edinburgh in The Crown, is to play Prince Daemon Targaryen. Last week, film crews and medieval-style sets believed to be part of the production were spotted at St Michael's Mount, near Penzance.

Game of Thrones was a pop culture phenomenon during its eight-season run from 2011-19, which was filmed mainly in Northern Ireland. With followership that ran into tens of millions of viewers across the globe. At the end of the series in 2020; it left a lot of dissatisfaction with many people questioning the character arc of Daenerys Targaryen and that the Three-eyed Raven and successor to the Iron throne amongst others. 

House of the Dragon is one of many Game of Thrones TV projects HBO has in the works, while a stage show for London's West End is also in production. 
One thing is certain; HBO cannot fail to meet the expectations of the millions of fans who are holding their breath for the completion and release of this prequel, both in terms of the plot and the outstanding cinematography that made it the number series on TV for 8 years! 

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