10 Basic Tips for Taking Good Photographs for Beginners Pt.2
by Eguaogie Eghosa Sep 26, 2021 Views (252)
Photography can be a joyful and rewarding career as it provides you with the opportunity to see the world in a way others just might not and then let them savor the final products with genuine joy. It is for this reason that more and more people are taking to Photography, either as amateur photographers or full-fledged professionals.

In this second installment on this topic; we continue our look at the 10 basic tips for taking Photography for beginners.

6. Clarity and Focus
Have you ever seen a hazy photo become popular? It's unsightly, to say the least. Every photograph necessitates attention to detail. Consider it like a painting: every detail in your frame must be clearly defined. Create a focus on your frame, an element that will draw the viewer's attention, to create truly excellent photos. Then you can build the rest of the picture around it.

Unclarity in images can be caused by a variety of issues, including incorrect focusing, vibrations caused by the movement of the mirror in SLR cameras, sluggish shutter speed, and so on. If you master your camera and none of these factors come into play, you should be able to obtain perfect picture clarity.

7. Appropriate Background
This is perhaps one of the most typical novice photography blunders. You should be able to focus on the background.
Check the background and foreground of your photograph for any inconsistencies. The attention to these tiny things is usually what distinguishes a professional photographer from one who is not.

It's easy to get caught up in the focus and composition of the person you're photographing and forget or ignore the background features until the first or second viewer sees the image. These errors frequently arise at the frame's edge. Ugliness in the form of a telephone, pole, placard, rubbish, or whatever.

8. Avoid Motion Blur
Motion blur is caused by the photographer's movement or inability to maintain his stance. When there is no tripod or image stabilizer, or when the photographer is impatient, it is more difficult to avoid motion blur. When using a camera without a tripod or image stabilizer, it's a good idea to set the shutter speed to the opposite of the lens length.

Also keep in mind that if the shutter speed is too low, such as 1/340, motion blur will result. A high shuttle speed of roughly 1/3200 can stop an athlete's mobility.

9. Take Lots of Pictures
The goal of the exercise is to achieve perfection. You'll get there faster if you practice consistently and relentlessly. The skills required to take good photographs will not simply fall into your lap. You must be methodical. Take thirty pictures per day on average. Experiment with different angles, postures, surroundings, perspectives, and so on. Take your camera with you wherever you go.

Take note that you will be better as a result of your mistakes. It will also help you conduct better research and continue to grow as a photographer. This will allow you to make fewer mistakes on hired gigs and professional shoots.

10. Carefully Edit and Seek Help While Doing So
Taking a good photograph with your camera may not be sufficient. To complete decent work, you must edit your photo effectively.
First, while photographing, use the RAW format to ensure you have adequate material to edit. The data is compressed in a lossless format in this format, precisely as it was when you shot it.

Giving your RAW photographs to a skilled photo editor as a novice is generally a good idea so you can see their true potential. You may have a wonderful shot, but due to your lack of knowledge of photo editing, you may not even understand what you have.

Photography is a fantastic art form. The science that I adore. Because that is the core of photography, your blunders should have no bearing on your inspiration or desire. These are some fundamental pointers to help you improve and get greater results. It's crucial to remember, nevertheless, that the best photographers are the result of persistent practice, practice, and reading.

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