Filmmaking Basics: Duties and Responsibilities of a Production Coordinator
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For many people in the film and television industries, becoming a production coordinator may be the first step to working for a video production company in Dubai. Production coordinators serve a hidden but vital function in a movie or television production. A production coordinator role is a way to learn about the business, build experience, and connect with colleagues if you're interested in TV or film. In this post, we go over the duties of a production coordinator, as well as the qualifications needed for the job and how to get one.

Although making movies and TV shows may seem glamorous, the reality is frequently the complete opposite. The production coordinator is a demanding but crucial role that ensures the show continues behind the scenes.

What Is a Production Coordinator?

A production coordinator is a member of the production team who handles the logistical assistance for the artistic components of the production of a movie or television programme. Behind the scenes, production coordinators carry out a variety of management, administrative, and clerical duties frequently related to a movie or television programme. A production coordinator's job may entail both physical and administrative tasks, such as setting up lights and moving equipment, coordinating timetables, and paying invoices.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, or IATSE, union officially refers to the position as a "production office coordinator," which is what the production coordinator does for a production firm or film crew in the production office.

The production coordinator, who works as part of the below-the-line production staff and answers to the production manager, is a member of the crew on a TV show or movie who is not one of the creative principals. The individuals who do the more clerical tasks, such as running errands on a set, are known as production assistants, or PAs.

The Function of a Production Coordinator

The role of the production coordinator is to assist the production manager with the practical aspects of producing movies or videos. The majority of a production coordinator's work is done during the making of the movie. The responsibilities of a production coordinator include managing the production schedule, budgeting, rentals of equipment, transportation, locations, catering, billing, and crew communications.

A production coordinator's specific responsibilities include:
1.Serve as a point of contact for the crew during a production. The production coordinator informs the crew of their location and time requirements (call times).
2. Transportation and scheduling. The production coordinator plans transportation and keeps track of schedule modifications.
3. Control assistant production coordinators and PAs. The production coordinator assigns responsibilities to PAs, such as performing any errands required for the production of the movie.
4. Manage the production department. The production coordinator places orders for office supplies and equipment, handles phone calls and administrative emails, collaborates with the production accountant to make sure bills are paid, aids in the onboarding of new employees, and publishes call sheets and production reports.

Getting Started as a Production Coordinator

Since the production coordinator is regarded as an entry-level role in the film industry, no particular background or training is required to hold this post. Many production coordinators start out as PAs in order to gain practical experience on a movie set. These are the abilities that a production coordinator has to possess:

1. Being organized:
 To manage the complex logistical requirements of a film or television production, production coordinators need to be highly organised. They support on-time film productions with a variety of short- and long-term schedules. They have complete control of all aspects of the venue, including setup, vendors, staffing, and break down.

2. Solving problems
Production coordinators oversee the production schedule, particularly when problems need to be fixed. They could have to come up with solutions for ill days, inclement weather, costume and set problems, or script revisions. A production coordinator's ability to solve problems can be useful in adjusting the daily schedule and maintaining the efficiency of a film or television production.

3. Leadership ability:
Production assistants are mostly under the control of production coordinators. The duties of the production coordinator include being able to assign tasks to production assistants and advising them. A production coordinator can carry out their responsibilities more effectively by overseeing production assistance and assigning duty.

4. Multitasking abilities
A production coordinator is required to manage a wide range of diverse responsibilities within the constrained time constraints of film and television production. They may need to hire helpers while they determine the site and update the schedule for the following day, as the day's schedule is still being finalized. A production coordinator who is adaptable and able to handle multiple tasks at once will have a better chance of success in the fast-paced world of film.

5. Interaction: written and verbal communication abilities
The other members of the production crew and staff are regularly in contact with the production coordinators. To make logistical decisions, they must effectively explain the set and staffing requirements. Because they frequently handle the production's communications, including processing production paperwork, responding to emails, and communicating with the production personnel, written communication is also crucial.

There are many job descriptions in video production in Dubai that those keen on getting into the film and video production industry can get into. However, one must adequately prepare for any of the job roles in the industry, whether it is as a production coordinator or a director.

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