7 Qualities of Good Actors
by Eguaogie Eghosa Sep 05, 2021 Views (375)
No matter the genre of a film project or who the director is, more often than not, the real spotlight is usually on the lead actor/actress. That's probably why the award of the "Best Actor in a leading role" is the most coveted award at such global stage as the American Academy Awards (the Oscars) or the Golden Globe awards amongst others.

However, the road to that summit is sign-posted by certain attributes that have come to be associated with not just good actors, but those that are eventually regarded as great actors. Attributes that stand this special class of entertainers out from the crowd and make them the stars and A-list actors and actresses that they are.

The personal qualities that a person must possess to become a great actor is an issue that many people ponder. Many individuals have questioned whether great performers are manufactured or born over the years, and there appears to be no consensus as of yet. While there is some validity on both sides of the argument, it has been demonstrated time and time again that great actors have several fundamental characteristics. The question then becomes whether they are born with these characteristics or if they develop them through time as they pursue their dreams of being great actors and actresses.

While no one can deny that all great performers possess some level of talent, it has been established that talent alone is insufficient to propel one to stardom. There are numerous examples of talented actors who did not achieve greatness. However, several actors appear to be of average talent but have gone on to become great actors, obtaining significant roles in the film business and earning a spot in the actor's hall of fame. As a result, we can safely infer that anyone who desires to be a good actor must possess specific attributes that they must work on and cultivate in addition to their talent because this is what separates stars of opportunity and great actors.

This article takes a look at 7 qualities that make great actors.

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1. Charisma
This is a person's ability to entice, attract, and influence people around him. It's easy to detect when someone is charming, but it's more difficult to pinpoint what about them makes people want to follow them. It's worth noting that charismatic people don't have to be verbose.
A good actor or actress must have charisma, which they should be able to translate to the stage or when acting in a movie scene. People viewing the movie would be enthralled when they see the actor in action if he possesses these qualities.

2. Commitment to Hard work
Having a strong feeling of focus and dedication to a certain course, such as schooling, learning, marriage, or in this example, your acting profession, is what commitment entails. Being committed entails showing up every day to work toward your objectives, despite any obstacles that may come. It entails the ability to push past issues and hurdles and keep pushing forward until you attain the objective you set out for yourself.

3. Confidence
Having faith in your ability as an actor is what confidence is all about. It entails having an inner voice that constantly affirms your ability to achieve your objectives. When you have confidence in yourself and your talents, you will typically feel secure. You'll always feel confident in your abilities to manage anything the acting scene throws at you.

4. Intelligence
This is the ability to comprehend something or a topic by using reasoning and a set of skills. It necessitates emotional awareness, as well as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Acting necessitates extensive reading and research on a wide range of topics, which are undertakings in and of themselves even before a movie or program is acted. To land a specific role in a film, you must first understand that character and what it includes in real life.

You might not be able to obtain the type of intellect you need in a school atmosphere. It is best learned in person and is self-taught. It necessitates a thorough understanding of human behavior and what motivates people.

5. Hyperactive Imagination
Acting is all about conjuring up pictures and scenarios that don't exist right now. Because acting is all about imitating real-life circumstances, it goes without saying that a great actor must be extremely inventive. As a result, it is one of the most significant characteristics that a person who aspires to be a great actor must possess.

Many excellent actors have vivid and crazy imaginations that push their talents to perform well on the big screen because they can connect their imaginations on the screen, much to the delight of the audience.

6. A Good Understanding of Human Character
All great performers have a strong grasp of human psychology. They know what people enjoy, need, and want, and they can appeal to their psyche directly through their motives, which dictate their conduct. As a result, they become superb performers by evoking emotions through their actions in movies and plays.
Humans will be your film audience, it is critical to gain a thorough understanding of their behavior. You must comprehend what makes them happy, sad, empathic, laugh, yell, and express all other emotions.

7. Incredible Energy Levels
Acting sessions begin with bodywork, which provides you with a high degree of physical and mental energy. Being an actor necessitates a high degree of energy because it may necessitate a lot of repetition of a set in order to acquire the greatest shot as directed by the director. To be a great actor, you must be able to work nonstop for long periods of time, even weeks at a time. During a movie act, you must be able to conserve the appropriate amount of energy and allocate it to various sequences.

Whichever side of the divide you belong regarding whether stars are born or developed; one thing is obvious, great actors have attributes that they carefully groom to take them to the top and keep them there. And none can be more important than the seven mentioned above.

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