10 CGI Films That Are Masterpieces of Art
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 18, 2021 Views (283)
Since its inception, computer-generated animation has come a long way. There are a lot of amazing computer-animated films out there, but these are the best.

Since the 1960s, computer animation has become a standard in film, although not before a Young Sherlock Holmes in 1985 when a whole character was rendered in CGI for ten seconds. In the ten years after this milestone and the splendor that was Pixar's original Toy Story, technology has advanced significantly. In Jurassic Park, a metal man tracked down Arnold and John Connor, and dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Then Pixar blew the doors off what a computer can achieve when it's combined with creative animators and storytellers. Almost every animated film nowadays is computer-animated rather than hand-drawn. Even hand-drawn animation is frequently routed into a computer for manipulation. Here are ten computer-generated films that are artistic masterpieces.

1. Moana
Everyone on the island is delighted as Moana sings her song, but she wants to go out into the ocean. She eventually gets the chance to escape, discover the ocean's heart, and embrace the opportunity to sail the high seas. Moana is, in some respects, Disney's crowning work to date. It was a huge task to make a full ocean look as inviting as it does.

2. Up
The initial few minutes of Up are both some of the most beautifully animated and heartbreaking scenes in the movie. Two young people meet, fall in love, discover they are unable to have children, arrange a course of the adventure, and suddenly Carl's wife, Ellie, dies; and that's just the first few minutes!

3. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Bottom line: if you don't get shivers when Miles Morales realizes he's capable of taking on the role of Spiderman and swinging about New York, you might not have a pulse. Sony demonstrates that Marvel isn't the only company that can look after ol' Webhead. CGI is employed in Into The Spider-Verse to make the film appear to be a real, breathing comic book. The film won Best Picture for a reason: it brings together practically every known form of Spider-Man to stop the Kingpin from reversing time.

4. The Lego Batman Movie
The LEGO Batman Movie is one of the best, if not the most enjoyable, Bat-movies out now, thanks to the proper balance of Lego madness and 1966 Batman theatrics. Batman prefers to work alone, but none of Gotham City's superheroes want to leave him alone, nor do they want to leave the world's savings to the Dark Knight. Meanwhile, the Joker and the Rogues aren't the only bad guys Bats has to deal with: LEGO copies of almost every bad guy from the Warner Bros./LEGO collection are on a mission to destroy Gotham.

5. Frozen
Fans all around the world have flocked to see Anna, Elsa, and their pals, not just for the songs and the story, but also for the magnificent visuals. One of the most beautiful coordinated moments in animation in a long time is Elsa building her castle and unwittingly freezing Arendelle.

6. Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 is the result of combining Disney magic with an obscure Marvel franchise. Hiro, a promising engineer, plans to use Tadashi's greatest innovation, the enormous cuddly medical aid Baymax, to avenge his older brother's death. The two, along with Hiro's other engineering buddies, travel around San Fransokyo (San Francisco and Tokyo) in search of the killer, who has also stolen Hiro's incredible microbot creation and plans to use it to do terrible harm.

7. Shrek
In the popular hit Shrek, fantasy and Disney are twisted on their heads. A large, ugly ogre is duped into assisting a cruel lord in reclaiming his territory from the fairy tale characters he keeps exiling. Although the animation appears to be a touch obsolete now that it is nearly 20 years old, it was top-notch in 2001. The narrative is still as entertaining as it was back then, and the coupling of Michael Myers and Eddie Murphy from Saturday Night Live is perfect for any film at any time.

8. Happy Feet
While singing is how Emperor penguins found their mates; dancing was however regarded as a taboo in the Emperor Penguin Kingdom. Unfortunately, newborn baby Mumble isn't blessed with a singing voice, but the little guy can’t stop waddling to any music. The artistic production of the guy who created Mad Max, George Miller gives a different take on his conservationist philosophy. The little penguin embarks on a journey to prove his worth by finding out why all of the penguins’ food is gone.

9. Leap!
At the turn of the nineteenth century, a couple of orphans flee to France. The construction of the Statue of Liberty is still ongoing! Felicie aspires to dance in the Paris Ballet and mistakenly swaps places with Camille, the outstanding student.
Despite her deception, Felecie is encouraged to stay and give it her all to audition for the Nutcracker. Awe-inspiring vistas, a tumultuous climax, and, of course, dancing add to the basic but engaging plot.

10. Toy Story 3
After many of us grew up watching two earlier Woody and Buzz adventures, as well as countless other Pixar masterpieces, the original crew has returned to regain their throne. Toy Story 3 is possibly the most terrifying family film ever made. It's a toy-based prison escape film featuring a nasty "warden," Lotso Bear, voiced by the famous Ned Beatty. Pixar, as usual, went above and above on this one, animating the evil plush bear's hair as well as the complete daycare center/prison. Even if it's just a silly toy, the emotion in this clip will have you reaching for the tissues.

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