Amaran 150c and 300c Color Hard Lights for Film Productions
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In photography and Film Productions, lighting is extremely important since it affects the overall tone, mood, and quality of the images that are taken. Film District Dubai uses modern lighting options with great color accuracy, adaptability and control like the Amaran 150c & 300c Color Hard Lights. These lights are intended to provide content producers the opportunity to bend and shape light in accordance with their imaginative visions.


The Fundamentals of Color Temperature

Let's first discuss the meaning of the term "color temperature" before discussing the specifications of the Amaran 150c and 300c. Light's perceived color is described by its color temperature, which is expressed in Kelvins (K). Higher color temperatures result in chilly, blue light whereas lower color temperatures provide warm, yellowish light. The wide color temperature range of the Amaran lights enables you to create the ideal atmosphere for your photographs.


The Amaran 150c Color Hard Light's Power

An effective lighting solution that is both portable and strong is the Amaran 150c Color Hard Light. It offers fine control over the lighting conditions, providing accurate and rich colors in your graphics, with a color range of temperatures of 3200K to 6500K. It is perfect for professional picture and video projects because to its excellent color rendering index (CRI) & Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) ratings, which ensure colors and skin tones that are true to life.


1. Using the Amaran 300c Color Hard Light to Free Your Creativity

The Amaran 300c Color Hard Light expands on the advantages of its predecessor. This adaptable lighting tool has a wider range of functions, which makes it a favorite among content producers all over the world. The 300c allows you to experiment with a variety of lighting settings, from warm interior scenes to chilly outdoor ones, thanks to its wide color temperature range of 2500K to 9000K. Even in difficult shooting circumstances, it provides sufficient light thanks to its excellent output of up to 3500 lux at 1 meter.


2. The Amaran 150c and 300c's Puts Versatility at the Touch of a Finger

Amaran 150c and 300c Color Hard Lights each come equipped with a number of capabilities that make them essential tools for video producers. With these lights' adjustable brightness, you may precisely change the intensity to meet your needs. The user experience is smooth thanks to the LCD screen and intuitive control panel, making modifications on the move simple. They also support a variety of power sources, such as battery and AC power, guaranteeing versatility in any shooting environment.


3. Using the RGB Functionality to Create a Mood

The Amaran 150c and 300c Color Hard Lights' RGB capability is one of their most notable characteristics. These lights provide you the power to produce more than 36,000 different hues, enabling you to design enthralling and dynamic lighting arrangements. The RGB feature provides up a world of options, letting you to realize your creative vision, whether you're going for a lively and energizing ambience or a delicate and romantic ambiance.


4. Integration of apps and wireless control: Simplifying Your Workflow

The Sidus Link smartphone app enables wireless control of the Amaran lights to improve user experience. With the help of this software, you can easily change settings, perfect colors, and add lighting effects from a distance. You may easily construct synchronized lighting settings if you have the capacity to operate numerous lights at once. You will save time and effort during your shoots thanks to the hardware and software's flawless integration, which guarantees a simplified workflow.


5. Built for On-the-Go Creativity with Portability and Durability

The Amaran 150c & 300c Color Hard Lights were made to be durable and portable. These lights can survive the demands of on-location filming since they are made of durable materials. They are portable due to their light weight and small size, allowing you to take your lighting setup wherever inspiration strikes. These lights are dependable allies that will never fail you whether you're filming in a studio, outdoors, or on the streets.


6. Focus on Lighting Effects: Upgrading Your Photographs

The Amaran lights provide a variety of built-in lighting effects in addition to their excellent color accuracy and versatility. These lights provide you the ability to add flair and drama to your graphics with only a few clicks, adding effects like lightning, fireworks, police cars, and candles. Your ability to try out various effects offers your work a distinctive edge that transforms it from average to spectacular.


Amaran 150c vs. 300c Comparison: Which Is Best for You?

Both the Amaran 150c & 300c Color Hard Lights offer unique advantages and are appropriate for various uses. For filmmakers and photographers who need a portable and adaptable lighting solution, the 150c is perfect. The 300c, meanwhile, is designed for professionals who want a broader color temperature range and greater power. To choose the light that best suits your needs, consider both your financial situation and your unique requirements.


These lights are for whom?

As I previously stated, Amaran extensively markets the 150c and 300c as well as the Amaran line to Vloggers and video producers. These appear to be ideal choices for a home studio or even a streamer wishing to add a burst of color to the backdrop due to their quick setup time, compact size, simplicity of usage, and quiet fan.

If you frequently work in CCT mode when designing interiors, the $349 amaran COB 200x S should be plenty for you. In a fictitious streaming direct-to-computer scenario using the Bowens softbox, I would select 3200K as my main light color temperature and utilize Amaran 150c/300c and Amaran SM5c strip LED lights for the backdrop. You may create a really professional-looking studio setup with a Sidus Link-connected Sidus B7c bulb in a sleek, functional lamp, some fill light (perhaps a hair light? ), and entertaining effects or triggered lighting transitions.

In a game show or music video scenario, I can also picture a standing grid with a dozen Amaran 150cs in the backdrop of a shot running effects behind key talent. Although this is a costly prospect, perhaps it won't break the bank due to the per-fixture expense. In my opinion, this is an improbable rental inventory item because of the expense per fixture and dependency on plastic; Aputure 600Cs are more appropriate for that setting.



Price and Availability

If you're thinking about attending this year's NAB Show, all light modifiers including the Amaran 150c and 300c LED lights will be on display in Las Vegas. Pre-orders for all items are now accepted. Following are the prices:

i. $359 for amaran 150c

ii. $300c Amaran - $569

iii. $69 for Light Dome Mini SE

iv. $335 for the Spotlight SE 19° Lens Kit

the Spotlight SE 36° Lens Kit, which costs $335

vi. Only a Spotlight 19° Lens Costs $159

vii. Only a Spotlight 36° Lens costs $149.


How to Get the Best Out of Amaran Color Hard Lights


1. Installing the Lighting

Make sure you have a sturdy light stand to attach the Amaran lights before you begin. To create the desired lighting effect, place the lights at an appropriate height and angle. To avoid any mishaps during your shot, it's essential to secure the lights appropriately.


2. Adjusting Color Temperature

The Amaran 150c and 300c Color Hard Lights' ability to adjust color temperature is one of their most notable characteristics. You may change the lighting to reflect the surrounding conditions or to set a certain atmosphere. To elicit certain feelings or to emphasize a certain topic in your images, experiment with a variety of color temperatures.


3. The Light Intensity Can Be Changed

To achieve the proper lighting balance, light intensity must be managed. The built-in dimmers in the Amaran lights let you change the brightness to suit your needs. Finding the ideal ratio of light to shadow will allow you to produce aesthetically spectacular photos or films.


4. Using Filters and Diffusion

Use diffusion panels or filters to soften or alter the Amaran lights' output of light. Diffusion panels contribute to softer shadows and more uniform, aesthetically pleasing lighting. On the other hand, filters let you include color effects or change the color temperature to better suit a certain lighting situation.



5. Dynamic Lighting Effects Creation

You may experiment with different lighting effects with the Amaran 150c and 300c Color Hard Lights. Grids and barn doors are two tools you may use to direct and disperse the light. With this flexibility, you can draw attention to certain objects, make intriguing patterns, or even mimic natural lighting.


6. Placement and Angles

The placement and angles of your lighting have a significant impact on how your images or movies seem overall. Position the lights in accordance with the composition and atmosphere you wish to create. To add depth, texture, and visual intrigue, try using different perspectives.


7. Testing Different Light Positions

Never be scared to think outside the box and try out other lighting configurations. The atmosphere and effect of your images may be drastically changed by moving the lights closer to or farther away from your subject. Try experimenting with above, side, and backlighting to get interesting and fascinating results.


8. Using color lights to improve portraits

Color lighting may give portrait photography a compelling new dimension. To produce vivid and colorful effects that go well with your topic, use the Amaran 150c and 300c Color Hard Lights. To highlight the characteristics and feelings of your subjects, play around with color placement and combinations.


9. How to Use Dramatic Effects in Film

Lighting is an effective technique in cinematography for expressing emotions, setting the mood, and generating an alluring environment. You may experiment with various lighting configurations to create dramatic effects with the Amaran lights. To improve the visual story of your videos, create dramatic shadows, highlight textures, or mimic natural lighting.


10. Product Photography Lighting

Lighting is important for exhibiting items. For product photography, the Amaran 150c & 300c Color Hard Lights offer superb lighting options. You may create photos that fascinate customers and boost sales by carefully controlling color temperature and intensity to showcase the intricacies, textures, and colors of your items.


11. Using Light for Photographing Food 

To capture the delectable intricacies of culinary delights, food photography must be carefully focused on lighting. When it comes to color temperature and intensity, the Amaran lights are adaptable, enabling you to present food in the most enticing way. Try various lighting configurations to highlight textures, create atmosphere, and make your food irresistible-looking.



Tip for Maintenance


1. Dust and Clean the Light Panels.

Keep the light panels clean and clear of debris if you want your Amaran lights to continue to work at their best. First, switch off the lights and give them time to cool. To clean any collected dust, gently wipe the panels with a microfiber cloth or a gentle brush. Because they might harm the light panels, stay away from applying strong chemicals or abrasive materials.


2. Maintenance of the Cooling Fans

To avoid overheating during continuous usage, the Amaran lights have built-in cooling fans. To guarantee optimum airflow and ward off any possible problems, it is essential to frequently examine and clean these fans. To remove any dust or grime that has accumulated on the fan blades and vents, use a can of compressed air. This little maintenance procedure will help your lights last longer.


3. Replace and Inspect the Power Supply.

Check your Amaran lights' power source and cords often for any signs of wear or damage. Verify that all connections are safe and clear of debris. To avoid electrical risks, repair any frayed wires or damaged connections right away. To maintain the highest quality and safety requirements, it is advised to utilize original replacement components from the manufacturer.


4. Upkeep of the Control Panel

The interface for changing different settings and configurations on the Amaran lights is the control panel. Avoid using too much force or harsh handling to maintain it in perfect functioning condition. To carefully wipe away any smudges or fingerprints from the control panel, use a soft cloth or a light cleaning solution. Be careful not to spill anything upon the control panel because doing so might harm it.


5. The Light Stand Mount should be Cleaned.

It's crucial to keep the light stand mount clean and effective if you often use light stands with your Amaran lights. Regularly check the mount for dirt or debris that might interfere with the stability or tight connection of the lights. Make sure the mount is clear of any obstacles that can impair its function by cleaning it with a cloth or a brush.



6. Maintaining Proper Light Storage

To avoid damage and preserve the durability of your Amaran lights, proper storage is essential. Keep the lights clean, dry, and out of the way of strong sunlight and freezing temperatures while not in use. To shield the lights from dirt, moisture, and possible impacts while in transit or storage, it is advised to utilize the original packaging or a specialized case.


7. Coloring Accuracy Calibration

It is advised to calibrate your Amaran lights on a regular basis to preserve their remarkable color accuracy. Utilizing a colorimeter or other calibration equipment, calibrate the lights in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The overall quality of your pictures will be improved by this approach, which will guarantee that the lights constantly give correct and true-to-life colors.


8. Troubleshooting Typical Problems

You could run into a few standard problems with your Amaran lights despite routine maintenance. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions to assist you in fixing them:

i. Uneven Light Output: If you find that the light is distributed unevenly, look for any fragments or blockages on the light panels. Make sure the panels are fully cleaned and fastened.

ii. Color Inconsistency: To correct any color discrepancies, calibrate the lights using a colorimeter.

iii. Filtering Lights: Check the power source and wires for any loose connections or other damage if there are flickering lights. If required, swap out damaged components.

iv. Overheating: Check that the cooling fans are clean and operating properly if the engine is overheating. Lower the brightness or take breaks from prolonged use if the lights still get too hot.


Amaran 150c Color Hard Light Advantages

1. Stunning Illumination

Given its substantial illumination, the Amaran 150c Color Hard Light is appropriate for a variety of photography situations. This light may provide enough brightness to showcase your subject clearly, whether you're photographing interviews, products, or low-light scenarios.


2. Perfectly Controlled Color

The Amaran 150c has a number of noteworthy qualities, one of which is its capacity for fine color management. You can easily fine-tune the lighting to meet your chosen mood or develop a specific ambiance for your photographs with the help of a broad variety of programmable color temperatures. More creative flexibility may be used during the production process thanks to this level of control.


3. Design that is portable and Pmall

For many content producers, especially those who regularly work on site or travel for their projects, portability is an important consideration. The Amaran 150c's small size ensures convenience without sacrificing performance and makes it simple to move and set up. Its portable design and modest weight make it a trustworthy ally in any shooting scenario.


4. Flexibility for Different Shooting Situations

The Amaran 150c Color Hard Light demonstrates its adaptability whether you're filming inside or outside. With its sturdy design and weather-resistant features, it can be used in a variety of shooting situations, letting you take beautiful pictures without being concerned about outside influences impairing its performance.



Amaran 150c Color Hard Light Disadvantages


1. Limited Range of Light Output

The Amaran 150c has a restriction on the light output range even if it provides strong lighting. This type might not be enough in some circumstances when you need an incredibly bright source of light. Before choosing if the 150c can satisfactorily address your unique lighting demands, it is important to evaluate those needs.


2. Limitations on Battery Life

Because the Amaran 150c is battery-powered, there are limitations on battery life. The battery life may differ depending on the color temperature and light output choices. During lengthier shots, it's essential to have extra batteries or a dependable power supply on hand to guarantee continuous functioning.


Amaran 300c Color Hard Light Advantages


1. Increased Output and Flexibility

Compared to the Amaran 150c Color Hard Light, the 300c Color Hard Light produces more light. Due to its greater power, it may be used for more difficult shoots that call for a brighter, more adaptable light source. Greater versatility is offered by the 300c for lighting bigger areas or producing spectacular lighting effects.


2. Extraordinary Color Temperature Range

The Amaran 300c gives you the ability to create exact lighting conditions for your artistic ideas because to its wide color temperature range. This lamp is easily adaptable, whether you need warm tungsten lighting or chilly daylight illumination. Your photographs become more versatile because to the wide color temperature range, which enables you to perfectly capture the required mood.


3. Heat Dissipation and Stable Construction

Built to endure the demands of professional use, the Amaran 300c. Because of its durable and long-lasting build, it is a dependable investment for content producers. Further strengthening its dependability, the light's effective heat dissipation technology minimizes overheating during extended operation.


4. Options for Advanced Wireless Control

The Amaran 300c delivers cutting-edge wireless control options for smooth control and convenience. You may quickly change the light's settings, including color temperature, brightness, and unique effects, with a specialized smartphone app or a wireless remote. This tool makes setting up the lighting easier and enables real-time modifications without interfering with your creative process.


Amaran 300c Color Hard Light Disadvantages


1. Greater Size, Heavier Build

The 300c Color Hard Light is built bigger and heavier than the Amaran 150c. When working in small places or needing a lot of mobility, this might provide problems even if it would not be a problem in controlled studio situations. The 300c may not be as ideal for the demands of content makers that value mobility and compactness.


2. Increased Price Point

The Amaran 300c is more expensive than the 150c, as would be anticipated given its more sophisticated features and improved performance. Budget-conscious people or those just entering the profession may want to think about this. To decide whether the investment is reasonable for your projects, it's critical to compare the advantages of the 300c with your unique needs.



The Amaran 150c & 300c Color Hard Lights are outstanding lighting options that meet the requirements of photographers, videographers, and content creators equally. These lights provide you the ability to produce images that have an impression on the audience because of their exceptional color accuracy, adaptability, and built-in effects. The Amaran lights will be your trusty allies, improving and elevating your work whether you're filming on site or in a studio.

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