5 Ideas on How to Take a Good Selfie If You Are Not Photogenic
by Eguaogie Eghosa Sep 24, 2021 Views (208)
In this day and age of social media, even the shyest of people will pull out their phone to take a selfie now and then. Some people upload the photo, while others regret spending their valuable time because none of the hundreds and dozens of photographs are good enough.
The good news is that there is a slew of tactics you can employ to make yourself seem wonderful in images in general, not just selfies. When it comes to taking a selfie, though, the regulations are even more straightforward. You must select your best side; the phone camera angle must be correct, and the light must be soft yet sufficient.

First, let's talk about the basics.
Why do you look so horrible in photographs? This question might be worrying you, especially if you just took a glance in the mirror. And you thought you looked fantastic. Hundreds of selfies, on the other hand, have their point of view. Let's look critically at this issue.

Why Do Your Selfies Look So Bad?
The unfortunate reality is that your phone camera...distorts your face!

In truth, the image of yourself in a selfie does not reflect how you appear in real life. First, the features of your face nearest to the camera will appear remarkably larger in the shot than they are (a lot of people get frustrated about their nose, for example). Your face characteristics would have turned out fairly correctly in the photo if you had incredibly long arms (about 1.5 meters). However, because we must hold the phone camera near to our faces, our features are distorted.

Another reason we don't seem attractive in selfies is that our faces aren't symmetrical; we can notice the difference between how we look in the mirror and how we look in pictures. It also doesn't necessarily mean that you looked bad in the shot. This is the first time you've seen yourself in this situation.

What is the best way to cope with the aforementioned issues?
The greatest advice is to take a lot of selfies, not to publish them, but to study how your face looks and which angles are ideal for you. Taking stunning selfies is undeniably a skill that can be honed with enough practice and the suggestions we'll provide you right now.
Take a look at these 5 tips on how to take good selfies if you are not photogenic.

1. Be Aware of Your Good Side and Angles
We all have a favorite side or angle that we think looks better in selfies and is more aesthetically pleasing. If you haven't found yours yet, try sliding your phone around your face and taking "hundreds of pictures." Then choose the ones you like most, keeping in mind how you held the phone and how you turned your face. This could be your 'positive side.'

2. Locate the Light
In general, light is everything in photography. It has the power to transform your face or completely devastate every single aspect. Selfies taken in natural light are said to be fantastic. However, the fact is that the sun's rays might be too harsh for the skin at times, so avoid taking a photo in the middle of the day.

However, there is always a source of light inside. Make sure it isn't hidden behind you. It's entirely up to you whether you choose to look directly at the source or sit to the side of a lamp.

Keep in mind the shadows. Especially if the light is gonna be placed on one of your sides. Make sure no shadow on your face makes all of your features appear more prominent than they are.

3. Attempt a Sincere Smile
You'll likely want to appear friendly and cheerful in your selfie. Instead of feigning a smile or saying "cheese," think of something that truly makes you happy. A cherished memory from your past, relive it, and we guarantee you'll have a lovely face expression in your selfie.

4. Master the art of photo editing, but don't go overboard!
Getting an outstanding ‘raw' photo with your phone camera is quite challenging. 99% of the gorgeous faces you see on the internet have gone through at least a half-dozen different editing applications.

Changing your entire face in one of the apps, though, is a tad excessive. It's the same with using too many filters. One or two nice effects and some minor exposure tweaks, on the other hand, can work wonders.

5. Consider the Background
You can't choose the background for a selfie in front of a tourist destination, for example. If you want to solemnly display your face, however, choose a light background that will brighten your face.

Well, the truth is that you can't be completely unphotogenic; all you have to do is learn how to shoot selfies properly. And the tips stated above will undoubtedly assist you in your endeavor.

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