Creating Amazing Social Media Videos: 11 Tips to Guide Yourself
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Today, social media videos continue to push the envelope, with 86 percent of online advertisers using them in their campaigns. On the one hand, this tendency assists customers in learning more about the brand's products and services. On the other hand, it aids businesses in increasing social media traffic, growing their following, and increasing revenue. This is why it is absolutely critical to businesses and individuals to maximize the experience and expertise provided by Video producers operating in Video Production Dubai.

Videos also boost social interaction by building trust and connections between brands and customers, increasing brand loyalty, increasing lead creation, and stimulating relevant discussions. Here are 11 strategies to help you make incredible social media videos that people will want to watch and share.

1. Start by formulating a plan.

Have a plan in place for your social media videos before you begin developing any material. Audience research, competitor analysis, ideation, content scheduling, budgeting, work delegation, and other activities should all be included, as these can assist you in creating excellent videos that will boost the success of your campaign.

Are you trying to raise brand awareness, generate buzz around a new product, or gain new followers? Do you want to increase sign-ups, website traffic, or sales? Whatever the case may be, you must be clear about your social media video's aims. This, moreover, should be in line with your overall business objectives.

2. Make sure your videos are brief and to the point.

If the video is longer than 15 to 20 minutes, very few people will watch it on social media. That's why, while still offering content, it's critical to keep your movies bite-sized and easy-to-digest. This process comprises deleting all unnecessary elements and only maintaining the most relevant and intriguing ones. In a short amount of time, videos should captivate viewers' attention, deliver a message, and prompt them to take action.

You can break down a complicated issue into smaller chunks if it requires a lot of explanation. Rather than putting all of the information in one big video, consider developing a series that discusses the many aspects. You can find an experienced video production company in Dubai that can help you create a series that are properly linked as to make the theme of such videos comprehensible.

3. Make the first few seconds of your video very memorable.

People nowadays lose their attention after roughly eight seconds, therefore you must grab their attention immediately away. The first few seconds are crucial because they'll decide whether to keep watching the video or scroll down to see more.

Begin with provocative questions, strong hooks, motivational statements, compelling pictures, or enticing music. Include your logo, brand name, tagline, or the product/service you want to highlight so that people can immediately recognize you and get a sense of what you're trying to say. Your opening should pique people's interest and make them want to learn more about what will happen next.

4. Include subtitles if there is talking.

People from all over the world can watch video content. As a result, there's a potential that your film will be seen by individuals who don't speak or understand your native tongue. Subtitles will make your content more accessible to non-native speakers and those with hearing impairments.

Similarly, videos published on practically all social media platforms now begin or play without sound automatically. Whether your video is on silent or not, using subtitles will aid in conveying your message.

People frequently view videos while doing other things or while on the move. And they nearly always do it silently. Subtitles play a crucial role in this situation. These will allow you to capture your viewers' attention even if the sound is turned off, and they will not miss what's going on.

5. Make an effort to use natural lighting.

Your videos' lighting will make or ruin them. And employing natural light will assist you in achieving your goal!

If you're shooting videos indoors, make sure they're taken near a window or door with enough of light. You can also choose to do things outside.

It's also important to have the appropriate timing and know when to photograph while using natural light.

I. The Golden Hour, which occurs immediately before sunset, is characterized by red, orange, and yellow tones. The shadows are less dark and the hues are gentler during this time of day.

ii. After sunset or before daybreak, the Blue Hour lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Your videos will have a deep, chilly tone to them, as well as a sense of serenity. It works well in outdoor settings with a deep blue sky and bluish light in the background.

iii. Outdoor shoots are also ideal on cloudy days. Though some may believe that the dark weather makes the video appear sad and depressing, it really makes the light appear softer and more evenly distributed.

6. Use an external microphone if possible.

Audio is crucial in social media videos, just like lighting. The built-in mic on your phone may not be adequate if you're filming with it. You don't want sounds like cars passing by instead of your narration, or dogs barking outside instead of the actual conversation in your videos. As a result, it's advisable to invest in high-quality equipment, such as microphones, to ensure that you can produce high-quality audio.

7. Make Sure You're Allowed To Use Music:

Music is crucial to the success of videos. It catches people's attention, influences how they perceive the brand, and establishes a mood and connection with the audience.

Not all songs, however, are suitable for video production. You'll need permission from the rightful owners before you can put it in. Otherwise, you risk being charged with copyright infringement by the platforms. Luckily, working with a professional Video Production Company Dubai can ensure that you do not fall foul such infringement by helping you to get the appropriate permissions for the choice of music used in your video.

However, to utilize music in videos legally, you'll need the publisher's Synchronization License and the recording label's Master License, for example. If music licensing seems confusing or you're on a tight budget, tracks from the Public Domain Music, Creative Commons License, and the stock of production music library may be a good fit.

8. Pay attention to the narrative.

Getting the audience's attention is critical, but keeping it is much more so. To accomplish so, you'll need to provide high-quality content that entices people to stay. Not only should your video look, sound, and feel fantastic, but it should also tell a fascinating tale with wit, relevancy, and value.

Because the storytelling component allows you to build a brand that connects with your followers, it's crucial to establish a personal connection with them and provide a message that appeals to their emotions. This will elevate your videos to the next level and improve the outcomes for your brand.

9. Make a call to action at the end.

People will want to know where to go or what to do next when they reach the end of your film. And now is your opportunity to respond. Leave the audience with a goal in mind and inspire them to take action.

It's important to remember that your CTA should not be overly sales-oriented, as this will turn consumers off. However, it must return to the campaign goals and business objectives you established throughout the planning step.

10. Optimize the Use of Different Channels.

Although it may appear to be more easy to share the same movies across several platforms, you must optimize your material for each platform's unique requirements.

When making videos for social media graphics, size and shape are crucial. Remember to keep track of each channel's dimensions, orientation, video length limit, and other crucial details. In this manner, you can implement correctly and in accordance with the social network you select.

11. Make Sure You Monitor How Your Video Is Doing.

It's critically important that you  track and analyze the performance of your video both during and after the campaign. Keep track of key metrics to see how many people are seeing, engaging with, and sharing your material.

You can simply monitor your brand's campaign across all social platforms while also keeping an eye on your competition with the aid of a robust social media management tool like eClincher. We can assist you in tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your social media videos so that you can see how well you're doing, how effective your material has been, and where you can improve.

Using social media videos to drive business results and increase audience engagement has significant potential. And with these 11 pointers, you'll be well on your way to taking your campaigns to the next level and increasing your brand's visibility and relevance in a congested digital landscape; especially if you choose to explore the professionalism and expertise of Video Production Dubai.


Making interesting social media video content will only help your social marketing strategy. Even better, you don't need a professional film studio to create engaging video content for your audience. Often, all you'll need is a smartphone to complete the task.

Above all, be honest, concentrate on providing meaningful video content for your audience, and take advantage of the rising social media support for video sharing.

Engaging video content, when used properly, will raise brand awareness, strengthen relationships with customers, and make it easier to convert them into sales and leads.

So, go ahead and start filming! We're excited to see your videos populate our social media channels.

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