5 Tips for Choosing a Video Shoot Location
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 30, 2021 Views (270)
As videographers, we shoot a lot of videos here and there at places we believe would give our video shoot the best outcome. One of the most important aspects that photographers and videographers have to keep in mind is where and when to shoot. 

We have to consider a few things before you begin a video shoot, and this article will provide you with the necessary insights to help you make the best possible decisions regarding your video locations.

Consider the following professional tips on choosing a video shoot location.

1. Understand the Purpose
It should obvious enough that every video we shoot has its own particular purpose. A good professional videographer takes the time to totally understand who the client is and what the client wants the video for.

An understanding of the client’s purpose for commissioning such a project would help you design and plan the shoot effectively to satisfy the client’s needs. Whether it is for marketing materials or intended as a training tool; the client’s purpose helps to drive the project design and plan which includes the choice of shoot location that best suits the video’s purpose.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Location
Naturally, after we ascertain and understand the purpose of the shoot, it is expected that we liaise with the client to provide the best possible advice on a shooting location. Depending on the purpose of the video, the shooting location could be anywhere from inside the client’s office, out in the open field, to a well-equipped in-house studio. 

However, no matter the choice of location, it becomes the videographer's job to find the most aesthetically relevant shots from such locations to achieve the video’s purpose.

3. Use of Natural Light
As any videographer or photographer must have learned or be advised already; nothing beats shooting natural light. In fact, the professional advice is that whenever you are in doubt; choose natural light over artificial light in your video shoots if you can. 

Using natural light makes your videos look more cinematic in output. It is often easier and more natural looking to complement light that already exists in a location scene than bringing in all the lights you will need for the shoot artificially. Using large windows through which natural light penetrates the scene to shoot blocking scenes or filming interviews is a key factor in making very good videos.

The lighting of a location or scene is best when it is already stimulated by obvious natural sources; because nothing is more unnatural than incidental sources of light coming in from areas they shouldn’t be. When shooting outside, you can use shade and diffusion equipment to soften incident sunlight and prevent harsh shadows on the scene or object.

4. Time of Day
If you desire to use natural light, you have to make sure that you are shooting at the right time of day when the light is best for the type of shot and tone your project requires. As an example, if the shoot is of empathetic healthcare footage inside a room with windows, the best time for such a shoot would be in the middle of the day when the sun isn’t in full force through the windows. 

Whereas, if on the other hand, the shoot is of a dramatic commercial about a farmer working with his young son on the field; then such a shot would be much better done early in the day before or as the sun is rising. 

In either scenario, you should ensure that the natural light source at the location complements the video’s story and that the instruments used in distributing the light are working to complement or enhance the pre-existing light.

5. Background Noise
Nothing can be more distracting and of course, annoying in a video than bad sound; particularly when that sound is undesired background noise. When you choose a location that you consider right for a project, you may want to make sure it is a quiet area as much as it is possible so that viewers can focus on the subject matter of your video and not some distracting construction or vehicular noise in the background.

At, we boast ourselves on creating quality videos and a video with undesirable background noise or bad, artificial lighting is not the kind of project we want to execute for any client. It is our job to make sure you look and sound good. And these are just some of the ways we make that happen for you.

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