9 Visual Effects and Techniques
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 09, 2021 Views (351)
We have come to accept that Virtual Effects, or VFX, as it is more commonly referred to, is now an integral part of today's movie production and Cinematography. Visual Effects make it possible for moviemakers to bring more excitement and believability to movies. VFX is the merging of live-action and a produced environment to create realistic effects is known as visual effects (VFX). Currently, the most extensively utilized technology by most filmmakers is Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

Here are some of the techniques used in visual effects

1. Imagery created by a computer
CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) is the most extensively used approach for creating computer visual pictures, which can be utilized in print, film, art, videos, television shows, and more.

2. Bullet Time
Bullet Time is a visual effect that isolates the camera's location and time from the viewable topic. It can be seen in television commercials, films, and video game visuals, among other places. Time-slicing, virtual cinematography, and view morphing are the technical terms for it.

3. Virtual Cinematography
The term "virtual cinematography" refers to a collection of cinematographic techniques used in a computer graphics environment. It covers a wide range of topics, such as capturing real items with stereo or multi-camera setups to recreate them as three-dimensional objects, and techniques for synthesizing genuine and simulated camera angles automatically. Virtual cinematography can be used to create photography for animated films, capture sequences from previously unattainable camera angles, and control the appearance of computer-generated effects. To produce 3D objects, virtual cinematography uses a variety of subjects (such as real things), multi-camera setups, and other techniques.

4. Digital Composition
Digital compositing is the process of combining several images into a final image, screen display, or movie. This procedure is carried out with the use of digital image alteration. It is the process of integrating visual elements from several sources into a single image, usually to give the impression that they are all part of the same scene. Live-action compositing is referred to as "chroma key," "blue screen," "green screen," and other terms. The majority, if not all, of today's compositing, is done with digital picture alteration.

5. Painting with Matte
Matte painting is a fading technique used to depict a landscape or distant location. It gives the appearance of an environment that isn't visible in the actual filming place. Matte painting necessitates the use of manpower and physical exertion on the part of painters and technicians.

6. Motion Control Photography
Motion Control Photography is a motion photography VFX approach that allows for the control and optional repeating of camera motions. This entails recording different aspects with the same camera motion and then merging them into a single image.

 7. Stop Motion Animation
Stop Motion Animation is a special effect in which still objects appear to move independently of one another. An object, models, individuals, household appliances, and other items can all be used in this manner.

The conventional flipbook, which consists of successive pictures on individual pages, is the best example.

8. Prosthetic Make-up
The process of generating sophisticated cosmetic effects using prosthetic sculpting, molding, and casting techniques is known as prosthetic makeup, sometimes known as special make-up effects or FX prosthesis. In Georges Méliès' 1902 French adventure short film 'Le Voyage dans la Lune,' the man on the moon look was created using a mix of cosmetics and a prosthetic style mask with additional pastes.

9. Chroma Key
This is a very new technique that is usually seen in movies as traveling mattes and the Schufftan process. Chroma keying is a visual effect and post-production method that combines two distinct pictures or video streams based on color colors (chroma range). This method has often been utilized to eliminate the background from the subject of a photo or video in a variety of industries.

Great advancements in special effects tools have had a significant impact on television and film productions. Today's blockbuster movies often have special effects as a major contributor to their box office successes. These tools and their deploying techniques are set to continue to be an integral part of film and video productions for many more years to come.

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