5 Black and White Photography Ideas
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 28, 2021 Views (281)
When it comes to shooting photography, you have the choice of either taking colored pictures or Black and White pictures. Of course, we all know that colors add a lot of beauty to life and attract us to what we perhaps not have given our attention to. But photography is much more than just pointing a camera at something and taking pictures of it; it is a form of communication.

So, when it comes to photography, ask yourself: ‘What do I want to communicate?’

A black and white picture stands out boldly in the midst of colored photographs. So, a choice of black and white photography is a deliberate choice to give your photographic attention to form, shape, texture, and photographic composition which is very important to achieving a great picture.

Black and white photographs are timeless and you should therefore not be cavalier in your choice of images to shoot. So, here are 5 Black and White Photography Ideas to help you make up your mind on what to shoot.

1. Look for Patterns
You can have great black and white photos if you look out for patterns in your shot. A good photo often has some sort of pattern in it. The beauty of having patterns in your shots is that I can make the audience subconsciously seek out more of such patterns or other patterns thereby giving your photo more attention. 

Patterns can be made by anything; it could be cars moving in opposite directions, blades of grass, rocks on the ground, or any other reoccurring object, design, or texture. 

2. Emphasize Contrast in Your Photos
Black and white photography is about the use of light and shadow to create contrast. What makes a B&W photo stand out is often the ability of the photographer to make natural light and shadows, as well as shades, communicate the idea he has in his mind. Black and white photography uses a lot of contrasts in black and white fashion photography.

3. Shoot in RAW
You should make shooting RAW your default setting when shooting Black and White photography. Shooting in RAW allows you some measure of freedom to be able to tweak the photo as best as you can and to be able to reverse the process if you don’t find the outcome satisfactory. 

Take a look at your camera settings; it might be that your camera comes with a monochrome option that lets you see how your shoots maybe when shot in B&W. This option lets you see the effect of light and the shape it creates. 

4. Experiment with Filters
Filters allow you to have control over the amount of light that gets into your camera. It can be used to make a picture a little darker or add more contrasts. Try shots with filters on and the filters off. Getting to the level where you can churn out one great photo after another, will take your willingness to experiment and find new ways to achieve amazing photographs.

5. Get Some Inspiration from Other Black and White Photos
Black and White's photography has its own history; so, it would be wise to consult black and white photographs and movies that have been made if you want to become really good at shooting black and white photography.  And the good thing about referencing previous work done in black and white is that such works are readily available to anyone interested; especially through Google search.

Find a black and white image or film that inspires you and attempt to figure out why that particular black and white work inspires you so much. Is it the contrast, the texture, or the composition? Discover what it is and make sure to take notes.

Black and white photography is unavoidable; there is no wishing it away. If you haven't tried your hand at shooting black and white photos yet, now could be the time to do so and learn the timeless art of black and white photography.

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