5 Essential VFX Tools
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 15, 2021 Views (361)
3D assets and VFX-heavy shots are typically distributed across multiple teams, regions, and time zones. From Hollywood to New York, London to Vancouver, these big cities are often regarded as the epicenter of a contemporary blockbuster film and television production.

Modern technologies may also bring post-production together on a global scale. We'll look at some of the fundamental tools that a professional artist could utilize on set to trade ideas, maintain consistency, and preserve quality on large-scale projects. If you wish to work in the industry, you should look into these options.

1. HDRI Camera
HDRI photography has become a lot faster and easier, which helps in re-creating the correct lighting in any CG parts added later. Stephan Fleet, a professional VFX supervisor, for example. He shoots with a Ricoh Theta V camera and a color chip chart. It's a quick and easy way to get a decent HDRI. Now that organizing thousands of photos is time-consuming, he focuses on the textures, environments, and layouts that he requires and obtains exactly what he requires.

For on-set reference capture and HDRIs, Fleet prefers to use a Panasonic GH5 camera, or a Panasonic GH5S for superior low light. He claims that because digital shutters are smaller and lighter, they may be used to take images while rolling.

2. Image apps
The Simple HDR app is one of Fleet's tools for working with pictures. This command instructs the Ricoh Theta S to take bracketed pictures. The software does not yet support the Ricoh Theta V, but the developer is working on an upgrade.

He also loves Photomatix Pro, which he uses for stitching HDRs and finds to be superior to Photoshop in that it can batch folders. The built-in Photoshop Merge to HDR tool also performs admirably.

3. CineSync
CineSync is one of the most commonly used applications in visual effects and animation today, having won both an Academy Award for technical excellence and an Engineering Emmy for its impact on the television industry. It's been utilized in shows like Game of Thrones and many Netflix films and series.

CineSync is a remote review and collaboration tool that allows users to view and discuss the high-resolution, high-frame-rate video in real-time with others in any physical location, regardless of bandwidth availability. Users can collaborate on photos as if they were in the same room, regardless of whether they are separated by a few towns or hundreds of kilometers, by using interactive capabilities such as annotation, drawing, and note-making tools in complete real-time synchronization.

Because of the speed and dependability of cineSync in this application, the concept of 'post' as a purely last aspect of a presentation has changed. From the pre-production stage onwards, cineSync allows for discussion and collaboration on VFX and other visual components.

In fact, the first character crossover in what would later become the Marvel Cinematic Universe was made possible through communication via cineSync. An ILM artist inserted Captain America's shield to a scene during post-production for the first Iron Man film — a joke for Jon Favreau in their next cineSync session – but Favreau decided to leave it in to see if viewers noticed. Everyone, of course, saw it – and the Marvel Cinematic Universe grew from there.

4. Shotgun
Shotgun acts as a project management tool for visual effects artists, cinematic directors, producers, and those involved in the creative process. Shotgun visually projects every step of the production process, allowing you to see the progress of shots and materials as they move through the pipeline. Key deadlines and milestones can be assigned to artists, allowing studios to prioritize certain pictures, scale-up production quickly, and handle unforeseen changes with ease.

Shotgun integrates with a variety of digital content creation systems, allowing VFX studios to tailor their workflow and increase efficiency across a range of operations, from previz through compositing. Another significant advantage of the Shotgun toolset is its ability to integrate. Any Shotgun playlist, for example, can be opened in cineSync. With a single click, all of the notes and drawings from a cineSync review session may be exported back to Shotgun. Artists may quickly and easily add notes and annotations using Shotgun's user interface.

5. FTrack
Ftrack provides a bird's-eye view of everything happening at your studio across different projects and departments as a cloud-based toolset. It's especially useful for smaller studios and independent artists. Flexible folder structures, unique entities, approval stages, and much more can be customized to fit the needs of a specific industry, team size, or geographic location. ftrack is a highly scalable communication platform that, like Nuke, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and, of course, cineSync, integrates with a wide range of industry-standard software.

You'll need the correct VFX equipment for the job whether you're on location for a VFX production or coordinating with teams all across the world. Superhero action films are currently sweeping the globe, but they come with a massive shot count that can seldom be handled by a single studio, necessitating efficiency on set as well as in pre and post.

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