Atomos Shinobi 7, a better view of the Action
by Eguaogie Eghosa May 29, 2021 Views (240)
The Atomos 5 was announced in February 2019 at a good market reception. Its arrival was then followed by an SDI version in March of the same year. While the Atomos Shinobi may share a couple of similarities in features, such as having the same chassis as the Ninja V however, the latter does not have the recording function and SSD slot that the Atomos possesses.

Now, the 7-inch Atomos Shinobi screen monitor has been announced with some more improved features to help filmmakers maximize their video productions. As a filmmaker, videographer, or photographer, one always desires to have a monitor that allows you to see what your lens is seeing with clarity.

The Shinobi 7 carries over a lot of the features we have grown accustomed to from Atomos, including exposure tools, 3D LUT support, and connections for HDMI and SDI. While Shinobi 7 isn't designed to replace the original Shinobi 5" model, for those looking for more punch out in the field, we suggest considering the Shinobi 7 over the Shinobi 5, as you're getting more than twice the brightness with the monitor. For perspective, the Shinobi 5 is 1,000 nits.

The Atomos 7 has a 7-inch touchscreen with a peak brightness calibration of 2200 nits and a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. This makes it still read the screen even when being used in direct sunlight. According to Atomos, the Shinobi 7 can display up to 10+ stops of dynamic range in actual time from Log/PQ/HLG signals which include HDR monitoring features that help when shooting HDR or Log.

In addition to Log to HDR conversions, the Shinobi 7 offers users the opportunity to apply 3D LUT to feed downstream to other devices or live feed. This monitor also makes it possible for users to load and also select between up to eight custom LUTs at any point in time through the SD Card Slot.

Similarly, the new analysis feature enables users to simultaneously view what they are shooting as well as view waveform, histogram, and vectorscope.

Perhaps the best news about the Atomos Shinobi 7 is that it allows the user to control cameras with the device. It also allows the user to be able to adjust the camera iris, white balance, shutter angle, ND, and other aspects of the camera when connected to it. It also has an optional Atomos USB-C to serial cable that enables direct control of all menu configurations for Z CAM E2 series cameras.

The Shinobi 7 has an active in-built fan for cooling the device. With adaptive cooling, users can choose between reduced fan noise and the peak brightness of the display.

As for the battery, the dual NP-F battery slots allow for a quick change of battery during a long shoot. When required, the dedicated locking DC jack input allows users to connect AC power on-set or it can also be used with the optional DC to D-tap cable for power in the field from V-lock batteries.

Here are the key features of the Atomos Shinobi 7

  1. 2200 Nits/Daylight viewable display
  2. HDMI 2.0 support for 4Kp60, 3G SDI support up to 2Kp60
  3. Bi-directional HMDI-SDI signal cross conversion
  4. Dual NP-F battery slots for continuous power supply
  5. 3D LUT support with Preview and Loop out
  6. AtomHDR provides built-in Log to HDR conversion for Display and loops out
  7. Touch screen camera control through optional cable for compatible cameras of Iris, WB, Shutter speed, and ND.
  8. Exposure tools such as histogram, waveform, false color, and zebra.
  9. Focus assist tools – 4:1, 2:1, 1:1 zoom
  10. Headphone monitoring of camera audio.

In all, the Atomos Shinobi 7 is designed to give you fast access to the most crucial camera features. Combined with its unique HDR monitoring features, the Shinobi simplifies the complexities of shooting Log and HDR; enabling you to replicate post-production workflows while shooting.
Shinobi 7 utilizes the AtomOS 10 platform which is packed with an extensive suite of scopes and simple one-touch operations. Overall, the Atomos Shinobi 7 is a refreshing update on the Atomos 5 and will provide a better experience for fans of the Atomos.

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