6 Benefits of Product Demo Videos
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The internet has provided consumers with more information, allowing them to make more informed decisions about the products they purchase. As a result, comprehensively answering a prospective customer's questions about a product and ensuring that it meets their needs has become an essential part of closing the sale. This is where product demo video productions come in handy.

Demonstration video productions are ideal for introducing your product to new and existing customers. A Demo Video Production can take someone who is unfamiliar with your product and walk them through how it works, giving them the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

The benefits of using a demo Video Production as part of your marketing strategy are discussed further below. We'll also discuss some of the most important factors to consider when creating a demo video production.


The Key Advantages of Product Demo Videos


1. Evidence that the product does what it claims

Marketers' claims have become increasingly skeptical among consumers. Customers, on the other hand, continue to seek solutions that will assist them in solving their problems and achieving their desired outcomes. Product demonstration video productions are ideal because they show the customer in real-time how the product solves their problem.

Furthermore, it demonstrates to the prospect, step by step, how it solves the problem. By guiding the prospect through this process, they will be able to visualize themselves using the product to achieve their desired result.


2. Describe the product's key features and benefits.

Demo video productions allow you to explain your product's features and benefits in a non-sales manner. Throughout the demo, you can demonstrate what makes your product unique. You can also explain why certain features were included and how they simplify the process of solving your customer's problem.


3. Save sales representatives time and money.

When you factor in a sales rep's salary, commission, travel, lodging, and other expenses, sending a sales rep to demo a product in person can be quite costly. When selling into foreign markets, demonstrating a video in person may be prohibitively expensive. A product demo video production allows you to share a video link with anyone in the world and allow them to see the product demonstrated at their leisure.


4. Use email to introduce new products to customers.

Product demonstration video productions are an excellent way to introduce new products to existing customers. Demo video productions can quickly tell them whether a product is a good fit for their needs. Because a product demonstration video production does not require explicit selling, it feels less intrusive than other forms of marketing.


5. Have a Plan for Demonstrating the Product.

Product demo video productions are not a replacement for in-person selling, but rather a tool to make it easier and more scalable. Product demo video productions can also be an excellent training resource for your sales team. When you make a product demo video, you have a great example of how to demonstrate that product. Your sales reps will understand how the product works, which key benefits should be highlighted, and when they should be highlighted during the presentation.


6. Analytics can be used to improve product demonstrations.

When you host your video production online, you gain access to a wealth of data that can help you improve the way you demo your product. Analytics can tell you how long people will spend watching your product demo video production on average. This can help you determine the best length for your product video production. You can also see if there are any specific points in the video production where people are dropping out. To increase viewer engagement, these "duller" parts can be improved or removed.


Making Plans for Your Product Demonstration Video production

There are a few key points to consider when planning your product demonstration video production:


1. Storyboarding vs. live demonstration

Product demo video productions can be meticulously storyboarded so that each stage is shown in order. The video production can then be shot in a controlled environment, either in a studio or on location, with multiple takes.

The second option is to record a live demo of the video production in front of a live audience. Both approaches have distinct advantages. A storyboard demonstration in a studio gives you complete control over the process. You can be confident that all of the points you want to demonstrate will be clearly explained in a logical sequence.

In contrast, a live demonstration in front of an audience can feel more authentic and allows you to capture the audience's reaction as well as any questions they may have. This sense of authenticity can help to overcome any skepticism that the prospect watching the video production may have.


2. Determine the purpose of your product demonstration video.

Consider what the primary goal of your product demo video production is. Is the demo video production primarily intended to be used as a training tool for sales reps or to introduce new clients to the product? This will influence which information is included and how it is presented to the viewer.


3. Who will watch your video production?

The audience for your video production may influence how the information is presented. If you have a technically sophisticated audience of industry insiders, you may want to go into more detail in your video. You want to avoid talking down to your audience in this situation. If the general public is your intended audience, you may want to use a top-level demonstration to avoid overwhelming them with information. If you're targeting a younger audience, you might want a more energetic and fast-paced edit. A more measured pace can be effective with an older audience.


4. Where your video will be hosted

The majority of product demonstration Video Production will be hosted online. But, do you want your product demo video production to be available to the public via a video-sharing platform like YouTube, or do you want it to be available only to specific prospects via a private link? These options can influence the format and length of the video production you create.


To Summarize

A Product demonstration Video Production can be an extremely effective tool for converting a browser into a buyer. Making them feel at ease with the product and overcoming skepticism about the results it can deliver makes the selling process much easier.

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